15 Entrepreneurs Discuss Why They Love Their Business

Being in love is great. Being in love with your business, when you’re an entrepreneur, is even better. Waking up each morning knowing you are getting to do exactly what you love is more than most people could ever say about any job they have had. Although there are days when tossing in your hat seems like a viable option, remembering how much you love your job can quickly snap an entrepreneur out of that mentality. Different business owners also have different reason why they love their business. It might be the products or the customers they deal with, or it could even be the fact that they are the ones in charge of it all. The reasons are as varied as the businesses themselves.

#1 – Always Together

I love my business and career because you feel as if you're never alone and are always in it together. As a publicist at LocaliteLA Public Relations I'm out 5-6 nights a week networking with journalists, bloggers, influencers and my fellow collegues, whom I absolutely adore! Not many firms work together with other firms as they may believe it is a conflict of interest, however my team and I have found it to be the exact opposite! There are many times we have created partnerships or secured coverage for a client that was from a referral or close contact. And after a hard day at the office, there is nothing like grabbing a cocktail with another publicist and sharing the inside scoop on your day–it's always exciting!

Thanks to Jenn Infanto, LocaliteLA Public Relations

#2 – Measurable Results

Photo Credit: Samantha R. Strazanac
Photo Credit: Samantha R. Strazanac

I love my company as if it were my baby, after all as an entrepreneur, my business is like my child. I created my company from the initial spark of a crazy idea; leaving the corporate world to help businesses with their marketing who have limited resources using a personal and customized approach, rather than simply considering them just another account like the large firms often do. I worked and continue to work hard to ensure that my company produces the highest quality results using the most appropriate and effective marketing tools and strategies. I love my job because I produce measurable results, results that show my clients and other businesses that my little old idea of leaving the corporate world and starting a marketing consulting firm was a good business decision. I am also very proud of my company because I am only 28 years old and having a successful business at my age is not easy, much less at any age. I love what I do, I love my clients and I love that each day I get to wake up and say “wow, this is the life I created for myself and I wouldn’t change it for anything”. My company is who I am and it is something that I am proud to share and inspire other’s to do too. Being an entrepreneur is scary and it will always have its ups and downs, but for me, the ups are so wonderful that the downs never last long in my memory.

Thanks to Samantha R. Strazanac, Strazanac Solutions LLC

#3 – Helping People Be Their Best

Photo Credit: Christopher Noguera
Photo Credit: Christopher Noguera

The main thing I love about my business is that I am helping people be the best version of themselves they can be. By helping them exercise and eat better I am helping them lose weight, gain muscle, and lead a healthy lifestyle. This increases their energy, self-esteem, and in turn gives them more confidence for their day to day lives. At the same time, I help them overcome any mental roadblock that may present itself to them when it gets hard, when they get sore, or they feel discouraged. This is probably my favorite part because it shows them that anything is possible and that they can be anything they want to be and achieve anything they set out to achieve. With this in mind, I truly know I am changing lives for the better.

Thanks to Christopher Noguera, Fitness By Design FBD

#4 – Different Perspectives

The one thing that I absolutely love about my business is the constant exposure it gives me to a wide variety of perspectives. I am the CEO & Content Lead of a media company that aims to aggregate content on culture and history. As a result my daily work involves consuming a lot of written and media content from a wide-variety of sources like books, blogs and newspapers. Because of this work I am constantly being pounded by different perspectives on the same or similar topics which has really helped me develop my thought process and the ability to weigh different view-points. In addition to this, there is always the feedback from my team and customers which gives me deep insight on where my decision making is going right or wrong. I believe that following this process in the long run will help me significantly sharpen my business judgment and make me a better businessman and human being.

Thanks to Abhishek Lal, VedSutra

#5 – A Crazy Team

Photo Credit: Felicia Schneiderhan
Photo Credit: Felicia Schneiderhan

I love the diversity, yet, unity of our team! When my cofounder and I decided to hire globally and gather a highly diverse remote team for our travel tech startup we could hardly imagine how much of a game changer that would be for our business. Now we are almost 15 members in the team spread all over the world. We are from 8 different countries and work from 7 different time zones. Even though we are from contrasting cultures with different upbringings and experiences, we share strong core values and the same burning passion to make 30SecondsToFly succeed. Even though we work thousands of miles apart from each other, we have developed a strong company culture and incredible productivity. Everything in our company is based on curiosity, openness and learning rapidly. There certainly are some challenges as well, like differences in time zones and finding a mode of communication that works for both Thais and Italians equally well, for example, but the benefits outweigh the drawbacks by far!

