29 Entrepreneurs Reveal How They Came Up With Their Business Name

The idea of exactly what your business is going to do usually comes first. Secondly, most often, is giving a title to your idea. What exactly is going to be the name of your business? Some people turn to their childhood for inspiration or a beloved family pet. It could be a made-up word you dream of one night and feel has the right ring to it. Even still some people study foreign words for the perfect meaning behind their chosen business. Whatever the inspiration or relation may be, naming your business is one of the most important parts of becoming a CEO. Having a brand behind a strong title can make all the difference in the world.

#1- Incorporated elements and symbols of leadership

Photo Credit: Kara Davidson

After successfully working as solopreneurs, we teamed up for a project and Wolf & Heron was born. Stephanie and I wanted to incorporate different elements and symbols of leadership in our business name. Stephanie loved the idea of using the wolf to represent strength and decisiveness as well as teamwork, and I felt that the heron illustrated groundedness, adaptability, and stability. The wolf and heron symbolized the merging of our businesses and exemplified the characteristics of compelling and inspirational leaders.

Thanks to Kara Davidson, Wolf & Heron!

#2- Conventional sounding name

Photo Credit: Alana Armstrong

We are a PR and digital marketing agency specializing in regulated markets, like cannabis and psychedelics. We provide creatively compliant solutions to people who provide products and services in these sectors, so we knew we would need a name that speaks to our cannabis and psychedelic fluency while at the same time normalizing what we do with a conventional-sounding name. Therefore, we named the company Alan Aldous Inc. as a tribute to two of the modern western literary authors that helped to bring psychedelics into the mainstream consciousness: Alan Watts and Aldous Huxley.

Thanks to Alana Armstrong, Alan Aldous!

#3- Represents our action

Photo Credit: Lynne Martin

Finding the right business name for my company was difficult because I didn't want a name that would send the wrong message or fail to connect with my clients in my real estate business. I came up with the name CASH FOR HOUSES because I wanted a name that would stick in people's minds, communicate our value proposition in clear terms, represent our actions, and stand out from others in a competitive industry. With a little help from friends and online resources, cash for houses became the choice.

Thanks to Lynne Martin, Cash For Houses!

#4- To express that we connect individuals to their heritage

Photo Credit: Laurie Hermance Moore

My company is Heritage Bridge Genealogy, and I came up with Heritage Bridge as a way to express that we help individuals by creating a bridge back to their heritage. Our professional genealogy work makes it easy for a client to go back in time and connect with their long-ago family we provide them with profiles, documents, family trees, and news stories. We use bridge images in our marketing, and it is prominently featured in our logo.

Thanks to Laurie Hermance Moore, Heritage Bridge!

#5- Inspiring word

Photo Credit: Matthew Magnante

In my opinion, the name Synergy Design & Construction for our company since the definition of the word synergy was inspiring. It is a Greek phrase that denotes united effort and cooperative action; when the whole is greater than the parts. Unfortunately, the construction sector has a sometimes unfavorable reputation, which I firmly believe is due to a lack of synergy between the design and construction phases of any project. This is the foundation upon which we created our company almost five years ago, and this emphasis on teamwork has allowed us to prosper despite the current economic climate.

Thanks to Matthew Magnante, FitnessVolt!

#6- Being easily recognizable

Photo Credit: Oliver Goodwin

The best-case scenario is securing trademark status for your company name. That said, it can be challenging for startups. Although company names like Best Plumbers and Chicago Pizza might do well in the marketplace, they are not eligible for trademark protection since they are too generic or geographical in nature. On the other hand, the names that make the strongest trademarks are composites like Xerox, which can leave a small business's potential clients bewildered. Choose a name for your business that stands out from the crowd while still conveying some important aspects of what you do.

Thanks to Oliver Goodwin, Synthesys!

