What If Captain Planet Was An Entrepreneur?





Across the world entrepreneurs are trying to determine the perfect price-point for their goods and services. They want to determine prices that are just right hoping not to curtail demand and simultaneously generate profits.

Well, entrepreneur Eric Bae throws a monkey wrench into everything you learned in your Econ 101 course with his latest startup—Freally (Free, REALLY!).  Bae describes himself as a “self-proclaimed Web geek, who is passionate about building ‘Web things’ that are useful for people.  With a PhD (not a player hater's degree) in Computer Science and years of programming experience, Bae can certainly flex his entrepreneurial muscles having worked on startup projects related to health insurance, online recycling, and the stock exchange.

Freally is more than just a website. Bae describes it as “a global initiative that helps to solve all of these problems by providing a platform where users can easily recycle.” Freally is a free, safe and ad-free service that promotes recycling, reuse, and environmental sustainability and integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and Google Maps.

Bae is the modern-day Captain Planet and is here to save the day.  He hopes to “one day be a significant contributor to our environmental sustainability.”

Here’s how Freally works: Users will post their unwanted items. Users in the area are then notified that the unwanted items have been posted.  After an agreement, time and place have been arranged, the item can be picked up.  It’s that simple.

If you can’t find an item that you’re targeting, then simply ask for it and wait for someone to offer it to you.  Looking for a pair of tweezers? How about a glue stick? Do you need an electronic keyboard? What about a laptop? – We've checked it's been posted!

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So instead of taking up space in your house with that 14th century sofa or grandma’s itchy sweater, head over to Freally and post it on the site.

If not for us, do it for the environment! Help save the planet!

[Queue Captain Planet Superhero Music]


“Go Planet!”

“By your powers combined, I am Eric Bae Captain Planet!

Eric Bae Captain Planet, he's our hero
Gonna take pollution down to zero

He's our powers magnified
And he's fighting on the planet's side

Eric Bae Captain Planet, he's our hero
Gonna take pollution down to zero

Gonna help him put asunder
Bad guys who like to loot and plunder



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