Thanks to Felicia Schneiderhan, 30SecondsToFly

#6 – Capturing Magic

Photo Credit: Maddy Sasso
Photo Credit: Maddy Sasso

I started Pinkly Perfect, a brand of clothing and accessories aiming to capture the magic of summer vacation all year for beach loving girls, as a way for me to combine my experience as a fashion designer and my nostalgia for spending summers with my family in my favorite beach town. Prior to the line launching in April 2016, I loved what I was doing because I was constantly thinking about things that made me happy–trips to the ice cream parlor, building sand castles, riding bikes with my childhood friends. However, after my launch, the excitement from people of all ages who can relate to this is what I love most about my business. Through networking events, emails, and comments on my social media pages, I constantly hear from people who not only love the concept, but also fill me in on their beach town and their family traditions of where they vacationed when they were younger. It's satisfying to know that I chose a niche market that needed to be targeted but it's the best feeling ever to see strangers' faces light up when they think about their own happy memories.

Thanks to Maddy Sasso, Pinkly Perfect, Inc.

#7 – A Lasting Impact on Health

Photo Credit: Matt Riemann
Photo Credit: Matt Riemann

I love my business because it’s allowing me to have a real, lasting impact on people’s health. After my own experience with an autoimmune and neurodegenerative disorder, which resulted in years of chronic pain, I wanted to create something that would allow each individual person to get the best possible health recommendations. Based on epigenetics (genes and environment) ph360 does exactly that. There is no one right way; no one-size-fits-all answer. What ph360 focuses on is the personalization of wellness and this is the future of medicine and health care. We are not all the same and we shouldn’t have the same approach to health and happiness. What works for one person doesn’t work for another. My business allows me to spread this message and that’s why I love it.

Thanks to Matt Riemann, ph360

#8 – Meeting People

Photo Credit: Tony Bombacino
Photo Credit: Tony Bombacino

What I love most about our company, Real Food Blends, is the amazing people that we get to meet, help and work with. Through great challenges and sadness with our own son, we were set on an entire new life direction and now get to be a part of the most authentic, caring community I have ever known — and this virtual and physical connection carries through in the office, at home and beyond. You truly never know where life will take you!

Thanks to Tony Bombacino, Real Food Blends

#9 – Creating Something

Photo Credit: Steve Benson
Photo Credit: Steve Benson

I love that running a business gives you the opportunity to create something. You get to talk to people everyday whose lives are different and better because of the product that you envisioned and led the team to build. Entrepreneurship is the only thing that I can think of where you can see a problem, and create a business model around fixing it. I also love the challenge – when you start a company, it feels like your job is to take off in an airplane, except you are standing at the beginning of the runway with nothing, you have to find the parts and put them together to make a plane that can take off while you're running down the runway. When it works, there is no feeling like it – its hard for me to imagine a greater level of responsibility and accountability in a career than running your own business.

Thanks to Steve Benson, Badger Maps

#10 – Millennial Based

Photo Credit: Krassi Popov
Photo Credit: Krassi Popov

There are many things I love about my business, but what I love most is that we are entirely millennial based. From the ground up we are all recent college grads, in our early 20’s, and that inherently gives us a lot of competitive advantages. Millennial energy and mindset is like no other, our motivation is intrinsic and our productivity is unmatchable. Millennials are constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve operations/processes. We are nimble, open-minded, and always eager for change and adaptation to new market trends. Since an early age, we have had a lot of exposure to technology and still take every advantage of it to increase our productivity and reduce our costs. Furthermore, we are community leaders and environmentally focused, both which have an ROI over time.

