How This Leader Helps Corporate Social Responsibility Make a Big Impact Upon Your Organization

Being a business owner is no easy feat and being a busy owner that juggle that wears multiple hats is even more difficult. However, you can't tell from Tyler Butler, a dynamic leader and creative thinker known as an expert in corporate social responsibility, fashion and community activism. She is the Founder & Principal of 11Eleven Consulting, a boutique corporate social responsibility consulting firm focused on aiding companies that care. She's worked with companies like Microsoft, UTI, Nissan, Shell, GoDaddy and more. In addition, she also has her own blog called Giving in Style. We had the opportunity to hear from Tyler about her business and how she got started including Microsoft & GoDaddy.

Why did you start your business? 

There are many reasons behind the launch of my company 11Eleven Consulting.  Nearly two years ago I foresaw an emerging need for greater corporate governance, accountability and responsibility.  The recent #MeToo campaign and the multitude of complaints that prompted it are just the most recent signal that people and customers are demanding greater visibility from the brands that they are loyal to.  My firms’ focus on aiding companies who wish to do well by doing good represents an emerging driver in today’s market.  This business would focus on creating a streamlined approach to easily launch and confidently grow corporate responsibility efforts for the growing number of company’s seeing the value in responsibly running their businesses.  In an ever changing world, the emergence of company’s looking to be good corporate citizens is more prevalent than ever.  My business is a place where good corporate citizens are our game and we aim to create, launch and shed light on the positive contributions businesses are making in the communities where they operate.   We take on the discovery process and assess what each client’s company does, how they do it, who they employ and who they serve as customers and we then create unique offerings that will elevate their profile publicly, engage employees, add to their brand and foster a strong company culture.  Positive sentiment is built through these altruistic programs, which improves businesses in a myriad of ways.  Through the creation of 11Eleven many more businesses have the knowledge and means to create corporate responsibility programs that matter.

Tell us about what you do?

11Eleven Consulting is a strategy and corporate responsibility firm that empowers and inspires Positive People to build Positive brands. Working together with our partners, we produce, develop, promote and direct significant and purposeful approaches that educate, activate and inspire positive impact driven by positive actions. Our efforts focus on leveraging what each business does best and puts their forte into action to make positive societal and economic change possible. We work in conjunction with companies from all industries and counsel their team to craft CSR strategies, applications and procedures in an effort to create world class signature programs that can be clearly articulated and easily executed in both local and national markets.

Services Include: CSR Strategy, Employee engagement, messaging and communications, consumer campaigns, program management, thought leadership, facilitation and coaching, signature programs, events and fundraising

How did you come up with your business name? 

The origin of my company name, 11Eleven, is both synonymous with the numerological meaning of this digit and symbolic of the work we do.  The number eleven possesses the qualities of intuition, patience, honesty, sensitivity, and spirituality, and is idealistic. Others turn to people who are ‘Eleven' for teaching and inspiration, and are usually uplifted by the experience.  This insight alone speaks to the mission and values of my company and the work we do at 11Eleven.  11Eleven Consulting inspires companies who operate with a conscience. We incorporate visionary principles, diverse perspectives and sustainable practices to create programs that benefit society and build positive sentiment for brands. 11Eleven enhances humanity while creating a brighter future for organizations to promote and steward rewardable reputations. At 11Eleven we combine electric energy with savvy strategic planning to create captivating corporate responsibility offerings.  So as you can see the inherent principles that are associated with the number eleven are well represented as we engage, educate and activate companies and employees to enrich their company culture and enhance their work experience through altruistic and optimistic actions.

What is corporate responsibility and what does that mean? Why is important? 

Definition – Corporate social responsibility (CSR, also called corporate conscience, corporate citizenship or responsible business) is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. CSR policy functions as a self-regulatory mechanism whereby a business monitors and ensures its active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards and national or international norms.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a business imperative. In today’s marketplace, companies have to do more than just produce a top-quality product and provide world class customer service to be the best. Businesses and the brands they represent have to take action and share their stories about how they are making the world a better place for their employees, the environment and the communities where they operate.

Customers yearn for much more than transactional relationships; they seek a deeper connection with a truly significant experience. Employees, now more than ever look for purpose in their work and an authentic, caring company culture, they want to believe in what they do each day. And companies look for cooperative, transparent partnerships where they feel confident in what their business stands for.

Organizations that speak to this change by enhancing brand expectations increase their customer’s allegiance, build positive rapport, and eventually strengthen business and make positive change possible.

How do companies benefit from CSR? 

How Companies benefit from CSR

  • Improves Public Image
  • Increases media coverage
  • Boosts employee engagement
  • Attracts and retains investors and talent
  • It is a competitive advantage

How does storytelling align with Corporate Responsibility?

Long before there was the written word there was storytelling.  It has long been the most recognized method for sharing and relating to one another.  Likeminded people can find commonalities through shared experiences, which are best explained through the power of storytelling.  By sharing situations that are relatable we can help to communicate more effectively, allowing for better understanding to be developed. Most importantly though is storytelling’s ability to communicate and trigger emotions.  Sharing difficulties or pain through this communication medium is a great way to connect people with a cause. And also to educate the public about the good work being done at companies.  Stories also help to provoke action as once people relate they can next put themselves into motion.

Storytelling allows for a brand to effectively influence the perception their customer base and general public have about them.  By taking an active role in promoting CSR efforts through this medium programs are generally viewed more favorably than those that do not have highly visible programs.  When executed correctly this communication can be an effective instrument in crafting a company’s image.  By touting the good deeds being done, such as corporate donations, employee volunteer programs, or other CSR initiatives this enticing and sustainable element can build publicity, which ultimately impacts publicity online and in print and most importantly impacts the bottom line.

