9 Entrepreneurs Reveal The Business They are Starting Next Year

As we wrap up 2020, there are those business ideas you’ve been longing to start and 2020 is the year to implement them. This could be a home-based business, franchise option or whatever option looks attractive to you. One thing is certain, your business can succeed if you can put in the right energy and bring in the right people to kick-start it.

We asked entrepreneurs and business owners the businesses they’re starting in 2020 and here are the responses.

#1- A new app idea

Photo Credit: Lori Cheek

After living in NYC for over 25 years, when the pandemic hit, I relocated to my home state of Kentucky. Using my own struggles in making connections here in a new city, I'm working on a new app idea based on my own experience being new in town here and trying to network/ meet/ date new people in an extremely unsocial time of purposefully distancing. My solution will allow users to have a more organic, yet virtual way, of making connections for anything from business, networking, fitness, friendship, hobbies or anything with anyone all over the world!

Thanks to Lori Cheek, Cheekd!

#2- Expanding into Texas

Photo credit: Matt Rostosky

I've been flipping homes in Louisville for the past four years now and nothing has made me really inspired by the thought of scaling my operations. Next year, I am expanding my already successful business into Texas. So, I will be doing business both in The Lone Star State aside from my hub here in Kentucky. Things have gotten more competitive in the real estate market but we've managed to perform much better this year despite the pandemic.

Thanks to Matt Rostosky,!

#3- Elderly Care Service

Photo Credit: Levi Li

The year 2021 is most precious to me. I have faced many troubles in 2020. Now, with new hope, I’m planning to start the Elderly Care Service business in 2021. The increase of elderly people in China will certainly offer a superb opportunity for developing an elderly care business. Of course, there will also be so many difficulties, but I’m ready to face them all. I will offer professional assistance, social interaction, and an enhanced lifestyle. It is, without any doubt, a top-notch business to start in 2021.

Thanks to Levi Li,!

#4- Coaching

Photo Credit: Shannon Ashton Photography

In 2021, I'll launch The Expat Partner Coach LLC to empower expat partners to live purposeful and positive lives abroad. I've spent my time during the pandemic building a strong foundation, growing my social media following and joining the Expat Coach Coalition. I'm excited to leverage all that I've learned and experienced over 13 years as an expat partner to support others as they navigate the joys and challenges faced on this journey.

Thanks to Linda Mueller, The Expat Partner Coach LLC!

#5- Project-based multimedia designing

Photo Credit: Kyndall Bennett

My 2020 layoff as a Multimedia Designer was both a heartbreak and a lightbulb moment. Many businesses had to make some tough cutbacks during the pandemic, and a lot of small businesses didn’t have the budget from the beginning to hire a full-time employee to help build their creative assets. This got me thinking: What if these small businesses could hire a skilled Multimedia Designer per project-based assignments? They determine the budget and we negotiate together what all will come in the package, be it edited video clips, blog posts, motion graphics, etc. Per project, there will be a deadline set with that price so that small businesses can hire solely for what they need and not have to stress over laying off amazing team members due to unforeseen circumstances. My business for 2021 is to provide services as a project-based Multimedia Designer to help grow other small businesses at an affordable price.

Thanks to Kyndall Bennett, Kyrabe Stories!

#6- Full-service modular home building company

Photo Credit: Kadi Kohea

I am starting a full-service modular home building company that focuses on good design, sustainable materials, and attainable pricing. Merati addresses the demand for 10 million homes across the United States by building high-quality homes, with 25% cost savings, 50% faster build, and reduces construction waste by 90%. People want more life per square foot not cost. In today's turbulent times a healthy home environment is top of mind. Building homes is about building people. Housing is the foundation of health, education, opportunity, and prosperity, and this is where I want to make an inspiring impact.

Thanks to Kadi Kohea, Merati Homes!

#7- Mobile app

Photo Credit: Andrew Cunningham

Due to COVID-19, and the turmoil it’s spread to brick & mortar businesses like mine, I have decided with my partners that we need to take a new approach within our company to generate additional revenue. We currently have a mobile app being developed that should help our customers, and even non-customers be able to determine their suspected type of home infestation or to track and log signs of a potential infestation. While it’s a basic implementation of an idea, it will be unique for our industry. We feel that if anyone can see the potential in their passion to break into the digital market, they should do so before someone else does.

Thanks to Andrew Cunningham, DailyPest!

#8- Next tool for video creators

Photo Credit: Will Hankinson

IntroCave has been remarkably stable in 2020, so in 2021 I'm hoping to start work on my next tool for video creators. I know broadly what it will be (a more powerful video maker) and where it will live ( Intromaker dot com), but I'm currently waffling back and forth on whether this will be a cloud-based tool or downloadable software. The general wisdom is to put everything in the cloud these days, but I strongly believe my particular niche (solo content creators) would appreciate an offline tool. I've got some technical hurdles to solve before I have to decide one way or another, but I'm hoping to launch my first version in 2021.

Thanks to Will Hankinson, IntroCave!

#9- Another blogging business

Photo Credit: Amy Young

As a blogging coach and blogger, I’ve seen it happen time after time – for both myself and my clients – how successful blogging businesses are. So in 2021, I’m planning to create and grow another blogging business, targeting a niche, need or segment of the market. Blogs, especially those who solve problems or revolve around hobbies that people are passionate about, can often become great business models that don’t require much capital upfront.

Thanks to Ana Skyes, The She Approach!

What business are you starting next year? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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