30 Entrepreneurs Share Their Tips and Tricks of Staying Motivated

When the going gets rough in business, you’ll need the motivation to keep moving. Motivating yourself can be hard but practicing consistent habits such as reminding yourself of why you started can be a major boost. A network of friends and partners can also serve as a great assurance and reminder that you’re not walking alone.

Here are the various ways entrepreneurs and business owners stay motivated in business.

#1- Documenting my journey

Photo Credit: Carla Diaz

There will be times when things feel a bit much and during these moments, I like to go back and read over my journal. I keep a journal of important life events that I had held onto since graduating high school and was something I used to write down on my journey as a business owner. It really helps me stay motivated as I read about the other times in my life when I struggled and see how I was able to keep going through it all. Being able to see the record of my progress is what honestly helps me stay motivated.

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#2- Mindfulness

Photo Credit: Ricardo Mello

Productivity is something every person will experience throughout their entire life. Some days, I'm great at staying productive. While other days I find it hard to focus and get things done. On days when I struggle to accomplish tasks, the one thing I have found to be most beneficial in helping me refocus and stay motivated is mindfulness. Though there are many ways to successfully do this, meditation is my favorite. Fortunately, meditation can be done anywhere. All I need is a meditation app or YouTube video and 15 minutes of my time to help me refocus and stay motivated.

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#3- Having a fixed morning routine

Photo Credit: Shannah Henderson

The one habit that I think makes me more productive and motivated as an entrepreneur is having a fixed morning routine I do when I wake up that excites and energizes me. To start the day, I go through my version of The Miracle Morning (by Hal Elrod). I have a 30-minute routine of brushing my teeth, washing my face, journaling, exercising, and meditation I do every weekday to wake up. This morning routine has been key in preparing me to be productive and maximize work output each workday.

Thanks to Shannah Henderson, Podcast Hawk!

#4- Learning

Photo Credit: Shaun Connell

Nothing gets me excited more than that feeling of learning. When I go to bed at night and lay my head down, I love knowing that I learned something new. It excites me, it provides me with a buzz that cannot be matched. If I can learn something new that is challenging and takes time/effort, I feel just as accomplished as any other goal I’ve reached in my life. Learning is everything and it’s the thing that pushes me to the next level. It’s the best!

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#5- Keep it flowing

Photo Credit: Nikos Kypreos

One of my favorite movies is the Shawshank Redemption. A man who manages to dig his way out of an impossible situation, one spoonful at a time, with no particular qualifications other than grit and tenacity! Very similar to the entrepreneurial journey at times. Likewise, when it comes to productivity, my philosophy is to aim to accomplish at least one task/objective per day, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. Like the spoonful of dirt in the movie, they all add up to achieving your goal – the spectacular exit.

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#6- Celebrating small wins

Photo Credit: Harriet Chan

One of the things that I feel is crucial for staying motivated is celebrating even small wins. I make sure I recognize my wins, no matter how tiny they may be. Whether it's a job well done, a meeting that went smoothly, or an important project milestone achieved, it's important to recognize these accomplishments and give yourself credit where credit is due. This can help keep your spirits up and keep you motivated to continue doing your best work.

Thanks to Harriet Chan, CocoFinder!

#7- Listening to the feedback of clients

Photo Credit: Mila Garcia

My biggest goal is usually to reach the clients who really need our services the most. And the advantage of it is that it often puts me in a position to receive feedback from the clients that I have managed to help along the way. It is in those moments that I am able to remember why I do because when a client comes along who is grateful for our help and I hear how we have truly made a difference in their lives, this often keeps me feeling positive and highly motivated.

Thanks to Mila Garcia, iPaydayLoans!

#8- Know your ‘WHY'

Photo Credit: Irete Hamdani

Why did I start this? Until I accomplish that, I never stop no matter what obstacles. I keep facing. When you have your why in mind, you have your goal in mind. Until that goal is achieved or surpassed, I stay motivated looking for better ways to achieve what I set out to do and deliver over and above. Sometimes you get to a point you feel that it is draining or it is not heading anywhere. When I remember why I am here in the first place, I remember the reason I should not stop. To keep going every single day.

Thanks to Irete Hamdani, askBelynda!

#9- Disconnect and take a break

Photo Credit: Silvana Massolo

Staying motivated as an entrepreneur is not an easy task but it’s one we need to own and manage. Here is a tip that may help you brush your shoulders off, straighten your crown, and keep going. Disconnect – We sit in front of our computers for so many hours. You love your business and ideas just keep coming but sometimes you feel stuck. Here’s when you disconnect and move! Get up and walk. Go anywhere. Grab your pup or your
favorite playlist and go for a walk even if it’s for only 15-20min. Look at the trees, play ball with your dog, and people watch.

Thanks to Silvana Massolo, The Bloom Agency!

#10- Remembering the people I help

Photo Credit: Harrison Baron

And, as someone who runs their own business, it can be hard to stay motivated; because you have so much work to do, it can be difficult to keep up with it all or want to keep up with it all. And sometimes you don't know how to stay motivated. But what I do is this; I remember the people I am helping. When I remember the people I am helping and know the impact my business will have on theirs, it makes me want to work harder. This is because I know what good I am doing, and how much I will be helping people, it motivates me to keep doing my job and the results will roll in.

