30 Entrepreneurs Explain What They Love About Being an Entrepreneur

Being in love is great. Being in love with your business, when you’re an entrepreneur, is even better. Waking up each morning knowing you are getting to do exactly what you love is more than most people could ever say about any “job” they have had. Although there are days when tossing in your hat seems like a viable option, remembering how much you love your “job” can quickly snap an entrepreneur out of that mentality. Different business owners also have different reasons why they love their business. It might be the products or the customers they deal with, or it could even be the fact that they are the ones in charge of it all. The reasons are as varied as the businesses themselves.

We asked some entrepreneurs what they loved about “being their own boss” and here is what they have to say.

#1- Building something from the ground up

Photo Credit: Henry Bell

I feel accomplished knowing that I built something from the ground up. When you're an entrepreneur, you have to make a lot of compromises. A lot of people aren't going to like it. For those that work hard and achieve, they experience an incredible sense of accomplishment that they couldn't receive even from working for a large organization.

Thanks to Henry Bell, Vendorland!

#2- Establishing long-term ties

Photo Credit: Vishesh Raisinghani

I build long-term ties with my customers. Being a long-term partner is important to us since doing business online necessitates ongoing website and online marketing maintenance and improvement. When we work with our customers, we become their business partners and assist them expand their companies over time.

Thanks to Vishesh Raisinghani, Piggy Bank!

#3- The freedom it offers

Photo Credit: Keenan Beavis

What I love about being an entrepreneur is the freedom it offers. From making my own schedule to who I choose to work on my team to what direction the company goes in the future, the freedom it brings is both extremely empowering and liberating. While it does bring extra responsibilities and requires discipline, becoming an entrepreneur and starting my own business was the best decision I could have made for my career path.

Thanks to Keenan Beavis, Longhouse Media!

#4- Working for a company I’m passionate about

Photo Credit: Kim Pendergrass

I love being an entrepreneur because I get to work for a company with a mission that I'm passionate about. As someone who works for a company which is fighting climate change and reducing plastic pollution by creating sustainable and environmentally friendly bioplastics made from kelp, I wake up every morning energized, knowing that I'm making a better plastic for the world of tomorrow.

Thanks to Kim Pendergrass, Algeon Materials!

#5- The growth and knowledge that comes with it

Photo Credit: Krista Mason

I love being an entrepreneur not just for the flexibility of my schedule and the ability to take on what works for me in my business and personal life but also the growth and knowledge that comes with it every day and the expansion beyond what you thought your capabilities are. I learned something new every day, especially in the beginning. Watching my business and personal growth expand has been a huge reward. It’s also nice to not have the glass ceiling, I can take my business to whatever heights I want to, whether that is a new expansion of my business or being comfortable and confident where I am at. It’s not a fixed position and there are always new opportunities around the corner.

Thanks to Krista Mason!

#6- Producing products people love

Photo Credit: Katie Lyon

I love the ability to produce a product that resonates with so many people. We created our company because we saw a need in the marketplace and it’s so rewarding to see other people agree. Our customer feedback is extremely valuable to us. It reassures us that we made the right choice in starting our own company. There are plenty of lows that go along with the highs but the customers make the emotional rollercoaster worthwhile.

Thanks to Katie Lyon, Allegiance Flag Supply!

#7- Seeing people’s lives and livelihoods depend on me

Photo Credit: Chaz Stevens

After spending decades learning from the finest minds on the planet, I decided to take that first tough leap into the unknown: take a chance, do things my way, and see first-hand if I’m smart and clever enough. Sink or swim, it’s all on me now. People’s lives and their livelihood depend on me. That’s both amazing and frightening in the same breath.

Thanks to Chaz Stevens, ESAD International!

#8- When team aligns with mission

Photo Credit: Matthew Davis

What I love most about being an entrepreneur is when our team is aligned with our mission, and both the team and the mission are aligned with our core values because that is when the magic truly happens. That is when I get to witness the outcome of our team getting the wins in their lives both professionally and personally. And getting to know that our business has fostered the environment for that is my favorite part.

Thanks to Matthew Davis, GDI Insurance!

