What Is the Life of an Entrepreneur Like?

What do successful entrepreneurs do in their daily life?

Here is what 10 thought-leaders had to say:

  • Redefining Comparison and Defining Daily Success Habits
  • Creating Solutions Instead of Resolutions
  • Monitoring and Tracking Progress
  • Staying Organized and Planning Ahead
  • Focused On Personal Health
  • Full of Creativity and Innovation
  • Collaborative and Open to Listen
  • Follows a Pattern of Careful Consideration
  • Take Time to Pause, Breathe, & Reflect
  • Scheduling Everything – Including Rest

Redefining Comparison and Defining Daily Success Habits

Don’t fall into the comparison trap after you have a few challenging weeks/months/or even years where you feel “unsuccessful” in your business. Instead, observe your comparison habit. Are you comparing your perceived, “lack of success,” to others' perceived, “social posting success”? Once you observe and see how difficult this habit is for your life and business, redefine comparison and make it impossible to achieve. What you’ll observe in most cases, is that when you compare your success to others, you know less than 90-99% of the real details of their life. Make comparisons only possible if you know every single detail of those you wish to compare to, which is impossible. Redefining comparison in your life is liberating and you can define your daily success habits to true success and contentment for you, regardless of your balance sheet or P&L. 

Mark Jamnik, Enjoy Life Daily


Creating Solutions Instead of Resolutions

As entrepreneurs, we think differently than most and are more willing to take risks and chart the waters of the unknown.  While many are taking weekends and holidays off to regroup, we are plotting our next revenue stream, event, or book.  We have lots in our head that call for our attention, and we make some people crazy that way….they're not our people

One daily practice that I've adopted over the past 18 months during the pandemic, is a focus on gratitude and intention.  This way of being resulted in a complete transformation of every aspect of my life which I have detailed in my book, Unbridle It! Buck Up and Create Your Happy!  You are in complete control of your own happiness and it's up to you to decide to take the reins and create it. “What you're not changing, you're choosing” is one of my favorite sayings. This year, put your focus on being very intentional about creating solutions for more happiness and success and express your gratitude daily.

Leeanne Gardner, Unbridle It


Monitoring and Tracking Progress

A fair bit of every day is spent going over the finest details, measuring progress, identifying weaknesses, and fortifying strengths. There's a lot to stay on top of when running a business, and nothing should be left to chance. Your business is like your baby. Like caring for a baby, successful entrepreneurs spend every waking moment, especially at the earliest stages, working to keep that business alive.

Eric Blumenthal, The Print Authority


Staying Organized and Planning Ahead

The most successful entrepreneurs are those who plan ahead and stay organized as they keep track of and implement those plans. You must not only set goals but also keep close track of every effort made to achieve them. An entrepreneur can get lucky if they operate in a helter-skelter manner, but I wouldn't recommend it. It's better to make your own luck through solid planning and good organization.

Vanessa Molica, The Lash Professional


Focused On Personal Health

Successful entrepreneurs understand the balance between work and life, between personal health and the stress of work. Many entrepreneurs have regular rhythms in their day to day, including dietary and exercise practices, personal development time, and even familial time. The ability to find that manner that satisfies you daily and restores your passion is a key piece to entrepreneurial success.

Boye Fajinmi, TheFutureParty


Full of Creativity and Innovation

As a jewelry designer, I am in the creativity business, and often the only way to come up with new designs is to let the imagination run wild. Sometimes, an idea will spontaneously reveal itself while you are brainstorming, and this can lead to great innovation. I think successful entrepreneurs embrace this idea of unbridled creativity being the fuel for their efforts. They know that innovation is about the process, not just the results.

Nataly Vanunu, Boho Magic


Collaborative and Open to Listen

Strong human relationships are at the core of every successful enterprise, and the best entrepreneurs operate with this principle in mind. They're always looking for opportunities to collaborate with others, both on their team and in their industry, to find solutions to challenges. They also know they don't know it all, and welcome the input of both clients and employees to ensure their organization is operating at peak efficiency.

Ed Stevens, Preciate


Follows a Pattern of Careful Consideration

Successful entrepreneurs follow a pattern of careful consideration before making decisions, and their daily lives reflect this. This pattern is often seen as an “inverted pyramid of priorities,” in which the entrepreneur starts with an idea and looks for ways to validate it. A successful entrepreneur will then look for opportunities to improve on that idea, and if there is no improvement, he or she will consider how to turn that idea into a business. The final step in this process is executing that business.

Becky Moore, GlobalGrasshopper


Take Time to Pause, Breathe, & Reflect

The most successful entrepreneurs take moments throughout their day to pause, breathe, and reflect on what's working and what's not. It also gives them the opportunity to slow down, ease their stress, and respond to their opportunities versus react to them.

Michael OBrien, Peloton Executive Coaching


Scheduling Everything – Including Rest

Entrepreneurship depends on staying on top of everything, and that can be a really overwhelming prospect. To be successful, I always make sure to keep every task written down and scheduled so that nothing escapes my notice, and I stick to it to make the most of my time and energy with nothing wasted. It's also important to schedule rest as well as time for yourself – if you get burnt out, your business will suffer. I like a bird's eye view of my week so that I can be the best business leader I can be, the best father I can be, and still find time for a bike ride and a good sleep. A schedule helps me do that.

Roy Morejon, Enventys Partners


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