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Women have long been making headway in the world of business. Long gone are the days when a boardroom was filled solely with men. Women run huge companies, foster innovation, and help pave the way to new and exciting business ventures. Stacia Pierce, life coach, helping female entrepreneurs and business owners succeed in getting their organizations off the ground is extremely important. We sat down with Stacia to learn more about how she started her business and what tips she has for aspiring entrepreneurs.

What's your background?

I am a business and lifestyle coach and a catalyst for entrepreneurial success and lifestyle enhancement.  I help women grow their business, increase revenues and achieve their most desired goals.  With books, seminars, and specialized training, I empower women to upgrade their business and their life so that they can profit from their passion.

Why did you start your business?

My career stemmed from my Women’s Success Conference. At first, I was just an author and speaker, and then many people requested me to help them launch their businesses. After my conference each year, I was getting many letters and calls for private coaching. People wanted to know how to do what I was doing, profiting from my passion. I began with about 20 clients, showing them step-by-step how to discover their passion and monetize it for a profit.

Once I started LifeCoach2Women, everything began to take off. We just launched the online business before we were really ready—but that’s what I teach. You can’t think too long, you have to get going on your new ideas while energy and excitement is high. The longer you wait, the more likely you’ll talk yourself right out of taking action. Only one month after we launched, we had grown to over 65 clients and it has been growing ever since.

What is your product or service?

I coach business owners on building a successful business.  This is includes extensive training on marketing, product development, business organization and more. I also have self-paced training programs to help business owners.

What are some future trends you see for entrepreneurs and business owners?

I think one of the biggest trends is an increased surge in online marketing. The techniques are becoming more advanced where more companies are using the data from online users to deliver more tailored marketing options so that people will see more of what they actually want and love as opposed to random ads.

Also, online video is on the rise. Though it’s been around for awhile, it has mostly been used to showcase talent and tutorials and publishing home videos, sites like YouTube and Vimeo are becoming a staple in the entrepreneurs marketing arsenal for promotion and delivering online content.  And relating to customers better. The more people can hear and see you, the more they can connect with you. Business owners that jump on this can really capitalize on it.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners?

Develop lots of systems to get things done. Plan out every detail. Flush out a new idea by writing down every detail of the process. Then put it into what I call a Success System binder. This saves lots of time and money. It’s amazing what a 3-ring binder with all of your process notes can turn into.

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