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27 Entrepreneurs Explain What They Love About Being An Entrepreneur

Being in love is great. Being in love with your business, when you’re an entrepreneur, is even better. Waking up each morning knowing you are getting to do exactly what you love is more than most people could ever say about any “job” they have had. Although there are days when tossing in your hat seems like a viable option, remembering how much you love your “job” can quickly snap an entrepreneur out of that mentality. Different business owners also have different reason why they love their business. It might be the products or the customers they deal with, or it could even be the fact that they are the ones in charge of it all. The reasons are as varied as the businesses themselves.

We asked some entrepreneurs what they loved about “being their own boss.”

#1- Doing the best I can every day

Photo Credit: Scott Marquart

To me, the best part about being an entrepreneur is knowing that I have people depending on me, because that motivates me to do the best work I'm capable of, and continually strive to improve. From employees to customers to investors, and entrepreneur has countless stakeholders depending on them at all times. For some, that can be a lot of pressure, but if you thrive in that sort of environment, it's great motivation to do the best you can every day.

Thanks to Scott Marquart, Stringjoy Guitar Strings!

#2- Endlessly interesting

Photo Credit: Linda Ugelow

Becoming an entrepreneur requires learning on so many levels from strategy, sales, marketing, and service. Each one of these areas is a universe unto itself with endless choices and possibilities. As I build and grow my business, I am challenged to grow my mental, emotional and spiritual capabilities in a myriad of ways learning time management and productivity,  communication with clients, mentors and peers, resilience from dead ends and mistakes, and overall persistence and optimism. To me entrepreneurship is an accelerated journey for personal development and spiritual growth. I embrace it all and find it endlessly interesting.

Thanks to Linda Ugelow

#3- Taking an idea and bringing it to life

Photo Credit: April Wier

There is no satisfaction quite like there is in growing a successful business. To take an idea and bring it to life is wonderful. When that idea also positively impacts those around you, that is a fantastic feeling. Easy doesn't come with bragging rights, so sometimes being an entrepreneur isn't a joyride. It is hard and painful, from time to time. That makes the sweet times even sweeter.

Thanks to April Wier, Sugar Five Design!

#4- Having complete control

Photo Credit: Saskia Wijngaard

I love the fact that I have complete control over my business, my sales and my delivery. Queen of my own destiny. I bring my innovative thoughts into action. I don't have to go to a boss or a board for a decision. I think about it and the next few days put it into action.

Thanks to Saskia Wijngaard, Sell ‘n STAY Inc!

#5- Sense of adventure

Photo Credit: Tyler Parris

I love a lot of things about being an entrepreneur, but most of all, I love the sense of adventure. I walked away from a high-paying corporate job with some cool perks to start my coaching practice from zero. There is no safety net if I am not adding value to my clients. It's never been my style, but in corporate environments, you can sometimes skate by doing mediocre work and using the corporate bureaucracy as your hiding place. Although I've managed it, there has always been a temptation toward complacency. Even though the first couple years in my own business have been famine or feast, and even though failure is statistically more likely than success, those dynamics keep me focused on my highest priorities and never complacent.

Thanks to Tyler Parris, Tyler Parris Coaching!

#6-  Creative freedom to develop new areas

Photo Credit: Jonelle Dickson-Prokopchak

I love being an entrepreneur because of the freedom it allows me to follow my passion of fitness on my time. I spent most of my life working for someone else and helping them achieve their goals. I realized it was my time to put the time and effort towards my goals. I had a passion for helping others and knew the business world was mine for the taking, if I allowed it. Owning my own business allows me to make decisions that best suit the community while taking my own needs into consideration. I love  being able to help my independent contractors earn extra income while inspiring others. I enjoy the creative freedom to develop new areas in my barre certification that help my ZB Pros grow. Seeing the satisfaction of my clients and team at the end of the day is the most rewarding thing about running your own business.

Thanks to Jonelle Dickson-Prokopchak, Zen Barre®!