#7- Reflect mission of the brand

Photo Credit: Mellina Joseph

When I was brainstorming ideas for my business (CoffeeCracked), I wanted a name that immediately conveyed the theme of my business. As the name suggests, Coffee is a key component of my business, so it was a must-have in the name. At the same time, I wanted the name to reflect the mission of my brand and be unique and brandable. Using a service like helped me get my creative juices flowing. After brainstorming and considering various options from friends and family, I landed on CoffeeCracked because I felt it fulfilled all of these criteria.

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Thanks to Mellina Joseph, Coffee Cracked!

#8- Wanted something memorable

Photo Credit: Adam Fard

In my opinion, when I had just graduated from college, I read an article that explored how firms with distinctive names tend to be more memorable, whether for positive or negative reasons. When I was first starting out, I didn't necessarily want my own name as the company's name, but I did want something memorable. Adam Fard's UX Agency was created after the notion that I should use my own name as a UX Agency agency occurred to me.

Thanks to Adam Fard, UX Agency!

#9- Using a business name generator

Photo Credit: Gerrid Smith

Ways with the assistance of a business name generator, I was able to think up a clever name for my firm and use it as the basis for my company's moniker. This is not a notion that particularly appeals to me, and it is quite unlikely that you will actually be able to secure a business name by utilizing one of these. However, despite this, they are still capable of providing you with some solid ideas to build upon, or at the very least,
some nice laughs.

Thanks to Gerrid Smith, Joy Organics!

#10- A name that gives us natural energy

Photo Credit: Manual Thomas

Coming up with a name for my business was an incredibly difficult process; I wanted something that not only represented the values of our organization but also captured the excitement and enthusiasm of the people behind it. After much brainstorming, I finally decided on the perfect name: (AquariumLife). It captured everything we wanted to bring to life in our mission statement, while also giving off a natural energy that's indicative of who we are as a company. In the end, selecting this name has allowed us to truly stand out among our industry peers – and that's something I'm extremely proud of.

Thanks to Manual Thomas, Aquarium Life!

#11- Based on ancient mythology

Photo Credit: Jon Trask

Dimitra is a unique name. It was chosen as a nod to ancient mythology. In Greek culture, Demeter, or Dimitra, is the Goddess of Agriculture, responsible for bringing knowledge on how to cultivate the land and credit for producing successful harvests. This idea of providing resources to increase growth for farmers is aligned beautifully with my company, Dimitra. We are actively at work in the world, offering oversight, guidance, and provision to farmers.

Thanks to Jon Trask, Dimitra Incorporated!

#12- Inspiration from mythology

Photo Credit: Kenny Kline

Nike, the goddess of triumph in Greek mythology, is one of the most recognizable brands, in my opinion. Other well-known corporations with mythical names include Oracle, Hermés, and Mars. If you're wondering how to name a business using
mythology, we suggest conducting research to see if a legendary person is appropriate to your firm. Perhaps you own a wine shop; is there a way to include Bacchus into the name of your brand?

Thanks to Kenny Kline, BarBend!

#13- Created a mashup

Photo Credit: Tom Miller

The utilization of a mash-up is in my professional opinion and belief, one of the most creative ways to produce outstanding ideas for business names. Consider choosing two or three words that have significant value for both you and your company. TripAdvisor, Evernote, and Netflix are a few examples of well-known websites in this category. In just three syllables, the name SaladGo conveys the idea that the proprietor operates a restaurant that focuses on providing customers with salads that can be taken to go.

Thanks to Tom Miller, Fitness Volt!

#14- Added my own personalization

Photo Credit: Edward Cole

My site was started from my car enthusiast background and in the auto repair and customization world. I came up with the brand name Vehicle Unleashed for my blog as it is all about taking a normal stock vehicle and adding your own personalization to it. Unleashing your creativity and taking a stock vehicle to its fullest customized potential in regards to what a car enthusiast can dream of! It is niche specific and tells you exactly what type of content you’d be able to get from my site!

Thanks to Edward Cole, Vehicle Unleashed!

