Why Did You Start Your Business? Week of May 6th

For individuals that constantly view financial statements or business plans each business looks eerily the similar. Even sometimes the brands, logos and names make consumers scream for the days of uniqueness. Peeling back the skin of business, it is often the entrepreneur and business owner that makes a business unique. Each and every business has an entrepreneur and unique story for launching his or her business, and it is that story which make each business special.

To Connect with Loved Ones

“Memory Catcher was incorporated in November, 2010, after having began as a sideline venture. It began when I convinced my Grandmother to sit down with me, with a video camera running, and answer my questions about her life – where she grew up, the story of her parents, and her adventures as a young woman. Unfortunately, she passed away before we were able to cover all the territory I had hoped to, but it is such a treasure for my family and I to even have the bit of footage we have of her speaking. It was when I showed the video biography of her at her Celebration of Life, in combination with her eulogy, that the seeds of Memory Catcher were planted. After noting my family’s response to seeing the video tribute of her, I decided to incorporate, allowing me to help others record their stories for the future and preserve lasting bonds with their loved ones.”

Thanks to Nicole Beart, Memory Catcher!

A Lot of Reasons

“I started my business for several reasons:

  1. I knew I could never earn what I believed I was worth working for others.
  2. I am extremely efficient and didn't enjoy pretending to be busy when I was done with my work and it was only noon.
  3. I am hypoglycemic and need to be able to eat when I needed to eat.
  4. I wanted to work part-time hours and earn more than full-time pay.
  5. I wanted to own a business that allowed me to replace myself so I never had to work at all if I didn't want to – in short, the business worked for me, I did not work for it.
  6. I needed a business that produced residual income. So I could make a sale once and receive income on that one sale for years to come.
  7. I designed all my businesses to fit this criteria – and if they didn't fit, I didn't start that business.”
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Thanks to Aimee Elizabeth!

To Fulfill A Desire

“I started my firm in 2004 out of my own desire to make real estate investments within my IRA and being unable to find a professional to help me make those transactions. I opened my office first as part of a national network of third-party administrators of self-directed IRAs. After five years of growth, I decided to break away from the network and become truly independent; in 2011 the company emerged as Next GenerationTrust Services, LLC.”

Thanks to Jamie Raskulinecz, founder and CEO of Next Generation Trust Services, LLC!

There Was A Need

“DAMN Digital Studio, an interactive and branding agency based in New York City, consults and contracts with enterprise-level firms, brand managers and CMO's providing digital assistance in the areas of marketing, advertising and branding. We launched our company because we realized there was a growing need by these companies to reach their customers, as well as potential clients, through digital outlets.”

Thanks to Danii Oliver and Kevin Braithwaite, Co-founders of DAMN Digital Studio, LLC!

Found A Gap

“I started The Content Factory because I saw a gap in the market – business owners start new websites every day, and they need people who can write the content for them and help promote their companies. Almost all of the existing options were either on the really high end (think NYC agencies) or on the really low end (content farms like Demand Studios). There aren't many mid-level PR companies, and so we went after that market. Almost two years later, almost half of our work comes from larger agencies that outsource their web work to us on a “white label” basis. I think this is a testament to our talent (and the overblown rates larger agencies charge – I have to imagine their clients would be pissed to know that they could go directly through us, cut out the middle man they don't realize exists, and save more than half of their monthly budget).”

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Thanks to Kari DePhillips, Owner, The Content Factory!

Saw A Need

“I'm known as The Down to Earth Doctor, an easy-going holistic family doctor for 30 years. I saw a need for a doctor to talk plain language and give practical and inexpensive home remedies that people could use to minimize their sky-rocketing health expenses. So I stated a blog and wrote a book: Whole Health Healing- The Budget Friendly Natural Wellness bible for All Ages.”

Thanks to Dr. Tom Potisk, Author!


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