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30 Entrepreneurs Share Their One Prediction for Business in 2023

The business landscape is always changing which leaves uncertainty in different industries. Business owners are optimistic that 2023 will see better days, especially with most of the people immunized with COVID-19 vaccines. The new normal might see a return of business and provide better opportunities for people to explore.

Here's what entrepreneurs predict for business in 2023.

#1- Continued work from home

Photo Credit: Alex Contes

Changes in the Workforce are one of my 2023 business forecasts. Due to the economy's turning point, the growing trend of people working from home will likely continue next year. More people will be able to work from home or other remote locations as a result of technological advances and increased corporate flexibility. As a result, having a permanent place to work will become less crucial, reducing the cost of rent for businesses. Providing remote work opportunities to employees is becoming important.

Thanks to Alex Contes, ReviewGrower!

#2- Technology on the rise

Photo Credit: Nick Baxter

One prediction I can make is that technology will continue to play an increasingly important role in business operations. In particular, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other advanced technologies are likely to become more widespread as
companies look for ways to streamline their processes, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive edge. Different trends shaping the business landscape in 2023 include the increasing importance of sustainability and social responsibility.

Thanks to Nick Baxter, MoneyToday!

#3- Customer experience focus

Photo Credit: Yiğit Konur

I believe that in 2023, businesses will be more focused on customer experience than ever before. As technology continues to evolve, customers are becoming more demanding and expecting more from businesses. Companies will need to focus on creating a seamless customer experience that is tailored to their individual needs. This means understanding customer behavior and preferences and using data to create personalized experiences.

Thanks to Yiğit Konur, Wope!

#4- Innovation

Photo credit: Travis Lindemoen

My 2023 business forecast focuses on the importance of new technologies. Without a shadow of a doubt, technology has become an integral part of modern-day organizations. Technology has revolutionized the way organizations function by automating formerly manual processes and facilitating two-way communication. In order to maintain their competitive edge in the years to come, businesses will rely increasingly on technological advancements. The year 2023 is anticipated to be a pivotal one for development, particularly in the fields of robots and artificial intelligence.

Thanks to Travis Lindemoen, Nexus IT Group!

#5- Remote, onsite, and hybrid work

Photo Credit: Claudia Torres

As far as I can see, companies have adopted a disorganized strategy in determining what comes next for their workforce in the wake of COVID, whether it be remote, onsite, or hybrid employment. In the year 2023, it will be important for employers to find a middle ground between the goals of optimizing their business for maximum efficiency and providing their workers with flexibility and improved work-life balance that comes with working from home.

Thanks to Claudia Torres, TheFab20s!

#6- Economic crises to limit budgets

Photo Credit: Tom Miller

According to my expert view, it is no secret that the economy is through a particularly turbulent era, with no apparent end in sight at the time of writing. Many organizations will not be able to justify the long-term expenses of owning and operating their own IT equipment in 2023 since budgets will be tighter than ever. However, IT expenses may be significantly reduced by utilizing a Managed Print Service or a Managed IT Service.

Thanks to Tom Miller, FitnessVolt!

#7- Constant worldwide rivalry

Photo Credit: Peter Chatfield

One thing I see coming for the company in the year 2023 is a worldwide competition that poses a serious threat. Increased worldwide rivalry for firms is expected in 2023 despite record inflation as markets continue to open. You'll need to be more creative and productive if you want to succeed in today's global economy. Create solid connections with current and potential clients first. Make it clear that your company can be relied on. Address their concerns and prioritize their requirements over your financial gain.

Thanks to Peter Chatfield, Household Money Saving!

#8- Flexible work hours

Photo Credit: Jason Moss

For a long time, the working class has been accustomed to the 9–5 workday. The freedom to work at any time from anywhere attracts modern employees; therefore, this schedule may soon become obsolete. Additionally, employees' lives have become busier, and the workplace has gone global. These shifts suggest a shifting landscape. In reality, workers nowadays naturally prefer a more flexible work schedule. And there are many reasons to think that the work schedule modification is long overdue.

Thanks to Jason Moss, Moss Technologies!

#9- Continued remote working

Photo Credit: Lachlan de Crespigny

In my opinion, as the economy turns, remote employees will continue to rise, as they have this year. More people will be able to work remotely as technology improves and organizations become more flexible. Companies will save money on overhead expenditures as office space becomes less relevant. If you're not set up to give employees remote work, now is the moment to invest in software and technology. Rising contract workers is another change. As firms attempt to cut money, they'll use contract labor more.

Thanks to Lachlan de Crespigny, Revelo!

#10- Innovative approaches to old problems

Photo Credit: Gerrid Smith

My prediction for the corporate world in 2023 is that there will be new and innovative approaches to old problems. One style of doing business that is on the upswing is the sharing economy. To avoid the burden of ownership, this paradigm encourages the pooling of assets. The term sharing economy refers to businesses like AirBnB and Uber. The subscription model is another type of business that is gaining ground. Users can subscribe to a service or product and pay a regular price to continue using it.