#15- Using a catchy pun, which attracts the clients' eye

Photo Credit: Joshua Rich

The Art behind naming a business is either using a catchy pun, which attracts the clients' eye, or the wit in it resonates with them. This can go as far as compelling them to make a purchase and even associate long-term with your organization. In conjunction, you can do what I did, which is use a name that reflects a lot about what you do as a firm. I
used bullseye locations as our name because it appropriately reflects how we hit the nail right on the head when it comes to location-based marketing strategies.

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Thanks to Joshua Rich, bullseyelocations!

#16- Think about the impression

Photo Credit: Candace Hoene

I am the founder of NeoCandle where we talk all about scented candles. I think you should consider your product or service and the impression it gives. That impression is the outcome or resulting factor of your product, or, as you can say, the reason customers buy your product. In my case, I named my business NeoCandle because I began with candles that had the effect of neon lights, so I called them Neo Candles (I changed neo to neon just because it felt cooler that way).

Thanks to Candace Hoene, Neo Candle!

#17- Looked at naming conventions in my industry

Photo Credit: Seren Nurgun

It doesn't have to be that complicated! First, I got clear on the vibe I wanted my brand to have – calm, smart, and modern. Next, I looked at naming conventions in my industry (which is SEO) and discovered a lot of similar businesses had names ending with ‘digital'. I loved this, so one-half of my business's name was decided! Then, I crowdsourced some ideas from my loved ones by asking them how they'd describe me. My partner mentioned the word ‘sweet' and I had already been leaning toward a sea-themed brand, so I put the two words together to end up with: SweetSea Digital!

Thanks to Seren Nurgun, Sweet Sea Digital!

#18- With the goal of expanding one's role

Photo Credit: Jay Soni

I started Eco-Coach to get the word out about the need of taking care of the environment and to provide people and companies the resources they need to make the switch to more eco-friendly practices. The name was inspired by the fact that in our role as consultants, we play the role of a coach for our clients, equipping them with information, resources, and moral support to enable them to realize their goals.

Thanks to Jay Soni, Yorkshire Fabric Shop!

#19- Keeping in mind my all-time favorite quality control expert

Photo Credit: Nely Mihaylova

It took me a while to settle on a name for my healthcare consulting firm. One day, my all-time favorite quality guru and author, sparked an idea. According to the first tenet of his management style, long-term constancy of purpose—a feeling of purpose and mission that extends beyond merely meeting quarterly financial goals—is essential. That's why I called my company Constancy, Inc. When I meet customers who are also fans of Deming's quality improvement approaches, they nod their heads in
recognition of my last name.

Thanks to Nely Mihaylova, Scooter Guide!

#20- Paying attention to what people may identify with

Photo Credit: Hamza Usmani

We realized that the name of our company needed to be both memorable and
accessible to our target audience. Good luck can be roughly translated as joss. The name Main comes from Main Street, the site where people often go shopping at stores they know they can trust. Shoppers looking for the ideal piece of home decor can find it at Joss & Main, where they'll also receive excellent service and be encouraged to return for further window shopping or actual purchases.

Thanks to Hamza Usmani, BuyWeGovyOnline!

#21- Describing what my business does

Photo Credit: Jack Reynolds

I wanted a name that would pass the mission for my business across without so much explanation to our customers. When people come to get a loan, they want the assurance and guarantee that their loan application will be granted, and they will receive the funds. We wanted to pass this message of hope across to them even before they stepped into the office. After a few days of deliberation with my team members, we unanimously decided on TheGuaranteedLoans as the answer. It also gave us the added benefit of advertising our business anytime the name was mentioned.

Thanks to Jack Reynolds, TheGuaranteedLoans!

