Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Share What They Truly Love – About Their Business, Of Course

An entrepreneur’s reasons for starting a business can be as varied as the businesses themselves. The same can go for what they love about their business. Whether they began it in the first place to have flexible time with their family, because they are head over heels in love with their product line, there is something to love about each business. It may be more than one thing, but having your own business may be something to love in itself. Since February is the month of love, Heapreneur asked what made their hearts beat a little faster. Below are some responses from entrepreneurs and business owners on what they love most about their business.

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Getting to change the world

I get to do something that I love, something I'm passionate about, and something that I'm great at. I get to change the world for the better every day, and I get to set my own schedule. What's not to love?

Thanks to Nick Sparks, Sparks of Attraction


Love the phone ringing

love the phone! Almost every time it rings, it leads to an adventure. I marry people for a living, so I'm surrounded by love stories every day. Each day is different, each couple unique, every wedding a milestone for the families. I've officiated for two sweatpants clad people in their backyard and in front of hundreds of tuxedo'd and bedazzled guests in the most formal of setting. I've officiated at Yankee Stadium, the Empire State building, on the deck of a ferry boat in the New York Harbor and in front of a bear at NY State's iconic Bear Mountain. The unpredictable nature of each day; the surprises that come my way; it's a ‘job' anyone would love.

Thanks to Celia Milton, NJVowsNow


Because each day brings new and exciting challenges

My business is empowering and exciting each and every day. I started with my own passion and ideals. Then as I laid my ideas out for other to see, more and more people began to step in to do their share of work. Our employees are on fire for what we do and truly stand by our mission. We all share in every success and learn from every mistake. With everyone understanding what they contribute to the company and what their role is, work is not really work anymore. In our high-tech industrial world, thinking outside of the box is the name of the game. All of our employees know their opinions will be considered and are included in decision making. This keeps us on the leading edge in advancing our technology and finding out what our customers need. We keep an open mind to try something new whether it is beer Fridays to boost morale, or brainstorming ideas over a game of ping pong. I love my business because every day brings new and exciting challenges and we all go home knowing that we have contributed to building something we can call our own.

Thanks to Blake Sanchez, Pyrodynamics Inc.

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Getting to travel all over the country

As a speaker at corporate and association meetings, I've got the kind of job that many people only dream of having: traveling all over the country, all over the world, staying at great locations and meeting fascinating people. Learning about all the various groups and crafting just the right message for them can be almost as satisfying as the real payoff, which is connecting with the audience, everyone from the smiling woman who couldn't wait for the presentation to start to the guy in the back row with his arms crossed who was planning to slip out the door the minute the session lagged. All of which helps keep the job fascinating.

Thanks to Barry Maher, Barry Maher & Associates


So people can feel good about who they are

My services provide style therapy so people can feel good about who they are. All too often the fashion world sends the message that you have to spend a lot of money and are not tall, thin or beautiful enough to fit in. My concept is that if you dress in what makes you feel great and projects you as you want the world to see, you more than fit in, you stand out! Individuality is the key to confidence. Often people can’t define or have lost touch with their individual spirit. Tout le Monde Style, through services and products, helps people create a unique style profile they can follow to dress their best. It makes shopping fun, easy and cost effective by allowing the shopper to target what’s been established to look good on them. No more trying things on only to be disappointed when you look in the mirror and no more buying expensive, brand name clothing that doesn’t look great on you. When you love the way you look, everyone notices. I love my company because style therapy helps people feel good just the way they are.

Thanks to Adriana John, Tout le Monde Style


Getting thank you emails from customers

I love getting thank you email from our customers who, through the use of our product, have gotten back to doing the activities that they love. Prior to starting Progressive Health I was a technology development manager at a University and was involved in early-stage development but never product roll-out & customer interaction. Receiving email out of the blue saying ‘thanks for helping my kid dance again' or ‘thanks for helping me finally cure my plantar fasciitis / shin splits / Achilles, etc.' is awesome. Interestingly, the ‘thank you' email usually arrive on days when I am busy doing the less fun parts of running a company and thinking to myself ‘why in the hell am I doing this?'

Thanks to Matt Ferguson, AFX/Progressive Health Innovations Inc.

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Problem solving on the spot

I started my business to make wedding planning affordable AND let over stressed, time-strapped brides and grooms actually get some human interaction and real answers. Usually a couple has to choose between a wedding planner and a high priced vendor like their band. It can be expensive! So after planning events and weddings for over fifteen years I came up with a way to use a wedding planner “sometimes.” Couples don't necessarily need someone to do the work for them but they often need objective advice to help them stay sane. And at a moments notice. I also get to do the part of the planning that I love the most – problem solving on the spot.

