16 Entrepreneurs Share Their Business Goals for 2017

It's a new year and right after the ball drops, it's time to go to work. Often entrepreneurs and business owners create their New Year's Resolutions around their business. It could be more revenue, hiring clients or launching a new product or service, but every new year is an exciting time because it's ripe with opportunity. We asked 16 entrepreneurs to share their business goals and what they were looking forward to in 2017.

#1 – Developing Software

Image Credit: Serena Holmes

One of our company's primary goals for 2017 is to finish developing and begin using our proprietary software program. As an event marketing agency, it's critical we select the best staff to manage each event. The software will make our job easier. While we still interview candidates the old school way – face to face. However, the software will allow us to filter skills more easily, automate collecting of availability in a way other products on the market don't offer, and ensure clients receive tailored service to meet their specific needs. Within the first few months of the new year, we look forward to launching our new software and efficiently utilizing the talents and expertise of our events staff.

Thanks to Serena Holmes, Tigris Events!

#2 – $9M in Sales Volume

Image Credit: Maxine Teele

I am a licensed Realtor with a business plan that will catapult my business. I have created a business plan to achieve those goals. next year I am looking forward to a real estate business that produces consistent income. I will not be a roller coaster agent. My goal is to sell over 9 Million in sales volume. I plan to close 24 transactions next year as a solo agent. I understand that that means going on 54 appointments. I also understand that it means that my GCI (Gross Commission Income) will be at $250,000. That will be the beginning of many years as a top producing agent at Keller Williams Realty Inc.

Thanks to Maxine Teele, Keller Williams Realty!

#3 – Continue Providing Education & Promoting

Image Credit: Hindi Zeidman

My New Year's Resolution is to continue providing education and promoting the importance of neurodevelopment in all little ones. We will continue developing neurodevelopmental resources and living our mission of seeing every little one flourish.

Thanks to Hindi Zeidman, The Ollie Swaddle!

#4 – Create a New Information Product

Image Credit: Chris Brantner

My goal in 2017 is to create a new information product that I can market to my email list. I've had a good idea of an Ebook I wanted to create for quite some time now, but it's been on the back-burner as I work on other things. This is the year I get all my notes together, publish the Ebook, and get it out there.

Thanks to Chris Brantner, founder of!

#5 – Win with Content

Image Credit: Alex Genadinik

In 2016 I created a lot of content, and in 2017 my goal is to win with the quality of that content. I'm planning to write new additions of my books, re-film my online courses, and brand myself more professionally. Through having the top-quality product in my niche, I plan to cement my status as a thought leader in my industry, and get more clients through those efforts.

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Thanks to Alex Genadinik, Problemio!

#6 – Providing our Services

Image Credit: Samson Adepoju

Our business goals for 2017 include providing our hairstyling and barber services to homebound people, people at VA hospitals as well as elderly care facilities. We provide mobile on-demand hairstylists and barbers that go directly to our typically busy customer's house, apartment, office or hotel. Although people who are homebound have access to medical and caretaking facilities, they don't often have access to haircare. Looking good can make you feel good and we believe we can accentuate the fact that homebound people need access to more services that are convenient for them.

Thanks to Samson Adepoju, SalonYourWay!

#7 – Excellent Customer Experience

Image Credit: Shiree Odiz

My biggest business goal for Shiree Odiz in the new year is to expand upon our focus on providing an excellent customer experience. A design refresh on some of our top pages and new informative articles are two things in our pipeline that we think when paired with our existing custom ring design process and free worldwide shipping will ensure we continue to provide our distinctive Shiree Odiz customer experience.

Thanks to Shiree Odiz!

#8 – Expand My Business

Image Credit: Camille Telicia

In 2017, I am excited to expand my coaching business by launching weekend retreats for women entrepreneurs, and teaching live entrepreneurship workshops locally. Financially, I believe I will be able to triple my revenue and income in 2017 and hit the six figure mark. I am on a mission to help 500 people start or grow their businesses, and I fully believe that I an make a large dent in that number in 2017. I am passionate about teaching and coaching entrepreneurship because I believe that everyone deserves to have access to the opportunity of limitless earning potential and lifestyle flexibility that comes with running your own business.

Thanks to Camille Telicia, CamTel Innovations, LLC!

