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10 Entrepreneurs Reveal What They’re Doing For Small Business Saturday

In a super competitive world, Small Business Saturday helps small business owners boost their sales by getting shoppers attention after Thanksgiving Day. It's about that time when promotions and hot deals get unleashed and the message of the day amplified through various ways such as social media. Kick-off events are also another great way of marking the day.

We asked entrepreneurs and business owners what they're doing for the Nov 28 day and here are their responses.

#1- Emailing customers a discount code

Photo Credit: Haralee Weintraub

We are combing all 3 events into one sale with an email out to our customer base with a discount code on Thanksgiving day. To the general public we will advertise on Friday via social media.

Thanks to Haralee Weintraub,!

#2- Special webinar

Photo Credit: Alaia Williams

For Small Business Saturday, I'm offering complimentary access to a special webinar for all customers, – new and returning – who purchase any of my planners. The planners are great on their own, but most people need clarity when it comes to setting clear goals, creating a plan of action, and  focusing on tasks that matter. The planner, paired with the advice and action from the webinar are a great way for business owners to have a strong and focused start to 2018.

Thanks to Alaia Williams

#3- FB Live sessions

Photo Credit: Casey Bunn

Saturday I have five Facebook Live sessions going on at 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am and 12pm all with awesome small businesses jumping on to talk about their businesses + give one holiday tradition they love to make it extra personal. I just love an opportunity to showcase other folks who have worked hard to bring something to life by giving them a platform to share. We'll be promoting them this week leading up to the events on Saturday.

Thanks to Casey Bunn,!

#4- Three things

Photo Credit: Robert Eichner

We will be offering an online discount on Black Friday , promoting the day with an email blast and also sharing #shopSmall on social media.

Thanks to Robert Eichner, Pet House Candles from One Fur Al!

#5- Email marketing, facebook promotions and couponing

We are always excited about Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, as sisters and small business owners ourselves, we like to encourage pet owners to shop small with us, and we happily support other small businesses too. We will be doing some email marketing, facebook promotions and couponing around ShopSmall.

Thanks to Gina Pollack, Puppy Kisses!

#6- Small e-mail campaign

Photo Credit: Christabel Benoit

Of course we will take part in the campaign. Since we only offer services, we will run a small e-mail campaign. In this campaign we will offer discounts to our current and past clients and will encourage them to tell other people about us. We will also advertise other small businesses we have worked with and they will do the same for us.

Thanks to Christabel Benoit, Fantastic Services!

#7- $25 off all purchases over $150

Photo Credit: Liat Tzoubari

For small business Saturday, we are offering our customers $25 off all purchases over $150! We are an online home decor boutique that sells products ethically made by artisans worldwide. Our products are made in small batches using sustainable processes and natural materials. Each of our pieces is truly unique and exudes quality and craftsmanship.

Thanks to Liat Tzoubari, Sevensmith!

#8- Showcase distinct items

Photo Credit: Cordell Miles

On Small Business Saturday, I'm going to showcase distinct items that can't be found anywhere else (I'm starting w/ this on Record Store Day/Black Friday). I will be leveraging the local chamber's shopping effort too that promotes shopping on Main Street and the Small Business Saturday marketing materials provided via American Express' website and at my store. I think Small Business Saturday will be a valuable promotion once again and like that it supports my peers – fellow small business owners – because this, in turn, comes back to support the community. I'm also hoping the treasures shoppers find in my store will contribute to great gift stories while at the holiday dinner table.

Thanks to Cordell Miles, Music Masters Worldwide!

#9- Immigration workshop

Photo Credit: Merium Malik

We are an Immigration and Criminal Defense boutique firm in downtown  Manhattan. We will be holding an immigration workshop, we hired a small company to do our video and editing for the event, a freelance photographer and party favors from a mom and pop store.

Thanks to Merium Malik, Malik Law Firm!

#10- Give free copy of my dvd

Photo Credit: Leku Percival

I am looking forward to helping savvy entrepreneurs to create big wins for 2018 by using proven marketing systems. Every local business I patronize on Saturday will also receive a free copy of my dvd, 7 Waves to A Tsunami of Sales, so they can discover how to be profitable in any economy. This will be the second day of my 4 Day Biz Growth Sale.

Thanks to Leku Percival,!

What are you doing for Small Business Saturday? Tell us in the comments below.

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