Thanks to Ariana Stecker, Ariana Stecker Weddings


Getting to work with delicious, wonderful words

Words have always held delicious possibilities to snap me out of a funk or celebrate a bit of awesomeness. And then I met Caleb, who loves tossing words about too. But one day we started losing those words by the handful. I couldn’t remember words as simple as backpack or even find my way home some days, while Caleb’s arms started to randomly twitch followed by stinging joint pain. Two tick bites and a diagnosis of lyme disease later (or as I like to call it, lemony lyme disease so it sounds a bit bubblier) – we went on a bit of a detour for two years, scrambling to regain our health and recover all those lost words. And in that time, an idea formed. How about tiny, powerful word rings to inspire other people taking on the unexpected ups and downs of life? And then I remembered a small LOVE ring my mom gave me growing up, one that I loved to no end. Soon I was recreating and updating it in my head and set out to turn it into a reality. A hop, skip, and jump later, the first LOVE ring for BITS OF LOVE jewelry was born – with the hope that each reminder ring brings a bit of stylish inspiration to the person wearing it. I love that I get to pair my passion for words with a business that hopefully inspires other to make bold steps in their lives to do the same.

Thanks to Cheryl Laughlin and Caleb Porter, Bits of Love

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Because I get to do for others what was done for me

was a typical awkward teenager – and additionally, I was also heavier than most of my peers. I had low self-esteem despite the love of my family and friends, and thought very little of myself. I resigned myself to always coming in second – especially when trying to compete for the affections of young men! I moved through part of my adult life in this way, and was changed forever by the invitation of a friend to a makeup party. The lady at the party showed me what colors looked good on me and how to apply makeup, and I was transformed. I so enjoyed the session that I wanted to do it for others, and thus began my education and pursuit of Image Consulting as a career and then a business. I've taken the “I've been there, let me help you on your journey” principle and continued to help other women discover and manifest their most Dynamic, Intriguing, Vivacious and Audacious selves – to live their lives DivaStyle!

Thanks to Dianne Daniels, The DivaStyle Coach, Inc.


Enhancing the quality of life for someone each day

Imagine being able to wake up every morning and help enhance the quality of life for someone. That’s what I do and I love it. As a Financial Advisor, I have had the opportunity to work for the fortune 500 companies in the finance industry and learn the ropes. I have had the high-net worth clients and the fancy titles. But I wanted to be a game changer. I now provide high-net service to the “average American”. I have learned that if you help enough people, you’ll essentially be helping yourself. All the clients at my firm are treated as individuals and receive personalized service. People are pleasantly surprised when they are given the opportunity to make an informed finance decision rather than receive a high pressure sales pitch. Clients work with us to experience the difference and reach their financial goals.

Thanks to Kadrina Warren, The Warren Financial Group, LLC


Getting to share a supportive community with the world

There is a beautiful power, filled with grace, when women come together in support of one another. Women spend the majority of their time caring and loving up on others and rarely take time to love up on themselves. Chicks Connect is a support group of women that love each other up. They learn to love themselves first and then give it away. I have always had wonderful women friends and often wondered what women did who didn't have that sisterhood like I had. I also found many of my coaching clients lonely and in need of friendships as well as business support. I was prompted to meet with a group of women with an organized agenda that focused on accountability, giving back, providing massive value and celebration of one another. I love my business. I love that I was given this gift of sharing this movement with the women of the world. I love watching the women holding a sister chick up in a time of tragedy and I love watching when they throw a party for a sister chick that needs celebrating. This entire business is built on Love, Fun, Friendship and Support with a little shake of business. By building the relationships first the business will follow. We all know that people do business with people they know, like, and trust. When you join Chicks Connect, we help you break down the barriers, connect on a heart level and expect you to be the best YOU that you can be.

Thanks to Julie Muller, Chicks Connect


Because we get the final word on quality and design

My husband and I started Ivory Bill Furniture because we believe in creating thoughtfully designed furniture that is attainable for average folks like us. We appreciate honest quality, pieces that last a lifetime and beyond. We felt there was a niche in the market that wasn't being served. Through a combination of managing our overhead expenses, collaborating with other local woodworkers and using traditional furniture making techniques we've been able to create 100% American made, solid wood furniture that lasts for generations, yet is still affordable to young families. We love working on our business together; it often doesn't feel like work because we love what we do! Because we are the final word on quality and design, we only sell things that we are extremely proud of. The freedom to create what we love and the opportunity to connect with people who value quality and design is what makes our work so rewarding. During the early days of our company there were times when we asked ourselves if it was too much risk, if we ought to just work for someone else. But when we looked at what we gained: the chance to create lasting beauty, to connect with people who value the things we value, and the chance to build something we could be proud of, the answer was always to keep building. And we have. And we've enjoyed every twist and turn of the journey.

Thanks to Amy Thompson, Ivory Bill Furniture


Having the freedom to work

One of the top draws to business ownership for me is the thought of getting to determine my own schedule, but not in the way most people think. Often, people think this means you can wake up whenever you want, take extra days off when you don't feel like working, and never have to stay extra hours because your boss demands it. If that sounds like an appealing prospect, entrepreneurship isn't the right move. Instead, the freedom to create your own schedule should be looked upon as the freedom to work as much as you want. Working for someone else limits you to the hours for which that person is willing to pay. You can work overtime, only if you're given permission. You can make extra money, only if you're given permission. With your own business, your only limit to how much your business earns is of your own making, and of your own scheduling. There's always something else you can do to improve on your business in a way that will generate more revenue, and knowing that every minute you dedicate to the business will improve your situation is both rewarding and liberating.

Thanks to Marek Biernacinski, Edited by a Pro, LLC

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