About Hearpreneur

Why did you start your venture? What mistakes did you make? What opportunities did you see? What passion did you follow? 

Hearpreneur.com is about the story of entrepreneurs and business owners. One of the most difficult things to do is start a business, but for those that have done it this is the place to hear their story.

A few of years ago the founder was introduced to the true meaning of the word entrepreneur and ever since he has been hooked.  Upon reading more and more about entrepreneurs and delving deeper and deeper into the subject, he felt more and more at “home”. He had found his passion. He ended up writing his thesis project on the characteristics that made up successful entrepreneurs, wrote an entrepreneurial column and studied more and more about entrepreneurship by voraciously reading book and articles watching videos and documentaries.

He firmly believes that entrepreneurs and business owners are the most positive and optimistic people in the world. Entrepreneurs deeply believe in their visions and their products and/or services. Entrepreneurs are passionate, motivated and always working hard to see their visions come to fruition. They are an inspiration and whether you're starting your own business or just looking for some motivation to follow your dreams, entrepreneurs provide that.  That is the truth from which Hearpreneur.com was born.

The best way to discover what an entrepreneur is or to learn how to be an entrepreneur is from the mouth of an entrepreneur.  The founder began to study and search for more and more articles and stories, but could not find one place that had the true spirit of entrepreneurship.  In 2011, after tearing his Achilles tendon, the founder was left in the bed for months.  To take his mind off the pain and anguish, he devoted his time to writing and telling the story of entrepreneurs on Hearpreneur.com. After the popularity of the site started to grow and his Achilles began to strengthen, he decided to spend more and more time on his passion.

Although the blog site continues to evolve, the mission and vision has always held true to the principles of helping entrepreneurs by providing a place for entrepreneurs to tell their story and help each other.

Blog Site: Hearpreneur

URL: http://hearpreneur.com

Established: March 2011

About: Hearpreneur is a niche blog site that provides a medium for entrepreneurs and business owners to teach, inspire and lead through the telling of their stories. Hearpreneur is a member of CEO Blog Nation.

Vision: To hear and tell the story of all entrepreneurs resulting in the uplift, promotion and growth of the entrepreneurs across the world.

Mission: To provide a medium for entrepreneurs and business owners to teach, inspire and lead through the telling of their stories.

Motto: Hear from entrepreneurs who’ve done it!