Thanks to Harrison Baron, Growth Generators!

#11- Developing a robust mindset

Photo Credit: Tom Bruzek

As a busy entrepreneur who is both hands-on in the day-to-day running of my business, as well as strategizing for the future, motivation is essential. I continually work on maintaining and developing my robust mindset through meditation, blocking out negativity, and scheduling time to contemplate the future or mull over problems. Having a strong mind which is focused on success has enabled me to stay motivated even during the darkest of times.

Thanks to Tom Bruzek, Selling Land Fast!

#12- Practicing self-care

Photo Credit: Amy Bos

As the COO of a fast-growing group, my work life can be incredibly challenging. Staying motivated, within a high-pressure role requires balancing self-care with deliverables. Being spiritual, I have a deep understanding of my inner self, and quickly feel when my motivation levels are dropping. Trying to push through the barrier will need below-average results, so I take time out, walk in the park or simply meditate to become more centered. Typically, after 30 minutes my motivation will return and I can push forward.

Thanks to Amy Bos, Practicing Selfcare!

#13- Surrounding with good people

Photo Credit: Aaron Rice

How do I stay motivated? I surround myself with good people who care about me and my work. I stay positive. I set small achievable goals and rewarded myself for achieving them. I do not compare myself with others, because they might be much further than I am right now. It's also important to have a healthy lifestyle so that I can keep up with the demands of my job. I keep my journal or diary and reflect on my progress and I am grateful for all my opportunities in life.

Thanks to Aaron Rice, Stayyy!

#14- Revel in the little wins

Photo Credit: Harry Morton

We often forget that it's the little wins that add up and finally amount to the bigger milestones that make us feel accomplished. And while celebrating big wins is always a great way to boost morale, it's equally important to give due importance to every success, no matter how small. In the long run, this simple practice of gratitude makes you a lot more appreciative of your own efforts and hard work rather than simply chasing the end result.

Thanks to Harry Morton, Lower Street!

#15- Keeping track of my progress

Photo Credit: McKay Krey

It's as simple as keeping track of my progress. After a hard day or week, it's inevitable to feel dread and exhaustion. In order to stay motivated, I look at what I have accomplished even just for the day or week. These small achievements remind me that I'm constantly moving forward and closer to my goals. Nothing feels better than ticking off things from your to-do list! And I love sharing this with the team. It really lifts the spirit when you know that your collective efforts are finally getting you somewhere.

Thanks to McKay Krey, Thinkepic!

#16- Setting goals

Photo Credit: Vivi Mintara

The first thing I do is set clear goals as I assume, most entrepreneurs do. But, I then give a piece of paper with my goals on it to my husband. Now that he knows the tasks I have set myself for the day/week, he can hold me accountable for actually completing these tasks. I find this method to be extremely effective because, while I don’t like letting myself down, I hate letting other people down more! With him checking in on me I am far more efficient with my work, and just more motivated in general.

Thanks to Vivi Mintara, Eye Makeup Lab!

#17- Relax and rejuvenate

Photo Credit: Ryan Fyfe

There are a few things that work for me. First, I try to stay focused on the big picture and keep my goals in mind. Second, I take some time for myself every day to relax and rejuvenate, whether that means taking a walk outdoors, reading, or spending time with friends and family. And finally, I seek out advice and support from others who have been successful in entrepreneurship I find their insights incredibly motivating and inspiring.

Thanks to Ryan Fyfe, Insightful, Inc!

#18- Having pride in what you are doing

Photo Credit: Joseph Greene

A great way to get motivated on your business ventures, and one way that always works is to have pride in what you’re doing! Tell people about what your plans are and how you are doing it, a lot of entrepreneurs say to keep your cards close to your chest but I really think that talking about your ventures with people that you love gets you way more excited and motivated about what you do. It is also very nice to see the people you love to get excited for you, business isn’t a solo game, spread the word!

Thanks to Joseph Greene, Trinidad Birding!

#19- Starting a day on a productive note

Photo Credit: Erin LaCkore

The ideal way to remain motivated throughout the day as an entrepreneur you need to make the first few hours of our day extremely productive. To ensure you have a productive day, start with a shower, have breakfast, and create a list of goals for the day. You can segment your goals into business and personal related. For example, contacting potential investors, putting together a social media strategy, writing new content for your blog, etc., can be some business goals you can set today.

Thanks to Erin LaCkore, LaCkore Couture!

#20- Surrounding with like-minded entrepreneurs

Photo Credit: Jack Klauber

Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. Your acquaintances have a significant contribution to your overall attitude and will to keep going. It is always better to surround yourself with other like-minded entrepreneurs that are working hard on their goals. You may also gain some good tips and tricks to remain motivated during your journey from their experience. You can either branch out from your industry or interact with your industry leaders to build a greater connection with other entrepreneurs.

Thanks to Jack Klauber, Everyday Dose!

