Morning Motivation: Chicken Man [VIDEO]

This video “Chicken Man” is entrepreneurs, startups and business owners. Often times, we have a similar story to Chicken Man in our life where we are faced with obstacles or life's challenges and we find ourselves stuck in our rut and we can't get past it. Chicken Man couldn't get past the experience that happened in his life and even though it was a tragedy, we have to learn to move past those tragedies and continue to live life. Is it being laid off? Is it having to lay off employees? Maybe you lost a client? Whatever it is continue to stay busy and keep working to get past those down periods that will always come. While we can't change the ups and downs, we can anticipate they will come and train our mind so that we can overcome them.

“Why? As soon as you come up with a goal, all the obstacles show up. Unless you have enough emotional drive, you are never going to break through that.”

“Reasons come first. Answers come second”

“All of us have experienced some tragedy. You can let it destroy your life or you can depend on it” 

“Declare all out war that you are going to get out of this rut.” 

“I suggest to you if you are facing a challenge. Don't stop. Stay busy. Work your plan. Continue to do those things that are working for you….continue to move. Stay Busy.”

“…Keep seeing what you are not now for what you are going to be.” 


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