Entrepreneur Jeff Frank Builds Despite Business Hurdles

Jeff Frank founded Simplicity Sofas, a small furniture factory, in November 2007, exactly three weeks after then President Bush made an announcement that the US has entered recession. Four years since its opening, the manufacturing industry was among the hardest hit sectors of the American economy and about 40 percent of all workers in furniture manufacturing were laid off.

Despite the recession and other hurdles, the company survived without outside financing, debt or assistance from the government. Simplicity Sofas started with minimal financial capital. Due to lack of financial resources for advertising during the first few months of its operation, it used unique and creative marketing and advertising concepts.

Another issue for Frank was to justify why their sectionals, sleepers and sofas that are to be assembled by buyers cost $1000 when their competing furniture require customer assembly retailed for less than $599. Furniture merchants online always discounted their furniture products.

In the end Frank was able to justify their prices and build a successful company despite many hurdles along the way. The goal of the company is to develop special relationships with its customers so in case of problems customers can trust that their concerns will be completely and quickly taken care of. This is done through policies such as the Total Satisfaction Warranty which allows customers that are dissatisfied with their furniture to be allowed to return it for a full refund including shipping charge within 12 months of purchase.

About Simplicity Sofas

Simplicity Sofas is a manufacturing company that does not sell to retailers. From the start, few challenges surfaced they were able to overcome. This new and unknown start-up manufacturer offered costly furniture exclusively through an e-commerce site.

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