Entrepreneur Inspires Women To Take Charge of Their Bodies

A fearless, female entrepreneur decides to take on a taboo subject and help women around the world feel a fresher sense of self. Stacy Lyon is the founder of Healthy HooHoo

Why Did You Start Your Business?

I had that crazy light bulb moment you hear about but doubt exists.  I was standing in the Whole Body department of Whole Foods Market when I realized the product I was looking for didn’t exist and had to take matters into my own hands.  I saw a need and set out to create a solution.

How Did You Come up with Your Name?

I wanted something hip and fun that removed the taboo from the subject, making it easier for women to talk about a neglected health topic.

What Were Some of Your First Entrepreneurial Ventures and How Do You Feel That Helps You Today?

In my early years, I trained and sold horses which me the courage and confidence I needed to feel like I could succeed at business and understand the buying process. Later, I took a stab at creating a line of underwear for athletic women and that entrepreneurial adventure (which it really was as I flew to Vietnam to meet with apparel manufacturers) taught me to think BIG, be direct and to ask for what I want.

What Were Some of the Best Lessons That You Learned as an Entrepreneur?

By far it’s to ask for what you want.  Whether it is timely feedback from gal pals and mentors, direction from industry leaders, or simply a better price, this is not the time to be shy.

Tell Us about the Process of Starting Your Business to Where the Hoohoo Brand Is Today

I originally wanted to created a feminine cleansing bar soap since I’m not a fan of plastic packaging.  I imagined a feminine shaped soapbox box impregnated with flower seeds that you could simply toss in your backyard.  Sweet idea, but I completely forgot that I was trying to create a pH balanced for feminine cleansing that needs to be acidic and it’s the alkalinity that gives bar soaps their shape and keeps them from dissolving in the shower.  That’s when I hired a formulation chemist who helped me take my soap idea and turn it into three cleansing options sans harsh chemicals.  Viola, a product that women love and makes me proud everyday.

What Advice Would You Give to Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Business Owners?

Talk about your idea.  Confide in your friends and family.  Ask them for their honest opinions and ideas.  You’d be surprised at the amount of product design input, creative copywriting and marketing advice has come from those closest to me.  Buy some wine, invite your gal pals over and have them help you brainstorm.

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