20 Entrepreneurs Share Their Business Goals for 2018

It’s a new year and right after the ball drops, it’s time to go to work. Often entrepreneurs and business owners create their New Year’s Resolutions around their business. It could be more revenue, hiring clients or launching a new product or service, but every new year is an exciting time because it’s ripe with opportunity.

We asked entrepreneurs to share their business goals and what they were looking forward to in 2018.

#1- Efficiency

Photo Credit: Shawn Moore

Our biggest goal this year is to become more efficient across all aspects of our company. We want to continually speed up our processes and get faster with crafting our clients' work. Much like Nike's recent efforts to break the two hour marathon time, we want to set our own records. We're trying to break the threshold of our fastest times and push ourselves to become more efficient while never sacrificing quality. This means constantly looking for improvements to our automation technology, using that automation more, and diligently pursuing excellence for each client's dream website.

Thanks to Shawn Moore, Solodev!

#2- Two goals

Photo Credit: David Ciccarelli

After a monumental year that saw raise a Series A investment from Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital, followed closely by the acquisition of a formidable competitor in our space, I am more excited than ever to grow our business and its influence. There are two goals in particular that I want to achieve. The first is expanding the business by entering new geographies. Most of the work we do is completed over the phone or by email. Based upon the results of recent trips to key cities in the US and overseas, our data shows that business travel is critical to our continued growth and industry leadership. Additionally, visiting customers, both preexisting and newly acquired, is important to us as we strive to build deeper relationships and secure more business. The second goal is related to personal and professional development. I've always valued education, and dreamed of studying at world-class business schools, like the Ivey School of Business in Canada or Harvard University and MIT in the US. Investing in myself more as a CEO will grow and sharpen my skills, introduce me to a new circle of peers and further strengthen my company.

Thanks to David Ciccarelli,!

#3- Triple our revenue and grow our base

Photo Credit: Georgene Huang

We have two key goals for 2018: To grow our user base to more than 1 million and triple our revenue. Both these areas are key to sustaining and growing our business. We'll do this through a variety of ways like introducing new products and features to our website, and focusing on a variety of marketing strategies to grow and engage our community.

Thanks to Georgene Huang, Fairygodboss!

#4- More impact and experiences

Photo Credit: Jeanette Pierce

As a social enterprise, our goals are both about revenue and impact. This year we will hit our 100,000th person on experiential tours of Detroit and launch a new program that shares lessons learned with other leaders. The DXF Institute will offer in-depth full-day and multi-day learning experiences in Detroit. These experiences will focus on innovation and inspiration by using Detroit as a classroom. Experiences will include site visits, panel discussions, and case studies to help share best practices as well as continue to help locals understand Detroit’s past and present so they are better equipped to be engaged in its future. We’ve had a lot of challenges and scarcity in Detroit, but scarcity breeds innovation and now we can share our lessons learned with the rest of the world.

Thanks to Jeanette Pierce, Detroit Experience Factory!

#5- Rapid growth and expansion

Photo Credit: Lana Elie

Continuing our rapid rate of growth in the UK, whilst successfully expanding internationally in America are our two main goals for 2018. We’re launching in the US, specifically New York, in January, which is obviously really exciting – and the result of months of meticulous planning. It’s the next natural step for us, especially as we consider our platform and offering to be very well suited to the American market. In the UK, we want to build on and beat the levels of growth we saw in 2017. Developing our platform, expanding our marketing efforts, and hiring more staff are all part of the process which will see that become a reality.

Thanks to Lana Elie, Floom!

#6- Expansion

IMP's primary business goals for 2018 is to expand our company image from being not just a service provider, but also a reputable information source for the industries in which we operate. The largest component to this effort is to increase production and publishing of our online content–both for current events, and less time-sensitive informational articles. Additionally, as we continue to grow into new markets, our SEO strategies are evolving in 2018 to accommodate for new demographics and under-served geographic locations, however this new scaling will certainly demand significant upgrades to the proprietary software technologies we lean on.

