What Is The Most Important Part of Business?

In order for entrepreneurs to focus on their businesses, they sometimes need to block out the noise and get back to what make businesses successful. Instead of spending time and energy doing things that don't matter, Hearpreneur asked entrepreneurs what is the most important part of business.

The Client

Technologically, much has changed over the years, but the most importatn part of any business remains the same: what's in it for the potential client? Why did you start your business? I started A Cappela Publishing, Inc. because there were too many vanity presses or treadmill publshers in the industry. It was difficult for authors to find a publisher which would advise them of their best publishing route, and guide them along the way; who offered quality design work and did competent editing, even ghostwriting.A Cappela is a one-stop service for authors, which gives them a professional quality book that fits their needs.

Thanks to Patrika Vaughn, CEO Acappela!


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The most important part of a business is networking. Word of mouth is by far the most powerful form of referral, and it must start with the business owner. Talk to anyone that will listen about your business, and surround yourself with like minded business people to gain inspiration. Social Media is one of the biggest avenues for networking, so make sure you set up a business account, and start spreading the word about your wonderful business. Why did you start your business? There is nothing like a holiday to start the mind wandering! After being a public servant for 16 years, I was looking for a change. A small business has given me the opportunity to learn new things and grow as a person. It has also allowed me to have a flexible lifestyle as well as room for growth. I am passionate about business and love the variety of people that I am meeting along the way.

Thanks to Shelly Gross, Wonderful Websites!

Finding Out “Who Cares”

Finding out the answer to the question “who cares”? This leads to clarity of understanding of who we serve, what do they need, and how can we passionately and compassionately deliver it. Why did you start your business? I have been disabled from arthritis and had to exit my dental career at 52. My experience over 17 years as a yoga practitioner, and 4 as a teacher, has allowed my to blend my physical, emotional, professional and social experiences to help others heal themselves. This is my purpose and passion. I founded and participate in the 501c3 nonprofit, You Call This Yoga, mission to educate the public and provide yoga classes, materials and teachers to the community.

Thanks to Howie Shareff, Director & Chief Teacher of You Call This Yoga!

The People We Serve

The most important part of a business is people we serve. Our goal is to provide a service to make life easier for both consumers and businesses. Without the people, there is no company. Why did we start our business? The vision for Seva Call came from my brother’s computer repair business. Sometimes he would have huge windows of time between appointments that he wished he could fill with customers. Other times he would receive requests from people who were asking for help with things his business didn’t do, or from outside of the area he was willing to service. Still other times, he’d be swamped with customers and he’d have to turn away customers. Seva Call was born as a solution for this. For customers, Seva Call meets the need for customers to quickly and easily find service professionals who can meet their needs and work around their schedules. For companies, Seva Call provides leads for customers that include location, time availability, and a description of what the customer needs so that companies can make an informed decision about whether they want to accept the request. It’s all about making life easier for the people we help.

Thank you to Manpreet Singh, President & COO of Seva Call!

Knowing Your Products & Services

I believe you won't have a business for long if people don't KNOW about your services/products. You could have the best business plan in the word, but if you don't have the means to consistently inform the masses about why they should shop or buy from you, the business plan is worthless. I believe constant marketing and promotion is the “floatation device” that keeps a business above water and steaming ahead, so to speak. Why did you start your business? As a three-person owned business, we decided our individual skillsets were perfect for independent publishing (our backgrounds include marketing, business and editing), and with the rapid changes of creating and selling books (e-books, social media, etc), we knew we could do certain tasks as well if not better than the “big boys.”

Thanks to James Lewis, Managing Partner of The Pantheon Collective!

Defining Immediate Plans

Clearly Define Your Immediate Plans: You must decide what exactly do you want from your business? Is your goal to work less and have more time to spend with your family? Or is it to make more money than you have in the past? The main thing is to tailor your business to meet your goals and objectives. Some entrepreneurs want the freedom of not having to work a full 8-hour day; they like being able to set their own schedule and work whenever they want. Others are in business solely to maximize their income. Whatever the case, you must determine how much per month you need to bring in to meet your financial obligations and enhance your quality of living. Why did you start your business? I noticed that there were not a lot of women helping each other to move forward in business. There were not a lot of women who took the time to mentor or share their knowledge with others. Seeing these things, I knew I had honed in on my purpose. This inspired me to start my own business to provide guidance, personal and professional development to those who needed and wanted to know how to start a business and get it on track for growth.

Thanks to Dr. Madeline Lewis, President/CEO of Deline Institute!

Sales & Consistency

The most important part of a business to me is actually two part. Part one is the sales part,for obvious reason. But I guess the most important part is consistency. Without being consistent in your sales approach,marketing strategy and promotional delivery everything else is irrelevant. Why did you start your business? I started my business over 30 years ago,initially because I just wanted to do my own thing without answering to anyone. What you quickly discover is that every business owner answers to someone-the client. So my reasons became more realistic and focused. Three decades later I realize that the real reason for starting the business was to give my ideas an outlet. These days my ideas have taken the form as a lecturer,author of 3 books,filmmaker and producer of 3 films,small business advocate and most recently radio host.

Thanks to Tony Wilkins, Owner of TCS Inc!

Customer Service

Customer Service is primary. Satisfy the customer and they will tell others. If you aren't there to meet the needs of the customer, you are meeting either your own needs or the needs of someone you love. I meet the needs of my customers and once I do that, everything else falls into place. Why did you start your business? I started my business because I got laid off, and saw a need and set out to meet that need. I deliver furniture and other items locally, because no one else was doing this. I started this business because I needed something to do to make money to feed my family.

Thanks to Gary Christensen, Delivery Driver for Christensen's Delivery Service!

The Company Personality

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People like to know who it is behind a product or service — they don't want to buy from a faceless void. Why did you start your business? Because I wanted to help out parents like me. I have learned a lot about how to teach children a second language (Mandarin) even though I don't speak it myself and I wanted to share my story!

Thanks to Michelle Gannon, Language Playground!


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