Former Football Star Aims To Change The World Through Organic Skin Care

The pursuit of an entrepreneur can sometimes be a very drastic change from what their previous work was. A financial planner can jump ship in order to make a path for their goal of opening a bakery. A persons passion is oftentimes not their current work, which is one reason many people do become entrepreneurs. For some, their passion is late-blooming and comes from the aftershocks of a change of lifestyle and their everyday routine. No matter what age or method in which these entrepreneurs put forth, the effects can be just as important as any other path an entrepreneur takes.

For Jeffrey James, founder of organic skincare line Jeffrey James Botanicals, a drastic lifestyle change helped create his opportunity. Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, James walked onto the field of the University of Washington as a defensive end for their Pac-10 winning team. Having never played football in high school, James went on to be voted ‘Most Inspirational Player' on the team. After graduation he realized something needed to change. Weighing over 250lbs, James knew that overweight football players who weren't physically fit often faced serious healthy issues in the future. So James decided it was time to get healthy.

With a lot of work, James pushed himself into a different lifestyle. Now in ideal shape he knows the largest organ of the body, the skin, should also be maintained to keep it healthy. He founded Jeffrey James Botanicals in July of 2010 when he saw an opening in the market. After 15 years of research he wanted to create a product that inspired people to take great care of themselves. Seeing that organic skin care had not married efficacy with department store packaging, while keeping the price low, he made it available knowing that was how he would have preferred to purchase it.

In a short time, Jeffrey James Botanicals has become the #1 selling organic creme in Whole Foods while still having bridged the gap of selling to department stories. Proud of his accomplishments and dedicated to living a healthier lifestyle, James his this advice for future entrepreneurs, “Don't do anything until you believe in it with all your heart.”


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