Dan Yang: Inspiring Young da Vinci’s One Tablet at a Time

“Just do it” is Dan Yang’s favorite quote. She is a Ph.D, and CEO of Rullingnet and creator of VINCI, and she lives by this quote. Inspired by her younger daughter she is literally changing how young children play. VINCI Tab is a mobile touch screen computer with games, books and music videos for children from 18 months to 5 years old.

Family Time

Dr. Yang’s greatest inspiration is her family. Despite her great success and how busy she is, every day she cooks dinner with and plays with her youngest daughter. All of these cherished moments that she spends with her family, and particularly her daughter, is where her ideas for VINCI came from. She found at a young age that her daughter was bored and uninspired with the typical children’s toys. One day she found her daughter playing with her smart phone. While she was very encouraged by her fascination, she was also troubled by her new found interest. What worried Dr. Yang the most was she was concerned for her daughter’s safety, mobility and how much she was really learning from a smart phone. So instead of doing nothing, Dr. Yang created the VINCI.

Dr. Yang set out to have the best learning for her child, and all children, she also wanted to empower and educate them, all in a fun and inspiring way. Not only does she want to teach children, she wants children themselves to know how they are to learn and be able to teach themselves. As with everything else, Dr. Yang has an ambitious goal over the next five years to revolutionize early education for toddlers and pre-schoolers. She also feels strongly that any child’s best learning tool is their parents and hopes with her inventions she gives parents more time with their kids.

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An  Entrepreneur’s DNA

While experts and scholars are still debating whether entrepreneurs are born and made, Dr. Yang is continuing a history of entrepreneurship in her family. Dr. Yang finds her duty as an entrepreneur is to find ways to change things and to make the world a better place. She comes from a long family history of entrepreneurs; her parents as well as her grandparents were entrepreneurs. From a very young age, she was taught to think differently and to always find ways to improve. She claims that mediocrity is not in her personality and that she always strives to make the best out of everything. Dr. Yang leads by example. She always tries to encourage everyone to follow their hearts and to empower others to make things happen.

About Her Company

Rullingnet was “founded in order to develop child friendly and technologically advanced projects which would inspire the genius in a safe and encouraging environment.” The first product, VINCI was named after Leonardo da Vinci whose creativity and innovation, Dr. Yang hopes to inspire in children.

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