Entrepreneur Lands Large Licensing Agreement with Large Collegiate Licensing Company

Being a small business, it can sometimes be difficult or even intimidating to obtain a licensing agreement with larger names or brands. However, FLEXR Sports was one of the companies that was able to secure one of these large licensing agreements with one of the largest collegiate licensing companies. With the deal, FLEXR Sports will be able to reach hundreds of college campuses. Hearpreneur spoke with the owner Jim McFarland to learn more about it's revolutionary sports bottle, their recent deal and future plans for the company. 

Why did you start your business?

After many years as a family into athletics (marathons, Triathlons, Club Volleyball, etc..) I got tired of constantly having to throw away bottles or having to deal with poor tasting bottles from using fluids besides water. So I decided to see if I could develop something better. I came up with the liner concept. This allowed me to simply pull an insert out of the bottle and throw it away, and have a fresh “as new” bottle without having to purchase a new one or deal with a poor tasting bottle that I did not want to drink from.

How did you come up with your name?

FLEXR Sports was derived from developing a bottle that was very squeezable or Flexible. Far better than anything currently available. “Feel the Flex” is what is printed on our bottle packaging.

Tell us about your most recent deal

We have recently broken into the Collegiate licensed market selling our bottles to many college book stores and campus stores.We have supplied many PGA Golf shops with custom club logoed bottles. Also with the private labeling and custom logos we do, with low initial order requirements, we have great interests from the Corporate world.

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What are the benefits of collegiate licensing deals?

The collegiate market is a $11.2 Billion dollar industry! When we break into this market, we will get people that love the product and will use it for life and their future families to be.

What's unique about your product? 

Our bottles use a Multi use replaceable liner that is biodegradable and compost able (not adding to the land fills) you always have a fresh as new bottle and never have to wash the bottle.


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