Seizing the Fitness Industry One Celebrity at A Time

Kim Kardashian, Billy Blanks, Bob Harper, Jane Fonda, Julianne Hough and George St-Pierre are a few of the notable celebrities that have collaborated with Darren Capik. The “force” behind Watch It Now Entertainment (WIN) is Capik, and he wears multiple hats including entrepreneur, producer, director and creative director of the company. But, this wasn’t his first venture. As a five-year old, he had his first entrepreneurial experience through his successful trading-card company. Now instead of trading Magic Johnson and Bo Jackson cards, he leads a team that hopes to become the “leader of a $30 billion a year fitness industry.”

Extremely competitive, Capik created his Beverly Hillsbased business because he saw a need for “creativity” in the health and fitness industry and instead of waiting for someone to fill that void, he seized the opportunity and founded his full-service fitness and health media company.

Working with celebrities such as the omnipresent Kardashian certainly helps WIN, win. Capik explained that celebrities are “the most talented people to be around” and their energy and creativity “inspires him to work harder and be better at what he does.” WIN's success also emerges from Capik's desire for excellence and to “complete every aspect of a project at the highest quality possible.” The company provides a variety of services including social media management, direct sales, production design, and fulfillment and distribution.

As an entrepreneur, Capik “took charge of his destiny.” Who would have thought that a five-year old that successfully launched a trading-card company would be reshaping the health and fitness industry?  What was your first entrepreneurial venture? Tell us in the comments below.


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