#22- Putting together disparate elements of a name

Photo Credit: Tom-Hamilton-Stubber

Two years ago, when competition for chief financial officer jobs was minimal, I left my previous post. I learned the hard way that many SMEs required executive-level knowledge, even if only on a project basis. For this reason, I released Tutor Cruncher in August 2011. As for the moniker, I was aiming for something that wasn't my actual name but would yet be simple to recall. I decided to combine the first three letters of my
surname (Tutor) with the last eight letters of my given name (Cruncher) to form the company name Tutor Cruncher Consulting.

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Thanks to Tom Hamilton-Stubber, TutorCruncher!

#23- With our name, we intend to soar

Photo Credit: Rene Delgado

To have 99 ideas for each client's design contest was the inspiration for the name 99designs, which we chose when we first opened for business in 2008. We recently held our 200,000th design contest, paying out $50 million to designers from 192 different nations. These days, a 99designs buyer can pick from an average of 120 different proposed designs. Our aspirational name has paid off, and no, we have no plans to change it.

Thanks to Rene Delgado, Shop Indoor Golf!

#24- Wanted a simple and memorable name

Photo Credit: E.L. Forestal

Find Black Therapist was inspired by my desire to create a one-stop resource for people of color looking for mental health services. I wanted the name to be simple and memorable. I also wanted it to embody my core mission to empower and connect individuals of color with quality therapy options. By using the words Find Black Therapist, I am creating a platform and message that is both visible and impactful.

Thanks to E.L. Forestal, Find Black Therapist!

#25- By taking the simplest and most powerful words

Photo Credit: Loran Marmes

Our business name is simply the name of the state that we operate in and the name of the main product our business offers. Anyone who reads the name of our business will have no doubts about what we offer. It's as transparent as it can be. It also makes our business very easy to find for someone who is searching for our services on the internet. In this search-driven digital environment, it is of utmost importance for businesses to pick the most straightforward and intuitive name for their business and only modify it if it's not available.

Thanks to Loran Marmes, Wisconsin Medicare Supplement Plans!

#26- Wanted a name that immediately conveyed the theme

Photo Credit: Mellina Joseph

When I was brainstorming ideas for my business (CoffeeCracked), I wanted a name that immediately conveyed the theme of my business. As the name suggests, Coffee is a key component of my business, so it was a must-have in the name. At the same time, I wanted the name to reflect the mission of my brand and be unique and brandable. Using a service like helped me get my creative juices flowing. After brainstorming and considering various options from friends and family, I landed on CoffeeCracked because I felt it fulfilled all of these criteria.

Thanks to Mellina Joseph, Coffee Cracked!

#27- We want to wear our hearts on our sleeves

Photo Credit: Karden Rabin

Those suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, and trauma have it hard enough. The last thing we want to do as a helpful resource to them makes it hard for them to find us. We are also realistic that mental health services aren’t accessible to everyone for a variety of reasons. By placing “school” in our company name, we’re showing potential customers
that they can have privacy learning about their situation and how to heal themselves. Ease and transparency were key in how we chose our name.

Thanks to Karden Rabin, CFS School!

#28- By painting a vivid mental picture

Photo Credit: Ronald Duncan

We wanted to paint a vivid mental picture of what our company does for eCommerce, which is our target audience. Our company provides comprehensive SEO solutions alongside 24/7 customer support to help our customers optimize organic traffic. Studies indicate that ants have been around since the days of the dinosaurs, have superhuman strength enabling them up to 50 times, and are creative survivors, which paints the image of experience, capable, and effective company.

Thanks to Ronald Ander, SEO Ant!

#29- In honor of our child

Photo Credit: Farid Shahidi

Our small family business is named Rizvan, we manufacture handmade, all-natural cosmetics, especially for curly hair. Rizvan is the name we gave to our miscarried child 8 years ago. The word Rizvan means paradise but it is also a holy period in our religion, the Baha'i faith. We learned of the pregnancy on the first day of Rizvan and we had a miscarriage on the last day of Rizvan. Every following year a rose would blossom in our little rosebush exactly on the first day and fall on the last.

Thanks to Farid Shahidi, Rizvan!

How did you come up with your business name? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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