Best Friends Make Fundraising Simple With Cards

Sometimes the most simple of ideas can make a huge impact. Take for example the sandwich. The reputed story of John Montague, fourth Earl of Sandwich, explains that he was so determined to remain at his gambling table that ordered his valet to bring him meat tucked between two pieces of bread instead of having to get up from the table to take his meal. Thus, the sandwich was born. The same goes for any entrepreneur. An idea that seems small and simple can have huge power when pushed in the right direction.

For best friends and business partners Derek Sparta and Emil Jorge, this simple idea was put into action with Cardraising. The popularity of customized greetings cards is on the rise and Sparta and Jorge have taken full advantage of this. For every holiday or greeting card purchased through Cardraising, 30 percent is donated to the school or charity of the customer’s choice. Both men know how big of a difference this can mean for a school of charity. With the state and federal budget cuts in school and charity funding, the simple notion of buying a card is a small way to give back.

With more than 20 years of experience in the printing and publishing industry, Sparta and Jorge have created a sustainable business model for years to come. Besides just the fact of card buying, Cardraising can potentially change the way fundraising is done in general. Instead of cookies and candy being sold, promotion the purchase of personalized cards through Cardraising is a much simpler avenue.

Ordering a personalized greeting card through their website is easy. A customer can simply visit their website and choose the school or charity of their choice. Churches are also available, but if your cause is not already listed a nice feature is having the ability to add a cause. Inputting the information for your organization is all that needs to be provided for this. Next up the customer can browse a variety of templates for cards ranging anywhere from birth announcements to graduation cards. Uploading a personalized image with their user-friendly system adds the extra touch and selecting the card size and quantity is all that’s left to be done before your purchased is confirmed. This simple action, Jorge and Sparta say, can have a major impact on a community.

The simplicity of the idea is what makes Cardraising a powerful tool. The ability to easily raise funds for a charity or school can have a lasting impact. Giving customers a way to directly give back to their community is something powerful says Sparta, ““It makes a big difference when our customers know that their donation is going directly to a cause that is close to their hearts.”


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