Entrepreneur Develops A Way to Help Parents Find Their Lost Children

A big fear for parents is losing their children. Enter in kidsports GPS, a sports band that allows parents to locate their children on their cell phone, iPad or computer.

Hearpreneur spoke with Brian Sullivan, the Founder and CEO of kidsport GPS about his business, tips for entrepreneurs and business owners and alternative funding.

Tell us about kidsport GPS. Why did you start your business?

Two years ago while on a beach vacation with several families one of my friend's 9 year old daughters went missing for almost three hours. The last we saw she was in the ocean. Needless to say, it was the longest three hours in a parent's life. The story ended well, but on that day I decided to assemble a team of the most innovative parents (two other Dads with kids) I could find to create the world's smallest, coolest, most colorful, waterproof GPS tracking sports. This band will allow parents to find their kids right through their mobile device or computer…so the stress we felt that day would never happen again.

What's your background and how has it helped you with your business?

I am the author of the business books “20 Days to the Top” as well as “PRECISE Leadership: The New Manager’s Guide to Becoming a Great Leader.” My sales and leadership tips have also been published in over 250 magazines and journals. I also has a weekly radio program on ESPN 1510 in Kansas City called Entrepreneurial Moment, a show that discussed all aspects of start-ups and business.
I have also worked with some of the world’s most well-know brands developing sales channels and strategy. I teach companies how to find new customers, sell more products to current ones and negotiate to maintain profitable sales margins. What makes my company unique is that it is a SALES organization who just happens to have great technology. This is in contrast to many technology companies who just happen to sell.

What are the best tips you would give to entrepreneurs?

Over my eight plus years as a business radio host I have the opportunity to interview some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. Below are some key takeaways from our discussions:
• Be more interested in learning than in teaching by ask more questions of everybody you meet
• Don’t be afraid to ask for help
• Expect to succeed
• Have an objective for every meeting you have
• Be the energy in every room you walk into
• People will say yes to your based more on your attitude and enthusiasm than anything

You used an alternative funding campaign. Why did you use it and what has your experience been?

The goal was to create an early “buzz” for the product. This exposure allowed us to set up several distribution channels internationally. It also allowed us to delay some our outside investment needs for several months…thus allowing us to increase the value of our company even more.
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