30 Entrepreneurs Reveal the Business They are Starting Next Year

As we wrap up 2022, there are those business ideas you’ve been longing to start and 2023 is the year to implement them. This could be a home-based business, franchise option or whatever option looks attractive to you. One thing is certain, your business can succeed if you can put in the right energy and bring in the right people to kick-start it.

We asked entrepreneurs and business owners the businesses they’re starting in 2023 and here are the responses.

#1- Health consulting business

Photo Credit: Nathan Lloyd

I'm going to start a health consulting business. I've always been interested in health care as a whole, but especially wellness, and how we can all make sure we're doing everything we can to stay healthy. I think one of the biggest issues in this area right now is that there is so much conflicting information out there—some of it is really good, and some of it is really bad.

Thanks to Nathan Lloyd, Expert Fitness!

#2- Medical equipment

Photo Credit: Max Shak

There is a high demand for safety equipment like gloves, masks, personal protective equipment, and medical equipment such as pulse-oximeters and oxygen cylinders during this pandemic situation. It is therefore my preference to conduct these kinds of business. I should, however, keep in mind that these things should be provided at a reasonable price.

Thanks to Max Shak, survivalgearshack!


The business I'm starting next year is AIRBNB. I find this home-based business idea dependable and a solid stream of income. Not only will I make money renting out my spare space, but I will get the chance to meet new people. I'm an extrovert, so making new friends is my thing. I'm considering offering my guests additional personalized experiences for an extra cost.

Thanks to Lynne Martin, Cash For Houses!

#4- Online coaching business

Photo Credit: Jensen Lee

I am launching my own online coaching business in 2022, and I would like to share my experience with everyone. I have been working in the field of business and entrepreneurship for the past years, and I can tell you first-hand that this profession is a roller coaster ride. You will make mistakes and experience disappointments along the way, but eventually, everything will come together.

Thanks to Jensen Lee, bidetsPLUS!

#5- Online medical supplies

Photo Credit: Louis Ryan

I plan to start a business next year that will provide online medical supplies. I have a very clear vision for what this business will look like, and I believe it will be a huge success. I started working on this idea when my nephew was born with a rare heart condition that required surgery. When I realized how expensive it was to buy the supplies he needed, I decided there had to be a better way

Thanks to Louis Ryan, FoodGuard!

#6- Consulting business

Photo Credit: Jaanus Põder

I'm going to start a consulting business that helps people make better financial decisions by teaching them how to analyze their credit score and get it up to where they want them. I've been working with people who have low credit scores, and they just don't know how to fix it. There are so many variables at play—everything from the type of loan you've taken out, to your payment history.

Thanks to Jaanus Põder, Envoice!

#7- Instructional design agency

Photo Credit: Mrunalini Dhas

My new business idea came from my current business. In 2020 I started a presentation design agency & scaled it globally. In 2023, I'm starting an instructional design agency as a solution. This new agency will help companies to engage their employees with interactive training. Now the boring modules will be transformed with storytelling design & fun animations. In the end, giving employees a good learning experience.

Thanks to Mrunalini Dhas, Ink Narrates!

#8- Service for AI business analysis

Photo Credit: Zul Ahmed

It might be a really satisfying task to launch an AI business analysis service. After all, you are resolving a pressing issue for your consumer while also pursuing a cause that is dear to your heart. There will always be a need for new features, products, and services for your firm because businesses and procedures change every day. You may reach all types of clients by using a variety of pricing tiers and business models.

Thanks to Zul Ahmed, Cryptoauxiliary!

#9- Products made from recycled materials

Photo Credit: Robert Gate

We'll create products that are made from recycled materials, or that help you use less energy and water in your day-to-day life. It's important to me that this is something where I can work from home so that I can spend as much time with my family as possible. And it's important to me because I think it would be really fulfilling—helping people live more sustainably and reduce their impact on the environment is something I care about.

Thanks to Robert Gate, Archery Topic!

#10- Affiliate business

Photo Credit: Emma Williams

I’ll always place my bet on affiliate marketing. If you don’t want to lose out on the value of online real estate, you must explore affiliate marketing. For any business, affiliate marketing offers excellent opportunities to scale without large advertising budgets. From my experience being an affiliate marketer, I can confidently say that even one successful affiliate can draw more traffic and sales than a highly effective online advertising or traditional marketing campaign.

