Entrepreneur Creates Easy Way to Enjoy Healthy Fruit Snacks

For anyone with an always-on-the-go lifestyle, getting the right nutrition can be a difficult task. Fresh fruit is not always handy. The lack of healthy snacks can be seen far and wide. For Paul Adler, this lack drove him to found Fruttata Crisps. We had the chance to speak with Paul and learn more about Fruttata, how his experience helped, and his advice for entrepreneurs.

Why did you start your business?

I started the company after discovering the lack of healthy snacks while holding tenure on two manufacturing companies. With a passion for food products, I had been on the hunt for snacks that were light, healthy and tasty, but also convenient and easy to carry or pack for an on the go lifestyles. I knew of the freeze dry process, and saw a real opportunity for freeze dried fruit to be the ultimate healthy snack with great taste.

Tell us about your company and what makes it unique.

Fruttata manufactures healthy fruit snack crisps that are made only from the finest fruits (think apples, bananas, mangos and pineapples), and nothing else. Thus our slogan, “Nothing But Fruit!” We differentiate from other snacks on the market by only having one ingredient – fruit – and creating the crisps via freeze drying, the process of removing moisture from food through a dryer at -40°F. Unlike fresh fruit, which can leak or brown over time, Fruttata is the simple way to eat fruit on the go!

How has your past experience helped you as a CEO?

Having spent nearly a decade on Wall Street, and previously founding Beverage Brands, I felt comfortable stepping into the role of CEO of Fruttata. With Beverage Brands, I developed a line of healthy RTD Teas, launched the MATE Fusion Tea and secured distribution and placement of the company’s product line in 2,500 supermarkets nationwide. This direct experience taught me the leadership skills and qualities necessary to make a business successful.

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs that are in a crowded market place?

I have three pillars of advice for entrepreneurs: 1. Have capital at your disposal at all times. 2. Don't be a “Me Too” product, be original. 3. Never stop believing in you and what you can do.

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