14 Entrepreneurs Explain The Role A Coach Plays in Their Business

Business coaches are instrumental people in the start and growth of one’s business. Right from writing your story, attracting/retaining clients and the survival of your business. They can help sharpen your skills and take up a lot more roles. Many entrepreneurs attribute their success to the mere factor that they had a business coach guide them through the process.

Here’s what entrepreneurs had to say about the role a coach plays in their business.

#1- Four ways

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One is pointing out Blind Spots. It can be difficult to be objective about one's own business after a while. Two is giving different viewpoint and experience. We all have our strengths and glaring weaknesses. It's good to have a Coach who can help you know which are which. It's also great to have a coach with specific skills that you don't have on the team. Three is a coach playing devil's advocate, somebody has to be willing and able to tell you the ugly truth, without fear. Four is a confidant — being the boss can often be lonely. Having somebody you can confide in without worrying about gossip is a rarity.

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#2- For accountability

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Accountability does not equal blame. It simply means that we are being held responsible for what we say we are going to do by a third party. If the head of a company has nobody to answer to, then the only motivating factor when it comes to achieving their goals is their own ambition. This can wane over time. Even highly successful individuals use accountability coaching to keep them pushing forward and reaching for their goals.

Thanks to Deepak Shukla, Pearl Lemon!

#3- Guide and advise

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They say that two heads are better than one; I might have a good idea for growing my business, but I don’t know how to start it, or it seems like an impossible move. A business coach will present his cards on the table, and it may be exactly what I needed for their job is to help me find the correct tools for the best outcome.

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#4- Share their experiences

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Until opting in for a business coach, we were clueless about regular activities that add up to achieving the long term macro-level strategy. Our primary focus was limited to what needs to be worked upon in the immediate short-term. The coach share their experiences and started off with fixing the issues our eCommerce business faced one problem at a time. Within a period of 3 months, our online sales increased by about 40%, owing to the optimisation and sense of direction the employees gained.

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#5- Serve as an adviser

Photo credit: Aaron Simmons

My business coach guides and assists me in clarifying the vision and mission of my business for further growth of the company. By doing this, the stakeholders and I are more focused on leading our people. We also consult him whenever there is a need to implement new processes in the company. They can also help in cultivating the employees’ motivation and retention.

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#6- Help take my business to the next level

Photo credit: Shneidine Chery

My coach taught me everything from leveraging, negotiating contracts, structuring my business plan so I can solve peoples' problems. Having a coach is like a tour guide, they know all the ins and outs and have been where you're trying to go. They are well worth the investment, and it's a write off for your business.

Thanks to Shneidine Chery

#7- Help you step back, look around, and assess

Photo credit: George Petropoulos

There are just so many things to do daily to build the systems of your business, and so many shiny objects around the corner looking for a chance to distract you. A coach will help you and only then can you decide where you want to go and create a plan to get there. The coach is a means for the entrepreneur to get better every day, not the business. If you get better every day there will come a day that you do not need a coach to confirm whether you set the right goals!

Thanks to George Petropoulos, PassiveTactics!

#8- Act as a growth mentor

We’ve found many benefits to employing a coach for our organization. At Sumizeit, we work closely with the folks at growthmentor dot com. Growth is tough. Sometimes you need to talk to someone. Growthmentor dot com facilitates one-to-one conversations with experienced startup mentors and marketing mentors that genuinely want to help. The mentors at growth mentors had helped us with our Facebook campaigns, providing useful advice when we needed it the most. Because of their help, we were able to increase the conversation rate by 50%. Having a coach has made a positive impact on our bottom line.

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#9- Building people and honing potentials

Photo credit: Doresa Ibrahim

A coach is considered to be one of the leaders in reaching the company's goal, vision, and mission. The role of the coach in a Business means providing different techniques, solutions, and focuses on interaction to reach the goals. Being a coach means to impact people working in the company to become an asset and a workforce in achieving success. The role of the coach focuses more on building people and honing potentials (maybe in a form of a person, personality, ability, or skill) to maximize productivity and work output.

Thanks to Doresa Ibrahim, Profit Automation Coach!

#10- For perspective help

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Coaches can bring a different energy to your business and allow you to focus on different roles. As an attorney who traditionally has a brick and mortar business, hiring an online coach has been refreshing and allowed me to focus on the little nuances of my business that I wouldn’t have thought of beforehand.

Thanks to Natalie Puglisi

#11- Prevent you from reinventing the wheel

Photo credit: Nikunj Madhogaria

If you're new to an industry, you might try to build things from scratch. A coach can help you save time by sharing the right set of tools and software, industry expertise: A coach brings a lot of domain expertise on the table. His knowledge on the subject can help a lot in areas like business development, software architecture and business growth. This will save you from major pitfalls in the future. Second is helping with connections: Since they have worked with people with varying skill sets over the years, they have a large network of professionals who are experts in their domains. A coach can connect you to the right expert to fill the gaps in your business.

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#12- Help you grow and support you

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I personally have 3 mentors at the time of writing that I'm in regular contact with, and a network of another dozen or so I can reach out to if I need their specific skills or networks. Same as every top athlete has a coach, every ambitious entrepreneur has at least one coach as well. They help you grow, support you in thinking things through, and often see pitfalls or opportunities you may have otherwise missed.

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#13- Availability to your coach/mentor

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Coaches/mentors come in all shapes and sizes across all different industries. One of the biggest factors to success with coaches in any business is available to them. We run and operate a Real estate investment company in which we train and mentor real estate investors across the United States. In that niche, we get asked a ton of questions each and every day but that importance of our team is available to help and coach clients every day as much as possible is where the most traction happens for our clients and ultimately where we feel the most fulfilled in the results we are providing. Whether those questions come in the form of Facebook messages, emails, text messages or a voice mail all comes back to our responsiveness and willingness to jump in the middle of their problems and advise accordingly. This mindset is mutually beneficial because it keeps us sharp and always in a position to learn something new from a problem we may not have dug deep into previously!

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#14- Keeps me honest with myself and focused on my business

Photo credit: Andrew Laws

As the leader of a company, there aren't naturally many opportunities for people to challenge strategy or offer frank views on decisions made at the top (although there should be!). So having a regular meeting with my coach gives me the opportunity to pause and dig deeper into the decisions I'm making. My coach is invested in the success of my business, but it's not ‘his' business, and this gives him an unbiased viewpoint where I might struggle to maintain objectivity.

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