What Did You Just Say?

Person 1: Excuse me?

Person 2: Niggle it!!!

Person 1: Jiggle it?

Person2: Niggle it!!!

Person 1: Sizzle It?

Person 2: No, Niggle it!

Person 1: Niggle It?!?!

Person 2: Yes!

There’s a good chance that Chris Williamson the entrepreneur behind Niggle It has a conversation that goes something like that whenever he mentions the name of his company.

Williams who previously worked in Information Technology sales and marketing always felt like he was on the road.  While on the road, he would purchase gadget after gadget, but when it came time to keep all those pesky receipts for tax deductions, an existing warranty, or even warranties. There seemed to be no answer. As Williams said, “Murphy’s law [Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong] was always kicking in when it came to [his] stuff.”

Insert Niggle it.

On their website, niggle, a noun, means” a worry or annoyance,” or it can also be used as a verb which means to be over-attentive to details.  Simply put, Niggle It is “a new online service that helps organize and simplify your life, while helping you to protect your investments and get value from the warranties and services you’ve paid for.” You can even download the app to your iPhone so you can take all those important documents with you in the back of your pocket. It is an on-line financial gadget for the household, and Williamson says it “really can’t compare to anything that is existing because [they] are breaking new ground.”


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