#7- Creating every day and accountability

Photo Credit: Chip R. Bell

I have spent over 30 years as an independent, business consultant. That role has taught me a lot about how to make life work and make work come alive. As an entrepreneur, you are self-employed. You create every day. No one tells you what to work on. No one cares if you punched in or when. No one cares about the depth of your in-box, the location of your parking space, or the number of meetings you are scheduled to attend. How hard you work is as irrelevant as how effective you are at walking your dog. Only concrete results matter; tireless effort is just the stuff you do to get there. As an entrepreneur, you are completely accountable for your performance. Playing the blame game does not get you a “get out of jail free” card. Clients are never moved by your hand-wringing excuses nor made more confident by your shifting the focus to the supplier who let you down.

Thanks to Chip R. Bell 

#8-Having hope

Image Credit: Akshay Bansal

Running your own business is really a tough game but if you are Passionate with your game then doing extra pushups can be done with joy, Anyways the best thing about being an entrepreneur for me is hope. Hope to change the world with my vision (to make the world more intellectual and creative). Hope that my work will improve billions of people. Hope that my work will disrupt and improve the education system and eliminate all the inefficiencies, hope that my work will help in transition from job economy to automated economy. Entrepreneurial journey is as always very bumpy but the best part is the hope we all entrepreneurs have!

Thanks to Akshay Bansal, Heuro!

#9- The anticipation

Photo Credit: Dave Popple

One of the things I love is the anticipation. It is like watching a soccer match where you wait and wait for your team to score. You have no idea if it will be early or late and possibly not at all. However, when you do score and your company catches on, there is no better feeling.

Thanks to Dave Popple, Psynet Group!

#10- When we become part of the language of our clients

Photo Credit: Beckie Manley

Fierce is not just the name of our company—it's a lifestyle and an attitude that our clients choose to live out with us. As we see this happen with each of our clients throughout the course of our working relationships with them, this is truly one of my favorite things about being an entrepreneur. Fierce exists to do great work with excellence that effects change in our world. And we do this by serving our clients and the partners we work with each day with an excellent strategic product. But it’s the moments when Fierce becomes part of the language of our clients that I love the best. When a client sends a text that ends with the hashtag #FierceOrNothing or when a client sends a photo of their little baby in a Fierce t-shirt, or when I get a call from a client saying, “Beckie, I wasn’t feeling it today at the office. I was so overwhelmed with all that was going on. So I ran home at lunch and found the bear claw necklace that you gave me from Fierce and I put it on. And I held on to that bear claw and reminded myself that I am fierce—I can do this. And I went back to work and I killed it for the rest of the day.” These are the priceless moments we love to experience with all the brands we serve—when a brand suddenly transcends the tangible and becomes a part of the customers heart. It’s powerful and it makes it all worthwhile.

Thanks to Beckie Manley,  Fierce Strategy and Creative!

#11- When I inspire others to become entrepreneurs

Photo Credit: Joanna Parker

I definitely feel at times that there are a lot of things I've given up in order to pursue my career with Yumble. One of those things, and probably the hardest one, is time with my three kids. I'm often greeted at the end of a long day with guilt provoking questions like why are you home so late? or you forgot to send the snack I asked for or Lily's mom came to school today to help serve lunch, why didn't you? My heart sinks each time. But then, the other day, I overheard my two older children talking with their friends. They were explaining that their mom works every day – even Sundays!- because she wants to help thousands of kids eat healthy foods and she has her own company. They told their friends that one day they are going to start their own business too just like me. It was then that it all felt worth it, and I was thankful for my career. I felt grateful to my team for working tirelessly alongside me to help grow Yumble, grateful to my friends and family for the support constantly, grateful to my husband for encouraging me every day to keep on pushing, and mostly grateful for my children who now recognize that their dreams can be realities too, that they can make a difference in the world, and that nothing is off limits if they set their mind to it — and grateful for those evenings when they greet me with just a huge hug and smile and make it all worthwhile.

Thanks to Joanna Parker, Yumble!