Thanks to Gerrid Smith, Joy Organics!

#11- Cyber breaches will rise

Photo credit: Jamie Irwin

I would believe that the one forecast that can be made with certainty is that cyber breaches will rise over the coming year and that cybersecurity is another area that needs improvement. Investing in technological solutions is essential once again. However, working with trusted experienced partners is much better. The moment has come to reconsider the security of your IT infrastructure and services.

Thanks to Jamie Irwin, James and James Fulfilment!

#12- Robotics and artificial intelligence

Photo Credit: Adam Fard

I would say, that there is no question that technology plays an important role in modern organizations. From automating activities to facilitating communication with consumers and staff, technology has revolutionized how organizations function. To remain competitive, businesses will continue to rely on technology in the future. Robotics and artificial intelligence are anticipated to become more popular in 2023, making it a year of rapid economic expansion.

Thanks to Adam Fard, Adam Fard' UX Agency!

#13- Leveraging AI and machine learning

Photo Credit: Zach Larsen

In 2023, I believe that businesses will be leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize their operations and customer experience. This technology will allow businesses to better understand customer needs, automate processes, and create a more personalized experience. I'm excited to see how this technology will revolutionize the way businesses operate!

Thanks to Zach Larsen, Pineapple Money!

#14- Business model innovations

Photo Credit: Bradley Bonnen

One style of doing business that is currently upswing is the sharing economy. As a result of this approach, people may pool their resources and services rather than owning them individually. The term sharing economy refers to businesses like Airbnb and Uber. The
subscription model is another type of business that is gaining ground. Customers can subscribe to a service or product and pay a monthly or annual price. Evernote and
Dropbox is only two example of a business that follows this approach. Is your company positioned to take advantage of some of those business models for growth in 2023?

Thanks to Bradley Bonnen, iFlooded Restoration!

#15- Video content will continue to dominate

Photo Credit: Brandon Roudebush

Video content will continue to dominate the digital marketing landscape in 2023. With platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok investing heavily in short-form video content, the need for brands to produce short and long-form video content will continue to grow as audiences come to expect it. Video will also play a more prominent role in SEO as search engines like Google are now surfacing videos prominently on the first page. It will be essential for brands to optimize video titles, keywords, descriptions, and even transcripts to boost their content and gain a competitive edge.

Thanks to Brandon Roudebush, Pixelab Studios!

#16- Data protection

Photo Credit: Adam Wood

I would say, that in 2023, organizations will place an even greater emphasis on data protection as the world becomes increasingly digitized. As increasingly sensitive data is held electronically, the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks increases. Businesses must be ready to defend their data against these dangers. What precautions can you take to
safeguard your data, initially, you should invest in reliable security systems.

Thanks to Adam Wood, RevenueGeeks!

#17- Sustainability and social responsibility.

Photo Credit: Jamie Penney

Strong emphasis will be placed on sustainability and social responsibility. I believe that in the future, as customers become more conscious of the social and environmental consequences of their purchases, companies will prioritize sustainability and social responsibility as a means to attract and keep clients. Businesses will have to disclose more information about their operations in response to rising customer interest in learning more about the provenance and making of the goods they purchase.

Thanks to Jamie Penney, MyHomeDwelling!

#18- Climate action and sustainability

Photo Credit: Alex Constantinou

As organizations of all kinds begin to take action on climate change, it's critical to prevent greenwashing, which occurs when a company gives the appearance that a product is environmentally friendly when it isn't. Since many big businesses, including Boohoo and Innocent Drinks, have come under fire for exaggerating their ethical credentials this year, they're going to look at their supply chains to make adjustments. Customers are looking more and more for retailers that care about the climate problem.

Thanks to Alex Constantinou, The Fitness Circle!

#19- Data-driven decisions

Photo Credit: Jaden Oh

My prediction for businesses in 2023 is that data-driven decisions will become the norm. Companies can make informed decisions quickly and accurately by leveraging predictive analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). Companies should also invest in marketing automation to streamline processes, save time and reduce costs. In addition, customer experience will be the key differentiator between industry leaders and those who follow the trends.

Thanks to Jaden Oh, Traffv!

#20- Inflation could last longer

Photo Credit: John Myers

It seems inflation won't be slowing down anytime soon, we estimate that it will remain high through at least the end of 2023. This means a ripple effect of high-interest rates, making it less likely for the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates anytime. But life won't only be difficult for potential home buyers. The whole economy is heading towards a period of deterioration in 2023 when inflation will have a much broader impact on prices than most people anticipate, indeed, inflation could last longer than expected.

Thanks to John Myers, Myers & Myers Real Estate, Inc!