Thanks to Vincent Scatena, Industrial Motor Power Corporation!

#7- Giving back to the community

Photo Credit:  Lisa Pinnell

In 2018, we plan to share business successes with the community in which we are based. We are planning to donate a percentage of each purchase to help feed kids who go hungry. Each Binxy Baby hammock purchased will provide 10 meals to those in need.

Thanks to Lisa Pinnell,!

#8- Get 30% of my workforce sign up for Ironman

Photo Credit: Adam Hergenrother

One of my top business goals for 2018 is to turn as many of my team members across the country into corporate athletes as possible: individuals who prioritize themselves, their health, and fitness over everything else. I want at least 30% of my workforce signed up for an Ironman, a marathon, a 5K, a yoga competition – whatever it might be. Why? Because I firmly believe that in order to have the best workforce  possible and hit massive business growth, we need to build in time daily  for fitness and recovery. Our motto at Adam Hergenrother Companies, Personal growth through business success, starts with allowing yourself to be selfish and truly find harmony between your work self and personal self. A healthier workforce leads to more overall success collectively and higher satisfaction (and less turnover) as well.

Thanks to  Adam Hergenrother, Adam Hergenrother Companies!

#9- Generate more ROI

Photo Credit: Andrei Vasilescu

2018 has been started rolling and it has come with fresh ideas in the business arena. New technologies have arrived to make people attracted and much more dependant on them. People will be more sunken in the digital media and new marketing possibilities through digital media have already showed prominence. Our goal for the year 2018 is to reach more effectively to generate more ROI. Using these new technologies, we will invent and execute innovative and effective methods to reach the new waves of people. We will try to make more people aware of our expertise and efficiency to convert them into our customers and make them happy with our state of the art services. We will blend the new technologies with our sheer intelligence to engage more people successfully to generate at 25% more revenue for our business.

Thanks to Andrei Vasilescu, DontPayFull!

#10- Growth and innovation

Photo Credit: Kelly Howard

As cliche as it sounds, my business goals for 2018 are to continue to grow and provide great service to our team & clients. One of the great and interesting things about the media and PR industry is that it's ever-changing – so continuing to grow, innovate and capitalize in an evolving environment is always an exciting challenge.

Thanks to Kelly Howard, EightSixtySouth!

#11- Growth in culture and areas

Photo Credit: Kari Foster

2018 is going to be a big year of change at Journyx, where we've set challenges for ourselves to grow in a number of areas – not just in sales, but in our culture as well. We are improving our new client acquisition capability, using market feedback to improve our technology and user experience in 2018. Our AI capability has made it one hundred times easier for companies to obtain more accurate data in our labor cost system, so one of our biggest goals is onboarding a greater percentage of our customers to using this burgeoning technology. We also have a goal to improve our internal ops and processes (such as accounting, marketing, and product management) for efficiency and growth-scaling.

Thanks to Kari Foster, Journyx, Inc!

#12- Four goals

Photo Credit: Alexandra Isenegger

To scale Linkilaw as well and as quickly as possible. To get to profitability ASAP to ensure we are never dependent on external sources of funding. To create and implement effective and easy processes. To build on a working environment where people not only feel happy in, but where there is a sense of efficiency, achievement and growth.

Thanks to Alexandra Isenegger, Linkilaw!

#13- Stronger brand

Photo Credit: Grant van der Harst

2018 is going to see us working on our company brand. With many B2B companies, they are more reliant on the owner's personality and ability to shine, but if you want your business to grow, it's the company that needs to have a brand that people identify with. We already have a fantastic range of international clients, this year we will be working to ensure our business brand is stronger than ever.

Thanks to Grant van der Harst, Anglo Liners!

#14- Break even and become fully mobile-first

Photo Credit: Kachun To

As we’re primarily an online business, we aim to become fully mobile-first in 2018. A perfect customer experience on mobile is paramount for any online business (or any business with a website, frankly) as consumers interact with brands more and more through their phones. A website perfectly optimised for mobile use and conversions is key. This is the year we also aim to break even. This is such an important point for any young business, and we plan to achieve this ambitious goal by expanding our product portfolio which will help us grow sales by two to three times. With efficiency, improved customer experience, and great teamwork as a company, this 2018 aim will become a reality.