#9 – Growth, Trump & Cryptocurrencies

Image Credit: Brandon Ackroyd

In 2017 I'll be looking to grow my independent consultancy firm that helps businesses target the right customers (just passed 2 years doing this) and working on a 24 month contract for Tiger Mobiles helping grow their business. Elsewhere I'll be running an informal breakfast meetup in New Zealand where I'm currently based for business owners and freelancers. Aside my personal goals I'm looking forward to seeing how things pan out throughout the year with the Trump presidency and with Brexit in the UK. It's all been doom and gloom the last few months but these things are decided; so rather than complain we may as well go into 2017 with an open mind and see how things turn out. I'm also interested to see if cryptocurrencies can go a step further in terms of adoption next year and become even more mainstream. I have a feeling with the shape of the economy currently we'll see more people turning to bitcoin and to precious metals as a store of value.

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Thanks to Brandon Ackroyd, Tiger Mobiles!

#10 – Personal & Professional Growth

Image Credit: Casey Tibbs

Although 2016 was a year of growth for my business, it was not without its share of hardships and tough lessons. Based on the feedback I'm getting from pretty much everywhere, I believe this is the case for many of us, both personally and professionally. I plan to take the tough lessons learned from 2016 and approach 2017 with a renewed energy and purpose. My #1 goal for 2017: personal and professional growth. It sounds cliché, but I feel both the potential for growth and a positive energy related to forward momentum all around me as we transition into the new year. I believe that small businesses will thrive in 2017, and my business and I are fully prepared to help make that happen, reaping the rewards along with them. Goal #2: hire more employees. I currently work with a remote team of part-time employees who have proven their potential by working effectively and efficiently during good times and bad, and I want to reward them with full-time work, better pay, and a job that they can continue to be excited about and proud of. And if I can hire even one more employee, I will have won in 2017. Here's to the future!

Thanks to Casey Tibbs, image squared marketing!

#11 – A Few Things

Image Credit: Daisy Jing

Here are my goals : 1) New product development in my skin care line 2) To see more women confident and happy through my business, YouTube videos, etc. 3) More people will be used to inspire other people through Banish. 5 years ago, I started my business from just my laptop! I had bad acne and did everything to help clear it up. I’ve tried hundreds of different beauty products then I review them and share with my followers who are also suffering with the same problem as mine. In turn, I developed a following of over 50M views in YouTube and became a trusted source of information in the real ATm of skin problems. At that time, I was able to make my own natural skin care line focused on combating skin blemishes. Eventually, my followers saw great results on my skin and encouraged me to launch my own business. Now we are a team of 13+ women, inspiring confidence in others.

Thanks to Daisy Jing, Banish!

#12 – Best Possible Experience

Image Credit: Kostis Mamassis

For 2017 we aim to set up more system integrations with our app and have a better product consolidation. We plan to enhance the core elements of Megaventory and focus on usability and interface elements. Our main goal is to ensure the best possible experience for our clients – new and existing alike. We believe that *great user interface* is the next hot thing in B2B software development.


Thanks to Kostis Mamassis, Megaventory!

#13 – Do Less

Image Credit: Ross Cohen

My business resolution for 2017 is to ‘do less’. I don’t literally mean to work less. Scaling to 40+ employees has been one of the most challenging things I’ve had to do as an entrepreneur. When you go from being a founder with 2-3 people who do every task to 40+ people, you have to learn to trust and push others to run with the ball or even put out the fires. So my resolution is to not just say ‘I’ll do it’ but ‘do less’ by developing the rest of the team so we’ll be able scale to 100 more people.

Thanks to Ross Cohen,!

#14 – Beta Test

We are most looking forward to launching our beta test. The whole premise of our business is to provide a straightforward connection tool that streamlines going out to eat with friends while making this process more enjoyable and easier to manage. We have a great list of local people and restaurants that will be testing our app and providing their valued feedback in order to get our user interface just right. We can’t wait to hear all the feedback and get starting on finishing app so we can bring it to a local restaurant near you.

Thanks to Caleb Singer, ForkOut!

#15 – Document Processes

Image Credit: Brock Murray

Our business goals for 2017 are to document processes for each task and role, decrease expenditures and monthly commitments where possible, and develop a new customer service platform. As our business grows, it is vital that we keep a tight ship and continue to prioritize quality work and high client satisfaction and these initiatives all play an important role. We will take a proactive approach to ensure we avert inefficiencies to deliver the best product to our clients as we scale. We're definitely curious to see how the mobile shift will affect E-Commerce businesses and we're looking forward to the next updates Google has in store for us – always keeping us on our toes!

Thanks to Brock Murray, seoplus+!

#16 – A Pledge

Image Credit: Grainne Kelly

For 2017, we will pledge to try and ensure that EVERY child rides safely via a booster seat on EVERY journey. Along with continuing to spread the word about our own BubbleBum inflatable car boost seat solution, we will start an initiative where we donate to charities that provide car seats to those who are less fortunate.

Thanks to Grainne Kelly, BubbleBum!

What are your business goals for 2017? Tell us below.


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