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Monday Motivation – Happy Birthday Stephen Curry!

This is a bonus Monday Motivation to inspire all the entrepreneurs and business owners. Steph Curry has risen to be the most popular player in the NBA. He’s on his way to the another MVP and the Golden State Warriors might end up with the best regular season record of all time. They entered the year with a chip on ...

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Monday Motivation – Uncommon Man [VIDEO]

This motivational video is for entrepreneurs, startups and business owners to start their business off on the right foot. Be uncommon! I do not choose to be a common man. It is my right to be uncommon — if I can. I seek opportunity — not security. I do not wish to be a kept citizen, humbled and dulled by ...

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Monday Motivation – Unbeatable [VIDEO]

This motivational video is for entrepreneurs, startups and business owners. There is a method to become great and become unbeatable. Watch this video, meditate on it and put it in action. Winners lock on. If you want to be the best, your mindset needs to reflect the best.  

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Monday Motivation – Battling Fear [CEO Chat]

Because this year was a leap year and we each received and “extra” 24 hours, we decided we would make use of this time to send out some extra motivation for entrepreneurs and business owners. Often the thing that holds people back the most is fear, so check out this CEO Chat on how to face and battle with fear. ...

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Monday Motivation – If You Were Blind [VIDEO]

This motivational video is for entrepreneurs and business owners to start their week off on the right foot. How far would you go to reach your dreams? Imagine if you were blind…if pushing yourself to your limits could give you sight, would you do it? If there was a cure would you let anything stand in your way? 

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Monday Motivation – Rebel [VIDEO]

These motivational videos are for entrepreneurs, startups and business owners to start the week off on the right foot.

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Monday Motivation – Raise Your Standards [VIDEO]

If you don’t know exactly what you want…you’re not going to achieve it.

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Monday Motivation – Law of Attraction [VIDEO]

This motivational video is for entrepreneurs, startups and business owners to practice the law of attraction. Multiply your value to the marketplace When you change, everything will change for you. You don’t have to change [INSERT], all you have to do is look within and change yourself for the better.

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15 Entrepreneurs Reveal What Entrepreneurship Means to Them

Being an entrepreneur is a source of pride. It also evidences an individual with a huge amount of discipline and focus to be able to build a business a lot of times from just an idea. It is the ambition of an entrepreneur that built the most profitable and successful companies. The only issue is that the word entrepreneurship can ...

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Monday Motivation – Ways of Thinking [YouTube]

If you want to double your rate of success, you must double your rate of failure. Thinking is the most valuable work. The more time you spend thinking and thinking well and thinking clearly, the more successful you are. The way to solve problems is to think about solutions.

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