#9- Making impact

Photo Credit: Paul Shapiro

Four years ago, I had an idea to create a company that could cost-effectively recreate meat experiences without animals and lighten humanity's footprint on the planet. Today, our 16-person team has innovated new technologies to transform microbes into meat, patented our technology, built a state-of-the-art pilot plant and partnered with major food companies to bring this planet-saving food to the masses. It's hard to describe the feeling of pride I have for our team that has come together to create something from nothing and to be poised to make a positive impact on the world. Such an entrepreneurial journey is a fantasy come true.

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Thanks to Paul Shapiro, The Better Meat!

#10- Creating success

Photo Credit: Jason Polk

What I love about being an entrepreneur is that I create my own success. I don’t have to rely on someone else for the opportunity to make money, I create the opportunity. I also have control of how I take care of my mental health. I can block a day. I can go for a walk if time permits. Most importantly for me, I can pull out my meditation mat, sit down, cross my legs and meditate silently in the middle of my office with no one telling me to get back to work.

Thanks to Jason Polk, Colorado Relationship Recovery!

#11- Being accountable for outcomes

Photo Credit: Adam Crossling

It's nice to be entirely accountable for the outcomes you provide to your clients if you believe in yourself. When everything rests on your shoulders, the fate of your company is under your control. On the other hand, of course, if you fail, you are solely responsible for your failure.

Thanks to Adam Crossling, Zenzero!

#12- Achieving something bigger than material things

Photo Credit: Isla Sibanda

With great accountability comes great glory. I started this business to provide innovative software solutions to our customers. Since the very beginning, I have been a solo leader in this business. Initially, we had a team of around five people. Now, we have become a family of 50, with people working remotely from all over the world. Working in a primarily male-dominated industry, I have had to face my share of issues. However, this journey has given me a great appreciation for the level of authority that I have in this position. At the end of the day, when we manage to make our customers happy and my team members have a good night’s rest due to the job security I was able to provide for them, I feel a certain sense of accomplishment that is unmatched to any amount of monetary gains. That feeling of achieving something bigger than material things for me is the best part of being an entrepreneur.

Thanks to Isla Sibanda, Privacy Australia!

#13- Improving lives

Photo Credit: Sameera Sullivan

Over the years, the journey of entrepreneurship hasn't been an easy one but I'll always be grateful for it because of one simple fact: I get to understand people and improve their lives every day. This statement rings true for my employees as well as my clients. It's an exciting feeling knowing you have the power to impact so many people through your words, actions and efforts. That adrenaline rush truly never gets old and I'm grateful that my niche line of work allows me to play a key role in so many people's lives. Finding your soulmate isn't an easy task and expanding your horizons to an expert is a good solution when the bars and dating apps get too superficial and unproductive. I work on building genuine connections through a unique matchmaking route and watching your clients happily walk down the aisle is a feeling unlike any other. Since I know I can help people profoundly with my work, I'll proudly continue my rollercoaster journey no matter what challenges are thrown at me.

Thanks to Sameera Sullivan!

#14- Being confident in what you believe in

Photo Credit: Andrew Dale

I feel that becoming an entrepreneur allows you to stand up for what you believe in and spread the word. I've been lucky to be invited to talk at a number of conferences and business events about virtual assistance and outsourcing–tactics that I feel every business owner should use to grow their business. I'm passionate about assisting other entrepreneurs in leveraging time in order to become more productive and successful. Situations like this make me very proud to be in my current position.

Thanks to Andrew Dale, Cloud Tech 24!

#15- Making yourself the boss

Adam Wood
Photo Credit: Adam Wood

This is one of the main reasons I enjoy being an entrepreneur and being a boss. It's a pleasant feeling. Don't get me wrong. There are obstacles but being known as someone who is leading the way for a firm and others associated in that company is a tremendous ego stroke. Let's face it: you'll be OK as long as you keep it in check, stay focused and make sure you deliver on promises, to workers and clients equally.

Thanks to Adam Wood, Revenue Geeks!

#16- Helping people

Photo Credit: Isaac Robertson

Being a fitness entrepreneur, I resolve to stay fit and keep people active and in good shape around me. The fitness industry is competitive, and a lot of passion, hard work and knowledge is required to build a place here. During the pandemic, many people have lost track of fitness and health. Such things motivate me more to help many people to regain their health and nutrition back. These things contribute to making my spirit bigger and better. During the pandemic, I made sure that each day I can change someone’s life for their betterment and upliftment. My purpose of being a fitness expert is the connection I make with people, and help them change and achieve their dream body and health.