#21- More outsourcing roles

Photo Credit: James Green

With companies still trying to recover from the shutdowns, 2023 is going to see a rise in companies outsourcing more roles within their organization. Many employees left the corporate world to strike out on their own, feeling that freelancing would give them the freedom they crave. In order to adjust to this, companies are still trying to fill vacant positions, but are finding that outsourcing those duties is beneficial to all parties involved.

Thanks to James Green, Cardboard Cutouts!

#22- Wearable technology market will boom

Photo Credit: Jamie Miller

I believe that end-user expenditure on wearable technology is expected to reach billions of dollars globally. This is a big part of the self-tracking movement, which has been going on for a long time. Wearables are used to monitor a person's well-being in general as well as their physical activity, sleep habits, and heart rate variability. Fitness
wearables are getting more potent, affordable, portable, and comfortable as the market for them grows.

Thanks to Jamie Miller, Treadmill Review!

#23- Focusing on engaging with the audience

Photo Credit: Trevor Sookraj

When it comes to the social media aspect of digital marketing, behaviors and desires have been shifting in terms of preferred content. People aren’t wanting perfectly curated images and content anymore – they want to see content that is “real.” Businesses are going to have to cater to the new desires of their audience with their social media content. In 2023, businesses are going to focus more on engaging with their audience in a down-to-earth way, as well as posting images and content that feels less edited and perfectly curated as a way to build stronger relationships.

Thanks to Trevor Sookraj, Divisional!

#24- Personalized customer experiences

Photo Credit: Ben Walker

One prediction for business in 2023 is that there will be an increased focus on creating more personalized customer experiences. Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will enable companies to understand their customers better and provide them with tailored services. Businesses will increasingly use data-driven insights to customize offerings, create unique experiences, and build stronger customer relationships.

Thanks to Ben Walker, Ditto Transcripts!

#25- Focus on company culture

Photo Credit: Cory Dickson

With the recent trend known as the ‘Great Resignation’, most businesses are now more focused on improving their company culture. Companies are now leaning toward providing a better work environment while increasing employee satisfaction. They want to provide flexibility to their staff to allow for better work-life balance. All of these are to ensure better productivity and loyal employees.

Thanks to Cory Dickson, 3DPrintingWiz LLC!

#26- Digital self-service will grow

Photo Credit: Daniel Carter

The 2021 Achieving Customer Amazement Study found that digital self-service solutions are preferred by 41% of American customers over traditional phone support when seeking assistance. Companies need to realize that consumers prefer instantaneous responses to their inquiries and are ready to forego the more time-consuming but more permanent option of calling in for help if another, more convenient method exists. This fraction will increase as more and more forward-thinking businesses introduce simpler and more intuitive digital support systems.

Thanks to Daniel Foley, Daniel Foley SEO!

#27- Rise of the ‘second act entrepreneur'

Photo Credit: Deborah Sweeney

My prediction for business in 2023 is we will see the rise of the ‘second act entrepreneur.' This is a working professional who has decided to start a small business or work on a side hustle during their retirement years or as a new line of work after decades in another industry (AKA the second act). These entrepreneurs can be any age, including those who are working now to retire by age 50, as long as they are actively pursuing a passion project which matters to them.

Thanks to Deborah Sweeney, MyCorporation!

#28- Rise of digital nomads

Photo Credit: Scott DePeralta

A trend that many predict will continue over the next few years is the rise of digital nomads, people who work remotely or travel while still managing their own businesses or freelance careers. This type of lifestyle has become increasingly popular due to advances in technology that make remote work easier than ever before. In addition, digital nomads are often more willing to take risks since they don’t have to worry about being tied down to one location or job. This could lead to new business opportunities emerging within this growing demographic.

Thanks to Scott DePeralta, Scott DePeralta Consulting LLC!

#29- Rise of virtual and augmented reality

Photo Credit: Mellina Joseph

I believe Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies will revolutionize the way businesses deliver products and services. I predict that VR and AR will change the landscape of product design and prototyping. VR and AR can be used easily to visualize and test different product designs and prototypes, allowing companies to more quickly and efficiently iterate on ideas. Not only will this massively save on costs, but it will also allow companies to test out more variations of products which will eventually be better for the consumer.

Thanks to Mellina Joseph, Coffee Cracked!

#30- Recession

Photo Credit: Omer Usanmaz

There are many factors that will contribute to the business climate in 2023, but one prediction is that we will see a recession. This is based on the current economic conditions, as well as the political climate. Businesses will be hesitant to invest and expand, and consumers will be less likely to spend. This will lead to a decrease in economic activity and a rise in unemployment. While there is always the possibility of a rebound, it is important to be prepared for a recession in 2023.

Thanks to Omer Usanmaz, Qooper!

What's one prediction you have for the business in 2023? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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