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“Content is King.” It's a popular phrase that has been used over and over again. Especially with changes from Google and the introduction of platforms like LinkedIn Pulse, content has a lot of value for entrepreneurs and business owners when leveraged correctly. Lisa Manyon through her company Write On Creative provides coaching, consulting and copywriting services for entrepreneurs and business owners helping them to communicate accurately and effectively to be successful. We had the opportunity to speak with Lisa to find out a little more about her background, her business, copywriting tips and any advice that she would have for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Tell us about your background and what led you to start your business?

When I decided to start my business in 2003 it was not a decision that I took lightly. It meant letting go of a career I loved (for multiple reasons and mostly for the sake of my health and happiness).  I worked for a premier ad agency at that time and submitting my resignation meant I had to say goodbye to clients I admired, respected and whom I had spent years helping build their brands and businesses (and I had to admit that the way I’d been working was burning me out which was a hard thing to share — I liked to think that nothing could phase me back in the day).

Not only that, I was bound by a non-compete in my local area and his meant that I couldn’t make my magic in my local market where I had an established track record and positive business reputation (unless I negotiated a contract buyout to start my own agency and I didn’t have the funds to do that at the time. Thankfully non-competes are illegal in most states now, and even then, I didn’t let that stop me from following my dreams).

I knew I wanted to help others get their message out in a BIG way and I knew I wanted to do it on my terms. Does that sound familiar to you? It was time for me to focus on my values and vision and do business my way. AND I knew I wanted to help grow businesses that are making a big impact for the better in our world. Another deciding factor in starting my business was creating more freedom in my life. One of my core values is freedom and I knew I wanted to create a business where I could work, live and play anywhere I choose.

Write On Creative was born. I took a part-time job in an unrelated field to help build my dream (working part-time while growing my business for the first few years). AND, I sought out the top mentors in copywriting, online marketing, direct response techniques and more. I researched coaches and leaders who had an excellent track-record and global presence. I invested in top-notch guidance and programs to gain the knowledge I desired and to play outside my market. This allowed me to quickly learn new skills, build a strong brand with a global presence, expand my offerings and increase my rates (based on results and the value I delivered).

When I started Write On Creative I planned to take a break from advertising and marketing for a while. My main focus was going to be copywriting and writing articles for national publications (both of which are a subset of marketing and advertising but not as demanding as managing full campaigns, creating year-long budgets/advertising plans, writing responses to RFP’s to land contracts, and developing creative for all mediums). With my new skills in long form copy, direct response, internet marketing and coaching/consulting demand for my services grew and my business evolved to meet the demands of my clients.

Tell us about your business and what you do?

I’m dedicated to breaking the trance, challenging the status quo, and engaging critical thinking. By pioneering the new marketing and copywriting model for success, and the “Challenge. Solution. Invitation.” framework to create marketing messages with integrity,  I empower businesses to focus on passion points instead of pain points. This in turn helps them get better results. I also help reverse engineer your most powerful solutions into profitable revenue streams.  The majority of my work is retained consulting, copywriting and coaching.  My Content Strategy Plans are known to produce million dollar results and my Web Copy and Strategy Packages have helped clients restructure their offerings. For example, one client revamped one of their packages at my suggestion. This resulted in their largest sale at the time (they more than tripled investment in my services with one transaction and their program is now sold out with a wait list).  I also have a self-study course How to Create Marketing Messages With Integrity: Attract Your Ideal Clients With Your Authentic Voice. When people sign up to get their FREE Copywriting Action Plan on my site, they also receive Write On Creative Community Member savings on the program.

How did you come up with your business tagline “The Business Marketing Architect” & What does that mean? 

The Business Marketing Architect is my title, not a tagline.  My tagline or positioning statement is “Powerfully Communicating Your Marketing Messages to Get Better Results”  or “Giving YOU a Voice to Turn Your Ideas into Something that Matters”.  My title was given to me by a colleague who is an extremely gifted strategist and consultant for visionary business owners.  While I have gained the reputation as a top copywriter, Graham White saw that I did so much more. I have the keen ability to understand the big picture and reverse engineer concepts into tangible action items to turn dreams and goals into reality.  The title “The Business Marketing Architect” is the closest to capture what I do yet.  Simply put, I help build solid marketing foundations for businesses to achieve long-term sustainability.

Tell us about the importance of copywriting for business owners? 

Your word is your honor. Everything you write for your business is representation of your brand and should uphold brand integrity. I like to say the Copy is QUEEN and Strategy is KING – both are needed to create a successful marketing campaign. In fact, if you don’t have strong copy and strategy your efforts will likely fall flat.

What things can business owners and entrepreneurs do today to become better at copywriting? 

Stop poking at pain points. Instead focus on passion points and paint a picture of possibility. It’s time to stop using antiquated, manipulative copywriting and marketing techniques. The world is in enough pain.

Do you have any client success stories you can tell us about? 

I have many. I pride myself on being a critical thinking partner for my clients and deliver strategies to help them make more money and a bigger impact. Here’s a link to Client Comments and to a blog post about results.

Where do you see your business in the next 3-5 years?

I’m focused on leverage right now. Currently I’m writing my book, and developing several online self-study courses. Once the book is published I imagine I’ll be doing more speaking gigs, Business Marketing Breakthrough Boutiques, workshops and custom training for corporate communication teams.

What is the best business advice that you would give to a new or established entrepreneur or business owner? 

Make sure you build a solid foundation for success. Set your business up with the right legal structure to begin with. Do what you do best and outsource the rest. Also, and most important, lead with your values. Your values equal value.

Anything additional? 

Thanks for asking me about my passion. I absolutely love what I do and I thrive when others succeed.

What's the best way for people to get in touch with you? 

Visit my website at www.writeoncreative.com to join the Write On Creative Community (it’s free and members receive a Complimentary Get Connected Call with me, a Copywriting Action Plan and subscription to Manyon’s Musings valued at $250.00)


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  1. Thanks so much for the interview, Harkless. It’s my sincere desire that this information inspires others. As I like to say Copy is actually QUEEN and Strategy is KING — they must both work together to build relationships and get results.

    1. Thanks for the great interview. I love that concept that COPY is Queen and Strategy is King.

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