What have been 2-3 of your favorite clients/success stories? 

  • Universal Technical Institute / TechForce Foundation – Future Tech Success Campaign – 11Eleven was brought in to work with UTI, Nissan, Shell, Bridgestone, Advanced Auto Parts, Penzoil, General Motors and more for a significant initiative to save the struggling automotive industries.  FutureTech Success is a multi-faceted, industry-wide campaign to fuel the future pipeline of transportation technicians by repositioning the image of the profession, giving middle- and high-school students, parents and influencers the tools to recognize and foster tactile intelligence, and providing scholarships and grants to help students complete their technical education.  11Eleven has been integral in forging partnerships, creating a strategy to hit multiple targets for this campaign and in crafting materials to convey this message effectively.  This campaign is making positive strides to impact our country’s technical career arenas and to engage the public in this important conversation.

  • Lyft – 11Eleven has been a key partner in connecting Lyft with likeminded partners so that they might leverage their on-demand transportation company to aid the communities where they operate.  Serving as a conduit, 11Eleven, has taken a leadership role in partnering Lyft with causes that are in need of strong corporate supporters. 11Eleven has enabled dozens of charities to receive support from Lyft by implementing a few key programs that can ensure safety, while raising valuable funds.  The programs that 11Eleven has been critical in putting into place include: free ride donations for raffles, auctions etc., 25% rides for supporters of your cause, $10 donation per activation code (a fundraising opportunity and extends beyond any events), $5 off first 10 rides for supporters of your cause and in some cases sponsorships develop.  11Eleven has partnered Lyft with the likes of the Boys and Girls Clubs, Waste Management Charities, Phoenix Rising MLS, Celebrity Fight Night, Fiesta Bowl Charities and many more.

    And together 11Eleven and Lyft will soon be launching a new program to help causes such as Dress for Success. The next frontier includes partnerships that will aid those returning to work with the opportunity to have a safe, reliable ride to interviews to ensure that their efforts to find gainful employment after a rough patch in life is made more feasible.

  • WebPT – Working in conjunction with Fearless Art Works, 11Eleven is publicizing the good deeds being done by WebPT.  By connecting Fearless Art Works with 6 key charity partners that WebPT has served over the years, funds will be raised to support each of these causes.    The Art of Fearlessly Giving Back, as this campaign has been titled, will have artist Michelle Micalizzi creating custom paintings and sculptures inspired by the volunteer work done by WebPT employees.  These pieces will then be auctioned off in order to raise awareness for these causes, raise valuable funds to support these causes and to highlight the stellar corporate citizenship being demonstrated by WebPT.

Tell us how you are using your blog for your business. 

My 11Eleven blog shares details and tools that serve to better educate people on the importance of authentic corporate citizenship.  It also showcases those who are doing this well in an effort to inspire others to do the same.  My blog mostly serves as a conduit connecting my followers with authentic resources that can aid them with their CSR efforts.

Additionally, I have a blog Giving In Style, which is also a monthly column.  Through this channel I share stories about people, brands and organizations that are giving back in a stylish manner. Taking what might normally be viewed as just another story about an organization raising funds through a round up for charity program, I skew the focus to also include what makes each offering unique and trendy.  Giving the reader a greater understanding of how something like a custom designed t-shirt can elevate the visibility for a cause that desperately needs to differentiate itself in order to continue their mission.

What tips would you give to CEOs or entrepreneur and business owners that are looking to improve corporate responsibility? 

I always recommend that businesses work with an expert in the CSR space.  While many companies have some programs in place that may be CSR related, without a comprehensive and cohesive strategy it is almost impossible to have a truly successful outreach program.  Programs need to be curated carefully and have the right tools, language and measures in place to ensure that their longevity.  The branding of these elements is extremely important as is the tracking of results.  Without a well thought out and strategically crafted program, most of the opportunities that CSR can provide to your business will likely be lost.

More about Tyler

She received her Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University and her Master’s degree from the Boston College, Wallace E. Carroll Graduate School with a focus on Corporate Citizenship Management.  Through 11Eleven, Tyler has led a team to impact positive change and awareness for campaigns engaging the entire transportation industry including companies like UTI, Nissan, Bridgestone, Shell and more.  11Eleven has also been instrumental in launching Lyft’s community fundraising efforts, Xtreme Canteen’s Round up campaigns and community outreach efforts for 2017 top HR tech startup, HR Company Store. Most recently Tyler has led a campaign, The Art of Fearlessly Giving Back, which is sharing the stories behind the giving efforts of WebPT. Tyler has formally led community engagement efforts for technology giants Microsoft & GoDaddy and is solely responsible for creating the global strategy and structure of GoDaddy’s employee engagement and giving efforts.  Tyler is also the society and fashion contributor for Frontdoors media; her column and blog, Giving in Style, is a valley favorite and is gaining national acclaim and recognition.  In addition to this work, Tyler serves on the board of trustees for the Arizona Science Center, the board of governors for the Greater Scottsdale Boys & Girls Clubs, the Arizona Governor’s Commission for Service & Volunteerism and the advisory council for AZ BIG MEDIA’s Business Angels Magazine and for Scottsdale Leadership. Tyler is a kindness crusader and dedicated change maker who is making a positive difference both professionally and personally.

To reach Tyler, e-mail her at [email protected] or call her at 480.431.8580. Also check her Websites (personal / 11ElevenConsulting / Giving In Style) and on Facebook (personal / 11ElevenConsulting / Giving In Style), LinkedIn (personal / 11ElevenConsulting ), Twitter (@TylerJButler /@11ElevenConsult /@Giving_In_Style) & Instagram (@TylerJButler /@11ElevenConsulting /@GivingInStyle). 

Updated 4/19/18

Tyler was featured on our CEO Chat Podcast


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