Successful Entrepreneur at 19, and Ready to Help Startups Across America

Jeet Banerjee is living every young entrepreneur's dream. Still a student at the age of 19, he has successfully sold one company and is working on two other startups that promise to be huge. Inspired by the iconic Napoleon Hill for his wisdom and insights, Banerjee believes that Entreprenuership gives him the ability in Mahatma Gandhi's words – ‘To be the change he wants to see in this world.'

And a great change too. When Banerjee was 9, he created a website -Powerdunk- where he posted pictures of himself playing basketball. It forms one of his companies today. Though he did not make money from it, he believes it was his first attempt at entreprenuership. At 17, bored of working as a receptionist for his father's company, he began JB Media Force, a company that he sold profitably 2 years later in February, 2012.

His latest idea, branded Vintelli is crafted around working with growing businesses to help them achieve their online marketing goals. With a low price point, not only are they a quick fit for businesses looking to expand, Banerjee is giving back to the many startups in America working on a shoestring budget.

Banerjee is among today's serial entrepreneurs utilizing internet technology for its immense power in wealth creation and provision of employment. In fact all his companies StatFuse, Got it on Lock, Virtual Hairstyles and more, utilize a virtual labor force and provide the flexibility for him and his team to attend school, or work straight out of home.

Keen to share what he has learnt already, Banerjee is the successful author of ‘The Pursuit of Passion' an ebook that teaches how to turn one's hobbies into successful businesses. He also speaks at conferences around America offering motivational talks or making presentations as a digital marketing consultant.

With so many ideas up his sleeve Banerjee believes that he has a lot of exciting projects lined up aimed at providing businesses with the cutting edge to increase their sales. And he is confident it can be done soon.

He recommends that new entrepreneurs consider working smarter and advises anyone looking to start a business should get a team together that buys into the vision and is willing to work toward success.

Banerjee's parting shot is ” With the internet, it is easy to create a job for yourself. I do what I'm best at and find others who can do the things I don't like or am not so good at.”

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