Thanks to Emma Williams, Headphones Pro Review!

#11- Online handyman business

Photo Credit: Robert Davidson

I grew up with my father, who was a handyman. Constantly repairing items around the house, including plumbing issues, tile installation, gutter cleaning, and fence construction. If only the internet had been prevalent then, he could have created a website and advertised his services locally. The market value of the home repair and improvement sector is around $500 billion. I also enjoy mending things, so this may be a successful company for me in 2023.

Thanks to Robert Davidson, California Title Loans!

#12- Online fashion boutique

Photo Credit: Susannah Harmon

I am passionate about fashion, and I enjoy expressing my sense of style online. Therefore I decided to open my own online fashion business. For this, we don't need to be fashion designers to have our own online store; we can just collect products from other sellers. Dresses, shoes, swimsuits, accessories, and more–we can create our own fashion brand. Apps such as MyOnlineFashionStore allow us to import several fashions into your Shopify store.

Thanks to Susannah Harmon, Cartitleloans123!

#13- Custom content creation

Photo Credit: Corey Tyner

Custom content generation is yet another AI area that marketers will surely embrace. Netflix's approach of combining customer data and algorithms to forecast the movies a consumer will choose—even without first looking for it—is probably an appropriate example. My upcoming objective is to develop a software application that will give marketers an advantage over their competitors.

Thanks to Corey Tyner, Buy Yo Dirt!

#14- Selling vegan and cruelty-free products

Photo Credit: Matt Teifke

We want to make it easier for people to find and purchase a variety of ethical products, while also offering helpful information about the benefits of leading a more sustainable lifestyle. Our goal is to provide customers with a one-stop shop for all their ethical shopping needs. We will also be offering personalized services, such as helping customers create custom product packages, and providing advice.

Thanks to Matt Teifke, Teifke Real Estate!

#15- Real estate investment business

Photo Credit: Chenise Bhimull

My goal is to invest in both existing and new properties to create a portfolio of income-generating real estate assets. I’m currently researching investment strategies and developing financial projections for the business. I plan to use a combination of personal capital, debt financing, and private equity investment to fund the business. My goal is to build a portfolio that will generate strong returns over the long-term.

Thanks to Chenise Bhimull, ZFC Real Estate!

#16- Something beneficial to my community

Photo Credit: Noah Davis

In the coming year, I plan to start a new business that will be beneficial to my community. The reason for this is that I want to contribute positively towards the growth and development of my city. I have always dreamed of owning a business that would serve society and make it better. Working as an employee has taught me a lot of things, but it has also allowed me to bring about change in any way or form.

Thanks to Noah Davis, powerupcook!

#17- Expand my coffee business

Photo Credit: Alex Mastin

My plan for the next year is to expand my coffee business and add an online bookstore. I’ve always loved both coffee and reading; there’s no better smell than the combination of open books and warm lattes. I know I am not the only one who enjoys that combination, so I’ve decided I’d like to offer that to coffee and book lovers. There will be an option on my website to look at weekly book recommendations.

Thanks to Alex Mastin, Home Grounds!

#18- Business consultancy

Photo Credit: James Thomas

I've been running various online businesses for 10 years now, and have tons of great ideas for how most businesses could make more money, or run more efficiently. With a global recession underway and a cost of living crisis hitting places like the UK hard, business owners are going to need to learn to be leaner and meaner, or go out of business. That means eliminating waste from their processes, both on the service and the sales side.

Thanks to James Thomas, Square Internet!

#19- Online content hub on gardening

Photo Credit: Daniel Morris

My current focus is fireandsaw, and the new site will be somewhat similar. The simple reason for starting a new site is that they make a lot of money through display ads and affiliate commissions. The reason for choosing the gardening niche is because it's something I'm passionate about, know a lot about, and can easily create content for. Plus, it's such a huge niche there's always room for new players and perspectives.

Thanks to Daniel Morris, Fire and Saw!

#20- Investment counselor

Photo Credit: Robert Warner

In 2023, I plan to launch a new career as a financial consultant. Taking into account the total amount of money in circulation, it's clear that more and more people are becoming wealthy in the United States, which in turn increases the demand for professional accountants and financial planners. Rich customers will prefer someone with substantial experience in the securities market and financial management to handle their transactions.

