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Innovative Entrepreneur Behind Pioneering Tech Platform Disrupting Hiring Process & Empowering Today’s Nurses

With an aging baby boomer generation and statistics that place 55% of the RN workforce at retirement age, the nursing industry is ripe for a new incentive to fill the growing global nurse shortage. Cherie Kloss pioneered a new on-demand technology platform that cuts out the agency middle-man, allowing facilities to choose nurses directly and as-needed from a pool of pre-credentialed ...

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Monday Motivation: The Art of Innovation

This motivational video is for entrepreneurs, business owners and startups to start your week off on the right foot. Make meaning not make money Make a mantra Great innovation occurs on the next curve Roll the dice: (1) Deep (2) Intelligent (3) Complete (4) Empowering (5) Elegant Be crappy Let 100 flowers blossom Polarize People Churn baby, churn (change) Niche ...

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Monday Motivation: Innovation and Resilience

This motivational video is for entrepreneurs and business owners to start their week off on the right foot. Innovation…creates miracles Are we focused on innovating not only for ourselves but others? Become the best version of yourself. You’re a miracle. Now go out there and live like a one. 3 ways to be innovative: Honor our life. A sense of ...

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Monday Motivation: Do It In Spite of Fear

This motivational video is for entrepreneurs and business owners to start their week off on the right foot. I feel fear quite strongly. It’s not as though I have the absence of fear. There are just times when something is important enough that you do it in spite of the fear.

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Top 10 Quotes From Game Changers And Innovators

Game changers in history are known for inspiring entrepreneurs and business owners with what they create. They create products that revolutionize how you do business and how customers interact. Game changes craft products which drive you to create and build the next big thing. There is also one way in which game changers and innovators inspire the next generation of ...

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Battling Stigmas and Doubters Todd Hills Turns an Industry on Its Head

Entrepreneurs need a tough shell. It takes a special amount of grit and fortitude to start a company and deal with doubters. Todd Hills, the founder of Pawngo knows all about that. When he first started out and needed initial funding through a loan, he had hundreds of banks turn him down. Hills believes the banks “didn’t believe he could ...

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