Entrepreneur Gives An Aging Generation The Right Technology

Becoming an entrepreneur doesn't always happen in an instant. Some people wake up with the sudden realization that they can do nothing else save for being an entrepreneur, and some still slowly come to the realization after years of moving down another path. Like some other endeavors, becoming an entrepreneur can be a melting pot of different pieces. Part one could be an education in the field you enjoy, the next could be an experience which leads you to begin your business, and the multitude of other parts which create the perfect recipe for becoming a business owner. For someone like Andrew Dowling, become an entrepreneur had been a work in progress throughout his life.

As the founder of Tapestry, Andrew Dowling started right out the gate wanting a life that didn't include the standard ‘career' pathway. With a background in technology, undergrad degrees in science and engineering, he bought a one-way ticket to Africa. Dowling spend a year traveling around Africa and the middle east where his first book was written detailing all his experiences. His next book, with information regarding Asia and Islam, came next along with some time working in film. Andrew has lived in places all over the world and holds MBA degrees from INSEAD in France and Tsinghua University in Beijing along with a Master's thesis on social entrepreneurship, and considers all of this experience as fundamental pieces in the creation of Tapestry.

The idea for Tapestry, which helps families stay connected via technology and care for the senior members of their family, was developed in 2010 after Dowling realized the problem of an aging generation was something which affected not only China, his current location, but countries all over the world. Now the mission of Tapestry is to help families all over the world stay connected and care for each other without having to worry about technology.

Now a thriving business, Tapestry has received recognition recently in Australia for its innovation. Dowling's goal has always been to make a positive change in the world. As an entrepreneur, his definition of this title is creating and capturing value by uncovering and addressing unmet needs. With the creation of Tapestry, Dowling seems to have done just that. Created an innovative company in which he can weave many threads.

With all his experience and travels, Dowling is still determined to make a positive impact on the world and continue to push his business to its highest peak. For any entrepreneur stepping into the sometimes deep, murky waters he has this advice, “The answer to this is just to be persistent, constantly knocking on doors, pitching your business, negotiating with investors to get them over the line — whatever it takes. You just need to never give up.”

Though Dowling is keeping his cards close to his chest on the future year of Tapestry, he assures that this next year will be full of exciting ventures that he can hardly wait to deliver on.


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