Monday Morning Motivation – Elon Musk [VIDEO]

This video is for entrepreneurs, startups and business owners to star their week off on the right foot. Check out this comment on the video from Robin Hood:

You can either watch this vid teaching you more about the nature of reality and entrepreneurship in < 14 mins, or pay tens of thousands of $$$ towards an MBA. Worse go waste your money listening to self-help, pseudo-intellectual charlatans like ‘Tony Robbins'. This should be the most watched vid on entrepreneurship, but most will probably never find out about it. 10/10 to the person who put this together, you've nailed it. Hope young minds learn from this guy, study the way he thinks, how he applies his objective “scientific” mind to solving problems in a truthful, compelling way, inspiring generations to come. Physics framework for thinking. Immerse yourself with those who not only talk about “genuinely” enhancing ideas, but actually follow through, that ‘actually' take risks to deliver. So the visonaries, the dreamers, the doers, those willing to to take risks in life. America at its greatest, as EM quotes, “a nation of explorers. America IS the spirit of human exploration distilled!” For all the negativity about, America yet again has moulded one of the greatest innovators in history, that even the “Ancient Einsteins” the likes of Archimedes himself would be proud of. To me, this is what makes America special, providing fertile grounds for fertile minds to flourish. I once heard it said a company is nothing more than a physical manifestation of the way dominant minds think, so look at the results. To my mind Elon is the Mozart of our generation. There are goals, then there's civilization on Mars. (For the cynics out there, I could be wrong in my personal analysis, welcome debate.)


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