Thanks to  Kachun To, MYCS!

#15- Double The Number of People We Help

Photo Credit: Matt Collins

While revenue growth is always a goal, our revenue goal is directly tied to the goal of our mission. Simply put, we want to help people. Business is about serving people and helping them solve their challenges. This year, we want to solve more problems – double as many as we did last year. As we help more and more people, we know that inevitably, we will also meet our yearly revenue goals.

Thanks to Matt Collins, Loans Now!

#16- Several goals

Photo Credit: Kate Bagoy

When I started my latest business at the tail end of 2016 I made a few mistakes that I'm still recovering from – so my 2018 goals are to be completely rebounded & reach profitability for that product line, to launch 3 additional products and to hand off day-to-day management to a team by the end of the year. As I location independent entrepreneur, I am also investigating whether to re-incorporate my business overseas for better returns and am always looking for ways to expand the company in a smart way- my first hire of 2018 will be a personal assistant who can help me with administrative & general marketing work and get me out of the way! By increasing staff, we can ultimately help more people change their lives, faster.

Thanks to Kate Bagoy, Kate Bagoy International!

#17- Identify and reach out to our audience

Photo Credit: Lyndsey Brantley

In 2018 Camellia Alise's # 1 goal is to identify and reach our target market in order to grow our company. The only way for our products and services to get into the hands of the right audience is through proper research, analysis and advertising. In order for us to continue growing and to reach our set financial goals we will do the research and market to the target audience that we know will love our skincare products. We will accomplish this goal with the help of our sales team, social media and possibly a branding/marketing expert!

Thanks to Lyndsey Brantley, Camellia Alise!

#18- Improve from lessons learnt in 2017

We’re still starting out and are excited to see the projected growth turn into a reality. After learning a few hard lessons in 2017 we are ready in implement new procedures and services to better accommodate not just our members but employees as well. Our housing program is moving forward; our record label is continuing to improve; our lifestyle, felon, and business membership numbers are growing; and the call center is about to kick off. The second half of 2017 brought us a lot of movement and we’re ready to use that as a catapult into 2018.

Thanks to Dynasty Holland, Straight Defined!

#19- Three goals

Photo Credit: Jessica Lawlor

Earn six figures. My company, JL&Co, did well in 2017, growing 20 percent from the year prior when it launched, and I have even loftier financial goals for 2018. My goal is to earn $100,000 from my business. It’s a big goal, but I know it’s achievable, especially if I focus and prioritize new business development this year. Also, redesign my website. My website design hasn’t been touched since it launched five years ago and since then, my website has morphed from just a blog to being a blog AND my business. That’s not reflected now, and I’m excited to make some changes, though I am overwhelmed by the enormity of this project. Lastly, get bylines. Freelance writing is something I’m super passionate about, but since starting my business, I’ve focused more on client work/content marketing and less on pitching my own stories to publications. This year, I want to get more of my work published by other websites and publications. This means pitching (and facing rejection) and writing a whole lot more!

Thanks to Jessica Lawlor, Jessica Lawlor & Company (JL&Co)!

#20- Market our company

Photo Credit: Graham Onak

My 2018 goal is to market GainTap like we market our clients. This means having a measurable marketing strategy that is focused around driving more business. We're focusing on two main areas: email marketing and social media for Q1. There's a dashboard built out with goals and fields to measure our activity. It's common for small businesses to provide services for clients that they fail to do for their own business. For example, we haven't been posting regularly on social media but we strongly encourage this for clients. We don't write nearly as much on our website yet we develop content for clients. That looks pretty bad from a prospective client's point of view. So we're looking to get more organized and strategic about our in-house and future growth.

Thanks to Graham Onak, GainTap!

What are your business goals for 2018? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community

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