#21- Compete with yourself

Photo Credit: Chun-Kai Wang

Your biggest competitor doesn’t have to be someone else. You only need to stay in the competition and do better than yourself. You need to be better than who you were yesterday. If you compare yourself with people who have more experience or exposure than you, you won’t succeed. You need to work with what you have and someday you will surely reach that level. Competing and beating your previous best scores is how you should motivate yourself to do better. Knowing that you are climbing one step at a time is highly satisfying and encourages you to keep working consistently.

Thanks to Chun-Kai Wang, Snake.IO!

#22- Make a list of personal rewards

Photo Credit: Jonathan Merry

I always set my rewards to motivate myself and to work hard on my personal rewards achievement because humans are wired to respond positively to rewards, so take advantage of this. If you achieve a certain objective, something as easy as treating yourself to a good dinner or visiting a sporting event can do miracles for your motivation. You can't plan on working yourself to death until the very last minute. You must establish performance-based awards and collect them when you reach a goal.

Thanks to Jonathan Merry, Bankless Times!

#23- Reward system technique

Photo Credit: Meera Watts

I've been using a reward system technique for a few years now, and it's really helped me stay motivated. Setting minor goals that lead to larger ones is the basis of this strategy. Every time you move one step closer to your goal, you will reward yourself with something you love. Assume a student has exams. So, he divided his subject into chapters and rewarded himself with a chocolate bar when he finished one. Following this method, I believe, will help you stay focused on your goals while increasing productivity.

Thanks to Meera Watts, Siddhi Yoga!

#24- Using checklists

Photo Credit: Tony Abou Assaleh

I manage multiple aspects of the business. There’s a lot on my plate and to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, I use checklists. “The checklist manifesto: how to get things right” has great insights on the benefits of using checklists for productivity and as a result, I have incorporated it into my daily routine. Lastly, delegating tasks is very important for productivity. It might take longer to do it, but if you have to do everything yourself, some things will never get done. For entrepreneurs struggling with staying motivated or productive, these are some effective ways to increase productivity.

Thanks to Tony Abou-Assaleh, TitanFile!

#25- Like what you are doing

Photo Credit: Tim Absalikov

To stay motivated, you have to like what you are doing. Working in the sphere of digital marketing presupposes keeping self-educating all the time. There appear new technologies and new tools for digital marketing. And you should keep your eye on the ball so as not to miss any innovations and opportunities to improve your work and stand out from the competition. It is a never-ending but exciting process and it does motivate me.

Thanks to Tim Absalikov, Lasting Trend!

#26- Take time for yourself

Photo Credit: Peter Monkhouse

This is probably one of the most important pieces of advice anyone can give, yet it’s so often overlooked. It’s important to take time out for yourself regularly in order to recharge and reflect. When we work constantly, we tend to forget why we started the journey of entrepreneurship in the first place. We become bogged down with the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities, losing sight of our overall goals. This is why it’s essential to schedule some “me time” into your week, even if it’s just an hour or two. During this time, you can do whatever it is that helps you relax and de-stress.

Thanks to Peter Monkhouse, ICL SA!

#27- Reminding myself of the trust my employees put in me

Photo Credit: Patricio Paucar

When I feel my motivation wane, I pull out my org charge and remind myself how many employees have put their trust in me, in my judgment, in a vision I convinced them to gamble. All those men and women trust me to do everything in my power to succeed, and in turn, I trust them to do the same. It is the dynamic every start-up strives to achieve: a team united, ignoring the possibility of failure and instead, working tirelessly for the rewards that come with success.

Thanks to Patricio Paucar, Navi!

#28- Internal desire to succeed

Photo Credit: Joshua Chin

My motivation comes from an internal desire to succeed, to be the very best. That desire transcends obstacles that slow down my journey or make my goals seem insurmountable. That doesn’t mean I stay discouraged. The discouragement passes, as do my doubts. The history of business is fraught with business people overcoming challenges. Or learning valuable lessons when they don’t. I stay motivated because I believe in myself. No matter what the odds, I have faith I will succeed.

Thanks to Joshua Chin, Chronos Agency!

#29- Diet and exercise

Photo Credit: Christopher Hernandez

About a year ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I had to start seeing a doctor regularly which kept me in check. I completely uprooted my previous lifestyle. Working at a desk from home, lends itself to very poor habits leading to risk of having a heart attack at 30. I started eating better, trained for a 10K, and began taking medications. Today I'm more productive than ever, completely off my diabetes medication, and maintaining my health simply through diet and exercise. Physical and mental health truly go hand-in-hand. Start small and let it snowball. Momentum is your best friend.

Thanks to Christopher Hernandez, Spider Lunch!

#30- Keeping my mind busy

Photo Credit: Jessica Vine

To stay motivated I am always keeping my mind busy, if I get into a lapse of productivity with my work I will switch to a completely different kind of work just to keep my mind working. I will normally switch between business opportunities throughout the day just to keep me on my toes, and it works a charm. My advice for anyone struggling with motivation would be to always have a couple of things on the go that makes your mind work, whether it is work or pleasure, you will see the benefits.

Thanks to Jessica Vine, RV Idiots!

 Entrepreneurs! How do you stay motivated? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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