10 Entrepreneurs Explain How Technology is Impacting Their Business Today

It’s becoming increasingly important for every business to have at least basic technology to run daily operations in the current day society. It makes communication seamless and brings both tangible and intangible results. Despite the glowing positive side of it, technology also has its negative implications on business, especially in this cyber-crime era.

We asked entrepreneurs and business owners how technology is impacting their business and here are the responses:

#1-100% remote team

Photo Credit: Angel D. Gonzalez

Just 10 years ago, I wouldn't have been able to have the business and team I have today if not for technology. Tech has enabled our growing, 30-person company to be 100% remote. Our team is spread out throughout the country. Via a mix of project management software, video/text/voice communication, and collaboration software, we get the outsized benefit of working with top talent throughout the country. We have full-time employees, and we a small number of contracted freelancers with our SaaS martech company. We've been the beneficiaries of being able to find talented, top-performing people anywhere without being hamstrung by the talent pool in a specific location.

Thanks to Angel D. Gonzalez, Snappy Kraken!

#2- Helps in blogging

Photo Credit: John Tabbernor

Technology is helping me greatly to run my blogs. Not only as it runs on an online platform but also in terms of some crucial areas of blogging such as keyword research, data analysis and automating tasks such as automatic scheduling of content to social media.

Thanks to Jon Tabbernor, WealthTurbo!

#3- Gata gathering and automation

Photo Credit: Matt Diggity

Technology is doing wonders for my business. Being in Digital Marketing, I am excited to utilize all the developments and advancements in tech. Automation and data gathering has been the most impactful for me currently. I am able to use all the data of users visiting my website and create automated actions from that to generate more business and brand awareness. Location technology for our clients has helped us provide users with adverts or notifications to consumers cell phones when there are within the vicinity of the business. The timing and convenience of the ads, relative to where they are right then, has resulted in 15-20% more footfall, or online traffic for these businesses.

Thanks to Matt Diggity, Diggity Marketing!

#4- Spike in the demand of our services

Photo Credit: Zoe Morris

Technology's impact on the business landscape has been a massive boon for us as tech recruiters. More digital transformation means more organizations looking for skilled IT professionals to help them get the most out of their tech stack, so the demand for our specialist services has really spiked. It's had a hugely positive effect on the way we do business internally too. Just like our clients, we've been able to access transformative tech platforms that help us deliver outstanding experiences to our customers, by automating tasks that allow us to spend more time building relationships and focusing on the human aspect of our business.

Thanks to Zoe Morris,  Frank Recruitment Group!

#5- A number of ways

Photo Credit: Nikola Djurkovic

Technology impacts the structure of my company. We have all the tools to work remotely, which not only appeals to employees who need flexibility, but it offers diverse viewpoints by people who are scattered around the world. A small-scale company with a global spread was impossible just a decade ago. Technology is also affecting content production at Policy Advice. There are tools for content creation and distribution that are increasing our reach beyond imaginable. Email automation is one of the tools we use to amplify
our outreach efficiency.

Thanks to Nikola Djurkovic,!

#6- Streamlined processes

Photo Credit: Sukhi Jutla

MarketOrders operates in a traditional industry where most transactions are done in person with trusted relationships. The downside to this is the inability to scale fast enough and in-person transactions are prone to human error. Technology has allowed us to streamline the process of sourcing gold and diamond jewelry products for our retailers. We use our innovative tech platform that digitizes every step of the supply chain process, helping to make it more transparent. We are also using innovative new technologies such as blockchain to track the products and provide provenance and authenticity of the goods passing through the supply chain. It ensures both retailers and customers are getting what they pay for. Without this new technology, we would have never been able to scale our business, increase our margins and improve our processes. Technology has created numerous advantages for retailers, manufacturers, marketplaces like MarketOrders, and the end consumer.”

Thanks to Sukhi Jutla, MarketOrders!

#7- Ease of reaching customers

Photo Credit: Jake Hay

Popshorts, as an influencer marketing agency, has come to thrive with the increase of technology in the business world. It’s becoming easier to find and reach new audiences. We’re able to get branded content directly in the hands of our target audiences via social media platforms. Our content can be tailor made to social platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, so that they may be more viewer friendly. With each new app or feature on a social site, there is opportunity to utilize each to help promote our content in a way that has yet to be done before. Keep in mind, there are still some adverse effects of technology in the business world. This includes a shorter window to engage the audience due to distractions and current scroll rates. Such factors are why it is essential to engage viewers as soon as possible as well as include your brand name and call to action in the window.

Thanks to Jake Hay, PopShorts!

#8-Two ways

My business is fitness and the use of artificial intelligence is making my life much easier. I can create classes and share them virtually with my clients. Also when clients come into the gym we are using AI to welcome them in and allocate them parking spaces and lockers with a computerized system.

Thanks to Elliot Robinson, Gunsmith Fitness!

#9- Create high-quality training videos

Photo Credit: Nina LaRosa

Technology is revolutionizing our employee training business. Online training allows us to provide training resources on-demand, rather than companies relying on scheduling presenters or in-person demonstrations. As video technology has advanced, it has enabled us to create high-quality training videos that are shot on location, which is much more engaging and effective for learners than PowerPoint presentations. Instead of companies trying to arrange training on location every time, our videos can show employees actual scenarios they may be faced with in familiar environments, and they’re available any time. Learning management systems have also evolved our industry, allowing us to offer more value to clients. Our LMS can keep all of an organization’s training, tracking, and reporting in one place. This can reduce their paperwork and make it easier to manage audits. Technology has given us more power and flexibility in employee training, tracking, and reporting, making our business very competitive in this industry.

Thanks to Nina LaRosa, Moxie Media!

#10- Automation of monotonous tasks

Photo Credit: Johnny Bolden

Technology has been most useful for our business through automation of monotonous tasks. When this is done successfully, it offers your employees more meaningful work. One way to do this is to audit routinely things you do for your business, determine time consuming tasks and what we can do to limit them. There are a number of tools available that can do this. An employer can then take the time it would have taken to manually do a time consuming task and delegate trainings or briefs to see if the employee would be interested in a particular project. An employee can then try different things and given more fulfilling work to build value in not only the business, but in themselves.

Thanks to Johnny Bolden, Off Road!

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