#12- Creativity and contributing something different to the profession

Photo Credit: Ashley Rose Marino

In the interior decorating world, there is such a focus on making things aesthetically pleasing that any idea of bringing science into the mix is completely lost. Being from the psychology world rather than the design world, I noticed this lack of focus in the market and knew it was my calling to bring this unique perspective to the field. I love being an  entrepreneur because it allows me to add something new and contribute to my profession in an entirely different way than what my competitors are doing. I get to do what I love every day and know that I'm making lives better because of it.

Thanks to Ashley Rose Marino, Ashley Marino Designs LLC!

#13- A number of things

Image Credit: Vince Lefton and Aaron Singer

I love the grind of starting up a business, getting leads and following up. Even after we go national, I'm never going to sit down. I love squashing the competition around me. I live for winning. The struggle makes it all worth it to me. His business partner, Aaron, adds, And the freedom is great too.

Thanks to Vince Lefton,  Bulldog Adjusters!

#14- Flexibility

Photo Credit: Jessica Thiefels

I LOVE a lot of things about being an entrepreneur but I think I like the flexibility most. I am running two businesses, one in personal training and one in marketing, and feel grateful that I can pursue both of my passions without having to compromise for a 9-5 office job that I don't like half the time anyway. I feel very in control of my life and love that living this lifestyle means I can do the things that I'm passionate about, in both work and my personal life.

Thanks to Jessica Thiefels

#15- Power over my schedule

Photo Credit: Racheal Doyle

I love being an entrepreneur because I have power over my schedule. You may work a lot more hours than a traditional job but you can chose them. This way you can maximize your efficiency in your work. If you know you write better at 6am – you can get up and start writing when you get that initial inspiration!

Thanks to Rachel Doyle, GlamourGals Foundation!

#16- Freedom Rocks

Photo Credit: Monika Jansen

I love being an entrepreneur for a few reasons. One, the freedom of creating a business that fits my lifestyle is extremely gratifying. Two, I love having the power to control how big it gets (and how quickly). Three, I love seeing the direct impact of our work on our clients. And finally, I love building a solid team of amazing, fun people who are also very good at what they do.

Thanks to Monika Jansen,  Jansen Communications!

#17- Flexibility, responsibility and ability to implement different ideas

The best part of having started my own business is that I get to run it as I want it. I don't have a manager or supervisor disregard my ideas. I get to implement all my ideas and see what works better. It allows for my company to be more versatile and open to change tactics. I take more responsibility for both successful implementations and failed ones, but as long as we are able to learn from both, it will ultimately help the company.

Thanks to David Laplante, Advanced HVAC!

#18- There are no rules and I can work with different people

Photo Credit: John Mansour

I love being an entrepreneur for many reasons. First, there are no rules which you must follow. I know that sounds counterintuitive, but I really appreciate the fact that, in creating your own business, there are no set guidelines. In other words, I appreciate the blank canvas that you step into when starting a business from the ground up. The possibilities are endless and you’re only restricted by how big you can dream it. Secondly, I really love being able to work with all the different types of people who you inevitably come into contact with as an entrepreneur. People are similar to jigsaw pieces and it’s rewarding when you find a person who fits perfectly into their role within your company. There are so many individuals who possess unique talents who are under-appreciated. Another layer of being an entrepreneur that I have come to appreciate is this quest to find the unicorns among all of the talent out in the workforce.

Thanks to John Mansour, B4!

#19- The person you have to become in the process of entrepreneurship

Photo Credit: Irma Cedeno

It might sound cliché, but there are so many sacrifices to be made, and so many different ways to look at a problem, that if you don’t start reacting to things as another “you” would, you won’t get very far. There is also a lot to be said about all the people around you during the process. I’ve been very lucky to surround myself with people who are smarter than I am. Though I still pride myself in having the most drive.

Thanks to Irma Cedeno, Diáfano!

#20-  Solving problems, building a team and  creating a company culture that is in line with your values

Photo Credit: Sarah Zurell

Being an entrepreneur allows you to think outside the box and carve your own path in a way that working for someone else does not allow you to do. I love solving problems with human-powered technology, which is why building and branding mobile apps has been the perfect outlet for my entrepreneurial energy. Reinventing the wheel and setting new trends to reach people and help make their lives better could not be more rewarding. In Addition to building new products and solutions, the thing that might be even more fulfilling is building a team and creating a company culture that is in line with your values.