Thanks to Isaac Robertson, Total Shape!

#17- Setting my own terms and focusing on my passion

Photo Credit: Andrei Vasilescu

I became an entrepreneur because I made a really positive change in my own life and I wanted to be able to share that with others. When you work for someone else, you don’t control the aim of the business and you don’t have the freedom to focus on what you are really passionate about. It’s all about the bottom line: I wanted something different. I wanted to do business but with a heart behind it. It’s not just business. I am helping people every day, helping them save money, helping them make better financial choices and helping them change their lives a little bit by budgeting. I get emails from people telling me how much we helped them save when using our website. That’s what I love about being an entrepreneur. I get to run this on my own terms and focus on what I’m really passionate about, not just on making money. 

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Thanks to Andrei Vasilescu, Dont Pay Full!

#18- Independence

Photo Credit: Chris Anderson

It's the possibility to make your dream a reality. I can think of an idea and, no matter how strange that idea may be, I can run with it. Through my network, there are always people standing by ready with their advice and opinion but, when it all comes down to it, the success or failure of the venture belongs to me alone. I don't need to ask permission from anyone. There is no one to say you can't do that. That independence means more to me than a guaranteed income doing something for someone else.

Thanks to Chris Anderson, Soothe Your Feet!

#19- Being my own boss and building relationships

Photo Credit: Diane M. Buckner

The obvious answer is I get to set my hours, work from home and I can sip coffee, in my pj’s, while working away and folks are none the wiser. While all that is true, what I love most about being an entrepreneur goes well beyond the aforementioned perks: building relationships. I can honestly say that I love the relationships I have built over the years with my clients–business owners and non-profit organizations in my community. As a small business owner, I understand that locally owned businesses and non-profits don’t have the budget of larger corporations; so, I help to work within their budget. I’ve learned there isn’t just one key to success and you have to go beyond being all business, all the time, in order to connect with your customers on more than just a professional level. Getting to really know my clients, past the nine-to-five grind, through basic communications skills–reading, writing, listening and speaking–has truly laid the groundwork for continuing and new business relationships. Having a satisfied customer referral is the highest form of compliment I can receive and lets me know that I have done my job and that I have done it well.

Thanks to Diane Buckner, BlueTick Communications!

#20- Owning my choices

Photo Credit: Rafał Młodzki

The life of an entrepreneur is a life without rest, one in which people will remember you by your failures and not your achievements. But it’s a life worth living as it is the only life where you own your time and where you have the possibility of owning your own future. It is a life full of passion where there is a reason to keep fighting every day. It is a life where you feel fulfilled because you are doing what you really love. And, above all, you make the world a better place.

Thanks to Rafal Młodzki, Passport Photo Online!

#21- Helping people commemorate memories with custom jewelry

Photo Credit: Claudia Montez

I love being able to give people a way to commemorate their special memories through a custom piece of jewelry that uniquely tells their very personal story. In that way, I am able to form a very special connection with each and every customer when they share their wedding date, children’s names and birth dates, inspirational words they live by or a devastating loss. It means the world that they trust us with their beautiful stories that they want to keep close to their heart.

Thanks to Claudia Montez, Isabelle Grace Jewelry!

#22- The excitement, can-do attitude and appetite for risk

Photo Credit: Zach Goldstein

Being an entrepreneur is exciting. You must have an appetite for risk while being willing to do whatever it takes to figure things out along the way to meet your goals. “Whatever it takes” embodies a scrappy mindset about putting the work in to get where you want to go. No part of the job is easy and it takes supreme patience and focus to build and run a successful business. In the end, the rewards justify the long road. You’ll meet and learn to trust professional, creative minds you’d have never thought would involve themselves so deeply and thoughtfully with your business.

Thanks to Zach Goldstein, Public Rec!

#23- Challenging myself

Photo Credit: Yoel Gabay

Every day is an adventure. Work is never boring. I come into the office, sometimes very frazzled, but always challenged. I love feeling the need to challenge myself constantly. When things are calm at work, I know there is something I can be doing to change things up and improve our company.

Thanks to Yoel Gabay, Freedom Care!