Thanks to Krassi Popov, Veloxity

#11 – Achieving Dreams

Photo Credit: Marissa Peretz
Photo Credit: Marissa Peretz

I love my business because my job is to help people achieve their dreams–both employers and people seeking new opportunities. Even better, I can help our environment in the process. I am very passionate about helping sustainable technology companies hire the best talent, so sustainable tech is one key focus area of our business, so much so that we have an entire division that focuses just on that space. I also hear time and time again that people want a career with a whole package including meaningful work and a mission greater than themselves, compensation, work-life balance, and a strong, supportive corporate culture. I want every individual in my network to genuinely love their work, and love the team of talented professionals with whom they collaborate. So I have the opportunity to work with companies, from startup through established corporate structure, to improve the work environment for employees, which can have a profound effect on a company’s voluntary attrition rate and bottom line.

Thanks to Marissa Peretz, Silicon Beach Talent

#12 – Changing Lives

Photo Credit: Daisy Jing
Photo Credit: Daisy Jing

I’m a YouTube vlogger and a young entrepreneur who owns a multi-million company named Banish with knowledge and experience in business and marketing. For me, Banish is very personal, as it was created out of something I have struggled with my whole life-my skin. I grew up with acne since the third grade, and it’s my biggest physical insecurity. I was made fun of for my skin, and this in turn, affected my confidence. Because of this personal experience, I’m able to relate to my customer and understand what they are going through. Even though my skin looks a lot better now, when making business decisions, I always think back to “What would I have wanted then?” “What would my customer want?”. I had no idea that I was able to create a business from scratch, and then have employees who are relying on the business for their livelihood. It’s a great feeling to know that you are providing a product and service to people who will pay for it. As an entrepreneur of a skin care line, I love to see how people’s lives change day by day. Videos, photos and different comments make me understand the importance of my business. I remember the video of a teenager who is now confident because of my product. A lady who can now leave without makeup on. It means so much to know how effective, loved and supported my products are! One day at a time, I’m reaching to someone who lost his/her confidence; but is now feeling good about him/herself because of my story and my business. I'm proud to sell products that have the ability to transform and in a way change how someone sees life. Hurting people hurt other people. I believe that with every good result from a person who tried our products, a caterpillar metamorphose into a butterfly. Someone will not feel hurtful anymore and so they stop hurting others too. It’s a cycle that can actually change the world in small ways. How will I stop loving my role as an entrepreneur if it gives me this kind of fulfillment?

Thanks to Daisy Jing, Banish

#13 – Immediate Impact

Photo Credit: Juliane Snowden
Photo Credit: Juliane Snowden

What do I love most about my business? As coaches we work with incredibly smart, cutting-edge business leaders across a tremendous variety of industries, from industrial manufacturers to luxury retailers. Each day is a completely new day, reflecting the uniqueness of each person we coach. What we love most about our business is that we make an immediate impact on our clients' ability to achieve success by elevating their presentation skills or mastering an interview with a top-tier media outlet, and we have been able to change lives in the process.

Thanks to Juliane Snowden, Franchetti Communications

#14 – Our People

Photo Credit: Kevin Hickey
Photo Credit: Kevin Hickey

I love the people at BeyondTrust. I attribute the company's success to the people. I believe that culture trumps strategy. We focus on hiring highly talented and knowledgeable people who are passionate about the industry, the company, and the culture. Two of the keys that drive our culture are an environment of accountability and running towards problems rather than away from them. As a result, we have developed a culture of leaders who roll up their sleeves, evaluate circumstances, establish clear direction, and execute against the appropriate strategy. Along with our teams, the initial vision and strategy to put vulnerability and privilege management together remains the greatest point of competitive differentiation. BeyondTrust is an innovator with its complete cyber-security privilege solution. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so they say, and former point solution competitors are attempting to mimic the model created by BeyondTrust almost four years ago. This head start gives BeyondTrust many options moving forward.

Thanks to Kevin Hickey, BeyondTrust

 #15 – Nomadic Lifestyle

I love my nomadic lifestyle. In my business, I'm able to take Home with Me wherever I go. As an astrologer and Tarot reader, much of my Time goes into keeping my Self balanced and in alignment within my spirituality. As such, I know it's important to feel completely free and detached from any person, place or thing. I don't mind traveling to do my astrology/Tarot readings nor am I in any way resistant to any long distance relocations for better opportunities and experiences. There's an unlimited supply of People who want to understand their unique Energy, their Life path and their own connection to Spirit, so I'm in business wherever the Wind blows Me.

Thanks to Nikki Robinson, Blaxstrology and Soul Tarot

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