Thanks to Robert Warner, VirtualValley!

#21- Online medical care services

Photo Credit: Joe Troyer

The focus of my new venture, which I plan to launch in 2023, will be providing medical advice over the internet. To a sizable segment of the American public, the baby boomer generation is a key demographic. The money spent on healthcare by individuals is also an income generator. In the coming years, the number of baby boomers may exceed the number of newborns.

Thanks to Joe Troyer, ReviewGrower!

#22- Accounting services

Photo Credit: Emir Bacic

The following year, I intend to launch my own accounting services business. Every year, individuals and businesses rely on accounting services to assist them in filing tax returns, providing assistance with bookkeeping, and assisting with financial planning. If you're considering starting a business, I definitely advise taking advantage of this steady, reliable demand for services.

Thanks to Emir Bacic, Pricelisto!

#23- Designing a chat room

Photo Credit: Gerrid Smith

In 2023, I plan to launch a brand-new enterprise focused on developing chatting software. You may have noticed that many companies, both big and small, now offer live chat options for website visitors. It's a time-saving method of guiding customers through a company's offerings and fielding their comments. Moreover, the annual increase in population is noticeable.

Thanks to Gerrid Smith, Joy Organics!

#24- Modular home building company

Photo Credit: Jamie Irwin

I'm launching a full-service modular home construction business with an emphasis on attractive design, x-friendly building materials, and affordable prices. Merati builds high-quality homes at 25% lower cost, 50% faster development, and 90% less wasteful construction to meet the demand for 10 million homes across the United States. Instead of price, people prefer more life per square foot.

Thanks to Jamie Irwin, Treadmill Review!

#25- A second blogging venture

Photo Credit: Steve Rose

As a blogging coach and blogger, I've witnessed how effective blogging companies are repeatedly, for both myself and my clients. So, in 2021, I intend to start and expand a new blogging business, this time focusing on a particular market segment, need, or niche. Blogs may frequently develop into wonderful business models with little initial investment, especially those that address issues that people are enthusiastic about.

Thanks to Steve Rose, MoneyTransfers!

#26- Mobile app

Photo Credit: Shad Elia

My business partners and I have determined that we must adopt a new strategy within our organization in order to increase sales. We are now working on a mobile app that will enable our customers and even non-customers to identify the sort of house infestation they believe they may have or to track and record other potential infestation-related indications.

Thanks to Shad Elia, New England Home Buyers!

#27- Coaching

Photo Credit: Alex Paling

I'll start The Expat Partner Coach LLC in 2022 to enable expat partners to lead fulfilling lives abroad. During the epidemic, I focused on establishing a solid foundation, expanding my social media audience, and joining the Expat Coach Coalition. I'm eager to use what I've discovered and gone through in my 13 years as a partner to an expat to help others as they confront the joys and difficulties of this path.

Thanks to Alex Armstrong-Paling, Toolfit!

#28- Care for the elderly services

Photo Credit: Miles Walker

I want to launch my new business focused on caring for the old at that time. This demographic transition could present an opportunity for the senior care industry. The ageing population in the United States presents a potential market for senior care facilities. If I want my business to succeed in the face of competition from established firms, I may need to provide attractive discounts or special deals.

Thanks to Miles Walker, CarAudioWise!

#29- Cleaning services

Photo Credit: Amy Wampler

I'll launch my cleaning service business the following year because it provides important opportunities for both residential and commercial properties, helping to manage tasks that many people don't like or don't have time to finish. These services can serve as a daily resource for business operations or as home-based support one or more times per week. With hourly rates ranging from $18 to $35 on average, cleaners generate sizeable profits.

Thanks to Amy Wampler, Spartan Mechanical!

#30- Web-based program

Photo Credit: Helen Ferris

A web application will be created to incorporate online learning environments. It will be available to IELTS candidates from all over the world in addition to our pupils. Candidates can take IELTS exams using this program, check their band scores, learn from their errors, and receive helpful pointers and guidance from some of our highly qualified instructors. In 2023, we'll introduce a few courses, both free and paid.

Thanks to Helen Ferris, Imagine Maids!

What business are you starting next year? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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