21 Entrepreneurs Explain Their Favorite Songs to Get Them Motivated

Music can change your spirit. If you're having a bad day and listen to your favorite song, it can change your entire mood. Music can also help you to get through difficult moments in life. One of the hardest things anyone can ever do is start and run a business. We knew that entrepreneurs have the best playlists and we decided to ask them their favorite tracks.

#1 – All I do is Win by DJ Khaled

Image Credit: Heather Monahan

My favorite song to get me motivated before a big meeting or speech is All I do is Win by DJ Khaled. Why not fire yourself up before a big opportunity and give yourself the boost in confidence that you need?

Thanks to Heather Monahan!

#2 – Rich Homie Quan – Flex (Ooh, Ooh, Ooh)

Image Credit: Vince Kadlubek

This track gets me amped. Rich Homie Quan expresses such confidence, joy, and ease as it bounces from verse to verse. This track fueled Meow Wolf's first fundraising phase as we created our House of Eternal Return. I remember driving from meeting to meeting, very little money in our bank account and every reason to doubt our ability to complete the project, and this track would come on the radio and I would lose it — bounce and dance to sing-a-long — as I let the energy of the track feed me confidence. Whenever I am feeling low, or like the impossible is winning, I turn this track on and get hyped to take on the world.

Thanks to Vince Kadlubek, Meow Wolf!

#3 – Jump by Van Halen

Image Credit: Bruce W. Cameron

This song was originally conceived after David Lee Roth had seen a news story of a suicide jumper..and on-lookers urging the man to jump. He then took the song and re-tooled Jump to be an invitation to love. So it is in business. As an Executive or Owner you have to Jump. But we hope that is from a spirit of growth, risk and positivity.

Thanks to Bruce W. Cameron, LA Talk Radio's Concierge Coaches show!

#4 – Supermodel (You Better Work) RuPaul

Image Credit: Heather Schooler

I am working on branding my coaching and consulting business Revenue Maximizing Solutions, which is an entrepreneur only spin off from the coaching business I developed with my current company The Money Library which teaches adults about financial education. The transition has been brutal but energizing, because of it I have the privilege of being featured as a workshop presenter nationally at The Small Business Expos. However the travel schedule has posed some challenges for me in terms of keeping my energy up. When I get off the plane I come home exhausted and just when I am getting my bearings I am back on the road again. I constantly remind myself, that at the end of the day it's all about how many people I can help grow their businesses and I need to stay focused on the end goal. Therefore, whenever I am a tired from just coming off the road, I need to get motivated to get some work done, or just to encourage myself, I remind myself that I better work. Not only does it get me dancing, but it also helps remind me that I am beautiful, complete and more than capable to handling whatever gets thrown at me.

Thanks to Heather Schooler, The Money Library!

#5 – My Company Created It

Image Credit: Zach Miller

As the head of marketing at a personalized gifting startup that specializes in music, you can imagine it's pretty important to me what music I'm listening to as I start the day. I generally get into the office around 7am, and by that time I've already answered dozens of emails, planned out the content for the day, and, of course, curated the day's playlist of pump-up music. My go-to song to get me motivated, though, is actually one that my company created for me when they brought me on as head of marketing
during our beta. You can listen to it here: http://pages.songfinch.com/team/zach.

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Thanks to Zach Miller, Songfinch!

#6 – 3 High Energy Songs

Image Credit: LaKiesha Tomlin

Songs that keep me motivated are usually high energy songs that keep me inspired. My top 3 songs are: (1) Jay Z- So Ambitious (2) Nicki Minaj – I’m the Best (3) Pharell – Happy.

Thanks to LaKiesha Tomlin, Thriving Ambition!

#7 – Song: The Story By: King

Image Credit: Charie Williams

Some people need their coffee to start their day, but for me, I NEED music. I am a music snob and because of this, I carefully select music to motivate me in almost every aspect of my life. I listen to all genres and switch my playlist up a bit, but there is one song that never fails to motivate me and reminds me to keep pushing through the most difficult times when it comes to my business. That song is The Story by: King. This song will always relate to my journey, no matter where it takes me.

Thanks to Charie Williams, Uncommon Redesigns!

#8 – Paul Stanley's ‘Live to Win.'

Image Credit: Rodger Roeser

When I need to get pumped up and ready to take on the world, nothing can top Paul Stanley's ‘Live to Win.' It rocks, has a fantastic groove and after listening to it you're pretty sure you can run through a brick wall (I haven't tried, though).

Thanks to Rodger Roeser, The Eisen Agency!

#9 – Lose Yourself by Eminem

Image Credit: Deborah Sweeney

‘Lose Yourself' by Eminem never fails to get me motivated. It's the underdog fighting back and I always get inspired and reinvigorated to get down to business when I listen to it!

Thanks to Deborah Sweeney, MyCorporation.com!

#10 – 500 Miles by The Proclaimers

Image Credit: Robin Leon

When I began working as a Field Representative with Au Pair in America, I knew that I'd have the flexibility to grow my business, while preserving time at home with my young son. As with most things involving the ever-illusive work/life balance, working and parenting from the same space can be stressful. When I need to de-stress or just take a dance break, I blast that amazing ear worm, 500 Miles by the Proclaimers. It practically requires you to sing along, and I dare you to make it all the way to the end without smiling. Especially when a cherubic preschooler runs into the room and yells, That's my jam! By the time I hit that last Da da da da! I'm ready to face whatever the day is throwing my way. 500 Miles reminds me that in life, and in business, we must be willing to go that extra mile (or in this case, 500), for the people and ideas that matter.

Thanks to Robin, Au Pair in America!

