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Developing an app can be a tedious task for many people. If you aren't connected, going it alone may leave you in the dust as far as building a functional app is concerned. Bernat Guitart, CEO of AppFutura, helps developers in this process. AppFutura was created to help connect developers and designers with the best professionals in their specific area. We sat down with Bernat to learn more about AppFutura and tips for aspiring app designers.

What is your background?

Computer Science Degree (Autonomous University of Barcelona) and postgraduate in Project Management (Polytechnic University of Catalonia). I was Project Manager and Internet Business Manager at Infonomia.com, communications director at Santa&Cole and General Director at Appszoom. I am currently CEO of AppFutura.

I have extensive experience in project planning, managing and development and an expert of the Internet world.

Why did you start your business?

AppFutura was born out of the need of connecting people in need of app development services with the best professionals in the sector. There was no other platform focused on mobile app development and that is exactly what we wanted to create. Coming from that field, we were able to create a platform that could benefit both parts and brought fantastic mobile apps to life.

What are future trends in 2015 for the app business?

All app related to what is called the Internet of Things (IoT).  Apps that are not only for multiple displays but also multiple devices; as many as you can imagine: smartphones, TVs, cars and so on.

Regarding smartphones: they are literally getting bigger and bigger. Phablets (+6-inch devices) will continue to grow in 2015.

What is AppFutura?

AppFutura is a community for mobile app developers where they can meet people or companies that are looking for someone to develop an app project.  Founded in January 2014, AppFutura has grown to become a community of over 12,600 developers with over 1,000 mobile application projects.

Where do you see the business in the next 5-10 years?

Our aim is to become the reference community for mobile developers worldwide. That would actually have three different aspects to it:

Firstly, we want to be the world's biggest marketplace for quality mobile development outsourcing services. We also want to become the place to be for mobile development professionals, the community where all these professionals need to be part of. Finally, we want to be the reference partner for all those companies out there that need to expand their services to the mobile world.

What advice would you give to aspiring app developers?

You have to be open to cross-platform development. It is difficult to be an expert in all platforms, but you need to be surrounded by a team of experts in all of them.

Another important thing: take care of design. Have a designer in your team if possible.

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