Successful Merchandise Retailer Shows What a Strong Work Ethic Can Accomplish

Tell us about your business and what makes it unique.

Merchandize Liquidators was established in 2004 with the idea of taking unwanted liquidation merchandise from large retailers and bring it back to the secondary market bellow wholesale prices. Merchandize Liquidators supplies name brand clothing, cosmetics, shoes, tools, toys, general merchandise, health and beauty, groceries, electronics, jewelry and other consumer products which are costumer return, or overstock and has been removed from the shelf of large retailers. we consolidate all the truckloads of merchandise in one of our 3 warehouses and re distribute the merchandise by pallets or containers to other wholesalers, store owners or online vendors.

Why did you start your business?

I was looking to buy and sell. My goal was to get something that will get me up in the food chain. I saw the traditional wholesalers price point was too high and wanted to get something different. I run into the closeouts idea when I met an eBay seller. He explained that he buys costumer return pallets from a liquidator. I was looking into this business and saw the potential both for me and my costumers.

What is your experience and background and how has that translated to your business?

I came to the US in 2001 as an international student. My major was Business. I graduated in 2007. I cant say it gave me something since I started the business as a student during which I was still taking core curriculum subjects. Most of my actual experience was from my own mistakes and learning from others friends and business associates. I'm a great believer in connecting with other people.

Tell us about your target market?

Merchandize Liquidators is targeting educated clients in the salvage and costumer return industry. We don't segment clients by Geo targeted markets but by categories of consumer products.

What unique tips and tricks do you have for entrepreneurs and business owners?

the best way is to associate yourself with go getters and successful people. it will drive you up in life. the second tip is don't be scared to try your idea. even if you fail you'll still learn something now. I had didn't make it in every idea I had, in fact, most ideas didn't work. but all it takes is one good idea idea to make it.

Tell us about doing business overseas and internationally. How have you done it and what advice would you give?

Shipping internationally depends on the right marketing and knowing the logistic. When I started Merchandize Liquidators, I focused on online marketing mostly SEO. it was easy to get overseas clients since the demand for US products is always in high demand. The issue was the tariff and non tariff barriers. Most people think its the particular country's needs but when you sell loreal and maybelline cosmetics, most countries will buy their products. the only problem was to get it through customs. The good news is that since the internet, the world is in fact very flat even when it comes to consumer goods which makes it very easy to market a product the in Germany as is is in the US.

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