#11 – Recorded Speech

Image Credit: Steven Muntean

This is a little off-topic since it is a recorded speech from Any Given Sunday, Al Pachino. It works in the same context as a song and our team has experienced significant performance when listening to this speech prior to sales calls and/or team meetings. The engagement from both the deliverer and receiver is favorable.

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Thanks to Steven Muntean, S3 Security!

#12 – Eye of the Tiger

Image Credit: Eric Shannon

Eye of the Tiger, for sure! It makes me want to scoop up unwitting pedestrians and carry them across my shoulders through the mean streets of Philadelphia while, at the same time, shooting menacing looks at the dangerous bicyclers who disobey traffic rules.

Thanks to Eric Shannon, Big Barker!

#13 – Take Me to Church by Hozier

Image Credit: Jennifer Thomas

When getting motivated for my business, my 1st go to song is Take Me to Church by Hozier. I first heard this song when setting up one of my clients' booths at a trade show and it got the entire floor moving and happy for the day ahead. I recall that moment and the feelings it stirred as I get started each day with client campaigns. It is not so much the lyrics that inspired me that day and each day forward but Hozier's voice and the beat of the song. Daily as the founder of my business, I find the inspiration to grow and

Thanks to Jennifer Thomas, FSR Ventures!

#14 – You Only Get What You Give by The New Radicals

Image Credit: Steph Taylor

My favourite song to get motivated in my business is You only get what you give by The New Radicals. I always listen to it on days when I'm feeling demotivated or if things aren't going to plan. It's impossible not to sing along to it and that in itself makes me feel better – plus the reminder to not give up and that you only get what you give, helps me get my motivation back.

Thanks to Steph Taylor, Wildbloom Creative!

#15 – Loose Yourself by Eminem

Image Credit: Rachel Charlupski

The song that gets me the most motivated is Eminem “Loose Yourself”. This song gives me the courage to take advantage of every and any opportunity and to always take chances. Just hearing the tune gets me excited!

Thanks to Rachel Charlupski, The Babysitting Company!

#16 – ‘Gym Class Heroes', by Stereo Hearts ft. Adam Levine

Image Credit: Nick Chandi

This might sound really surprising, but the song that motivates me the most with my business is ‘Gym Class Heroes', by Stereo Hearts ft. Adam Levine. Yes, I know this is not the kind of song you'd expect to motivate an entrepreneur with his business, but motivation is not a matter of simply rationales, is about inspiring the heart. Each time I listen to this song I enter a state of happiness and interior peace that makes me have many good thoughts and feelings, which immediately reflects on whatever task I have at hand at the moment. It's a mystery to me why this song causes such effects, but that doesn't matter. I just lay back and enjoy.

Thanks to Nick Chandi, SlickPie Accounting Software!

#17 – Billy Joel's Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)

Image Credit: Timothy G. Wiedman

My favorite song containing business-related lyrics (with a definite philosophical bent) is Billy Joel's Movin' Out (Anthony's Song). The song is about a young man working hard in a lower-rung position in a grocery store savin' his pennies for some day. His mother has a dream for him: moving out to the suburbs. But listeners are cautioned, Workin' too hard can give you a heart attack … You ought to know by now … Who needs a house out in Hackensack? … Is that all you get for your money? Then listeners are given a second example; but this time it's of an older worker, Sgt. O'Leary, a cop who walks a beat. O'Leary also moonlights as a bartender because he wants to move up from a Chevy to a Cadillac. Now listeners are reminded that, If he can't drive … With a broken back … At least he can polish the fenders. A bit later we're admonished, You can pay Uncle Sam with the overtime … Is that all you get with your money? And the song finishes by telling listeners, If that's what you have in mind … Yeah, if that's what you're all about … Good luck moving up, 'cause I'm movin' out! So while the song supports the notion of working diligently (even when people have mundane jobs), it asks folks to think about what they're trying to achieve through their hard work (i.e., what do they really want out of life). And in addition to thoughtful lyrics, the song also has a fairly upbeat, catchy melody. What more could you want in a great song?

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Thanks to Timothy G. Wiedman, Doane University!

#18 – Pressure by Billy Joel

Image Credit: Joost Schreve

I'd go with Pressure by Billy Joel. I've always liked the pace of the song and the lyrics, especially at times when I am working hard on a project or building a business and I feel pressure to perform. The song is about the pressure of creating and the pressure of being a provider and that definitely resonates with me. I really enjoy that pressure, maybe that's the reason I love being an entrepreneur.

Thanks to Joost Schreve, kimkim

#19 – Thank You by MKTO

Image Credit: Sam Pessin

Our favorite song leading into building Remote Year was Thank You by MKTO. It really riled us up and inspired us to start and launch Remote Year – to get our heads out of societal norms and to try something outside our comfort zone.

Thanks to Sam Pessin, Remote Year!

#20 – Kaleo's Way Down We Go

Image Credit: ade – Andri Heiðar Kristinsson

Right now one of my new favorite bands which I'm listening a lot to is Kaleo – originally from Iceland, now based in Austin, Texas.  My favorite song from Kaleo is Way Down We Go (which reached number one on the U.S. Billboard Alternative Chart last year) – which is apparently inspired by a journey deep into a volcano. Their music draws a lot of inspiration from nature and exploration/adventures in the wilderness. Their songs also have a soft, balanced, almost meditating vibe to them which inspires me and helps me bring out my own creativity when I'm working on my startup.

Thanks to Andri Heiðar Kristinsson, Travelade!

#21 – Good to be Alive by Andy Grammer

Image Credit: Jax Taylor

My motivational song is Good to be Alive by Andy Grammer. I struggled for so long to gain momentum in my business after leaving the military. I sold my house to get the cash to start it. When I finally got my first customer, they were so pleased they wrote me a very positive review on Facebook. Within an hour of the post I was booked for the week!

Thanks to Jax Taylor, Rent-A-Ruminant of Tennessee!



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