#24- Maximum freedom

Photo Credit: Nick Drewe

I love being an entrepreneur for many reasons but there's one that stands out: maximum freedom. Almost every decision I have made in the last 15 years has been influenced by maximising freedom, freedom to work where and when I want on projects of my choice. I believe that people are at their most creative, productive and happy state in an environment without constraints or pressure. That's what I love so much about being an entrepreneur: there's no one defining my days and making my schedule for me. I have a voice and I have a say, and it's because I'm an entrepreneur.

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Thanks to Nick Drewe, Wethrift!

#25- Being able to control my life and live my dream

Photo Credit: Lauren Edwards-Williams

The greatest things about being an entrepreneur to me are the freedom and the ability to be in control of my life and getting to live my dream each day. Prior to opening my own business, I'd been working for other companies where I gave my all and felt as though I wasn't rewarded or wasn't afforded the same loyalty as I showed. Now that I'm working for myself, I strive to do my very best each and every day and really reap the benefits of my hard work. I get to structure my business the way I want it and control how my clients are treated. The freedom of being in control of my work hours and schedule is something I never want to give up.

Thanks to Lauren Edwards-Williams, Legend IP Consulting!

#26- Personal growth

Photo Credit: Anjela Mangrum

I believe entrepreneurship has played a significant role in who I’ve become as a person compared to who I used to be two decades ago. From a shy, introverted college student to a successful businesswoman who is well-versed in having tough conversations, I like to think I’ve come a long way while growing my business on the side. Each challenge I’ve faced while heading my recruiting firm has been a learning experience in itself and these life lessons are what I love the most about being an entrepreneur. From becoming more careful about handling my finances to gaining perspective about diversity, equity and inclusion and how they should be emphasized as much outside the office as inside to being a business owner has been enlightening for me. I look forward to scaling my firm further while discovering my full potential along the way.

Thanks to Anjela Mangrum, Mangrum Career Solutions!

#27- Solving problems

Photo Credit: Stephen Light

Being an entrepreneur feels like you’re on the front lines of solving a problem, which is incredibly exciting. Starting any business is, at its core, about answering a question or solving a problem for consumers that they might not have even noticed they had. Identifying a pain point and putting together a team of people to solve it is why I love being a business owner and entrepreneur.

Thanks to Stephen Light, Nolah Mattress!

#28- Practicing empathy, mindfulness and assertiveness

Photo Credit: Bryan Philips

If I could give my younger self advice on becoming an entrepreneur it would be to practice empathy, mindfulness, and assertiveness every day. These interpersonal skills have helped me become successful in business. Empathy allows you to see others' perspectives. Mindfulness is a stress reducer and helps increase focus. Assertiveness improves communication and earns respect. Being an entrepreneur is a grind, to say the least. In the early days, there can be a lot of work for very little in return. At times, it can feel like your work-life balance is going to lean towards the work side of things forever. One thing I have learned to embrace is that a work-life balance is achievable. Changes to both are constant and sometimes unpredictable. Understanding this has helped me to keep an open mind and be ready to make changes when needed. Hard work does pay off in the end. I have always made a concerted effort to stay focused on my clients, I work hard on knowing how to speak to them and understand them on a deep level. It's an amazing feeling as an entrepreneur to win a client's trust and admiration and know they see you as a trusted advisor. 

Thanks to Bryan Phillips, In Motion Marketing!

#29- The independence and flexibility it offers

Photo Credit: Debra A. Dinnocenzo

Being an entrepreneur affords me the independence and flexibility to craft the life and lifestyle that I want. The self-determination required puts me in control of the level of success I achieve. In my case, I am also able to “walk the talk” in operating my business consistent with the offerings of my business, which focuses on effective remote work, work-life integration and building effective virtual relationships. I help people and organizations shift to the “next normal” and I also must continually evolve my business to respond to continuing change.

Thanks to Debra Dinnocenzo, Virtual Works!

#30- Having the wild imaginative liberty

Photo Credit: Leonardo Gomez

I own the business and, so, each product under it is something I have come up with along with the amazing team I work with. I have the freedom to go as wild as I can with imagining the products and, so, does my team. Our combined efforts of thinking out of the box and introducing things our audience is thrilled with are what makes us successful today. Being an entrepreneur, I can levy such freedom on my team and allow them to have no boundaries on their imagination. It would be disappointing for me if I was a nine-to-five person with authority who wouldn’t support my crazy ideas.

Thanks to Leonardo Gomez, Try Runball!

What do you love about being an entrepreneur? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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