Thanks to Sarah Zurell, Pavemint!

#21- Making a difference

Photo Credit: Valerie Bowden

Being an entrepreneur allows me to make a difference. For example, when I was volunteering in Ethiopia I realized one of the biggest problems was a lack of job for women. A few years later I moved there to start a vegan snack company that hires only females, especially those at-risk. I love waking up every day knowing my work can change a country, if not a continent.

Thanks to Valerie Bowden, Dirkosh Crunch!

#22- Freedom

Photo Credit: Dan Elson

I love being an entrepreneur as it allows me to have the freedom to travel. To do what I want when I want. And to live and work in a different place when I want. Which other job would allow you do this? My father got me into this and he's been running his own successful business for over 30 years! Crazy when you think about it! Its the best thing you can do with your life in my opinion.

Thanks to Dan Elson, Unbranded Essentials!

#23- Sense of accomplishment and independence

Photo Credit: Asad Gourani

Working a 9-5 job in something you are passionate about is something great. Running your business in that field, on the other hand, is a whole other game. Nothing beats the feeling of building something, the sense of accomplishment, and the sense of independence. Being an entrepreneur isn't all about financial rewards and money. It's about in control of your dream.

Thanks to Asad Gourani, AG Wealth Management!

#24- Making a client happy with my services

Photo Credit: Christopher Earley

I originally started my law practice in 2005 because I could not find a job out of law school. The legal job market was decidedly weak and I realized the only way to pay for food, rent and oncoming student loans was to ‘hang out a shingle' which would turn out to be the best career move of my life. Still going strong 12 years later, each day I get to advocate for Massachusetts personal injury accident victims who are hurt, confused, and unfamiliar with the legal process. I enjoy going to bat for my clients and there is nothing better for me professionally than making a client truly happy with my services. I love that enterpreneurship allows me to go as far as my nerve and imagination will lead me!

Thanks to Christopher Earley, Law Office of Christopher Earley!

#25- Making the call and feeling the consequences

Photo Credit: Thomas Jepsen

What I love the most about being an entrepreneur is ultimately being the one that both makes the call, and feels the consequences of those actions. Owning your own business gives you the ultimate power to truly achieve the financial success you want, even though it may be less likely than you like to believe, but it really allows you to define your area of interest and truly let you dig into it full-time. Statistically, you'll fail, but it'll be the most educating experience of your life.

Thanks to Thomas Jepsen,  Contractor Quotes!

#26- A number of reasons

Photo Credit: Sandra Possing

There are more reasons I love being an entrepreneur than I can count, but the biggest one is freedom. So much so that I even put it in my title: Freedom Coach for Passionate Rebels. Being an entrepreneur puts me in charge of my own destiny. I set my own hours, choose which clients I want to work with, work from home or coffee shops, travel when and how often I want to, and have the great honor of doing work that I am passionate about and that also transforms the lives of others. I call myself a freedom coach not just because my desired lifestyle is all about freedom, but also because that's what I want most for others: the freedom to be who they are and to create lives they love. It's about not just location freedom, time freedom, or financial freedom (although those are all wonderful). Most importantly
, it's about *emotional* freedom. It's not an easy path, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Thanks to Sandra Possing, Freedom Coach for Passionate Rebels!

#27- Ultimate freedom

Photo Credit: Melissa Slawsky

What I love about being an entrepreneur is the ability to have my life, work, and business in alignment, in integrity, on purpose, and on my own terms.. That is the definition of freedom for me. In my transition from employee to entrepreneur, I had to learn what fulfills me (e.g., creativity, innovation, connection) versus what has driven me in the past (e.g., achievements, degrees/certifications, and shiny stamps of approval).

Thanks to Melissa Slawsky, Brainiac Bundles!

What do you love about being an entrepreneur? Tell us in the comments below




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