Frustrated Patient Helps Bridge the Communication Gap Between Patients and Providers

Photo Credit: Sherri Anderson
Photo Credit: Sherri Sanderson

Everyone has been through the same experience at the doctor’s office. You arrive early to wait. When something is needed, you call with questions only to speak with the nurse who assures you she will call you back once she gets the correct information. It turns into a game of phone-tag trying to get your medical questions answered by something other than WebMD.

Sherri Sanderson had this exact problem. During her pregnancies, each was high risk. This meant going to the doctor for frequent ultrasounds and checkups. After a number of these phone-tag episodes, Sherri decided enough was enough. During a visit to the doctor she asked if he had a secure online system where she could log in, write her question or message to the nurse, and be alerted the moment it was answered. Intrigued, her doctor loved the idea of having a secure patient communication system. Thus, NurselineMD was born.

With a background of more than 17 years in the Information Technology field, Sherri is an innovator. Creating state of the art interactive web applications in areas such as the medical and financial sectors, her experience spans many technology areas. With the standing of innovator and experience with technology, Sanderson was able to bring her skill into the gap in communication within the medical field.

Entrepreneurship is also important to Sherri. She knows well the sense of responsibility which comes from having such a title. To be meaningful, she says, you have to be passionate about what you are doing so you will have the ability to make a difference. Her admiration for Mark Zuckerburg comes from his ability to change human behavior with his simple community based social ecosystem. With Facebook, Sanderson says, he has changed how we communicate and interact with one another.

The future of NurselineMD, Sanderson says, is all about continuing the drive to provide better communication between patients and their providers. Stepping right in the middle of what lies ahead with the collaboration between patients and providers is what keeps the company going strong. What started as frustration for Sherri has ended with a transformational company.

For entrepreneurs, aspiring or firmly in the thick of it, she has this advice, “The dynamic challenges driven by a new economy has required us to rethink how Information Technology solutions are delivered. Everyone is faced with new changes from managing human capital, regulations and the skill sets required for navigating and executing effectively within a changing environment. Just like everyone else, we face the same challenges, but as a small company, we have more agility and can adapt to changes – both economically and technologically. Be responsive, understand your customers’ needs and deliver on time, within budget and build relationships.”



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