Inspirational Speaker, Radio Host & Coach Dedicates His Work to Personal Growth

David Essel dedicates his work as a counselor, life coach, author, speaker and radio host to making an impact on people's lives and helping them to grow. We had the opportunity to speak with David about his services, the positive thinking movement and some of his future projects.

Tell us your story and why you started your business.

Ever since I was a little kid, I have been a leader in life. And for the most part of my existence, it's been hard for me to consistently follow other people's directions, LOL.

So after graduating from college, I took a job in a hospital in the dietary department but only lasted about eight months.

It was at that time that I realized my desire to become an entrepreneur, in creating a way to help people grow and expand in life. And this, was the beginning of my own new career that has been going on since 1980. A great move, not one for everyone, but it's worked out really well for me to be my own boss.

Tell us about your products and services and what you do?

All of my work is in the world of personal growth. From writing books, our tenth  one is about to come out in 2018, two of my other nine have become number one bestseller's, and the purpose of each of them is to help people to grow.

As a nationally recognized counselor and life coach, I help people to overcome challenges in life and to create the life that they've always desired.

Moving past Addiction, financial challenges, relationship issues, career indecision, spiritual goals and so many more topics, I work with clients from around the world on a daily basis.

As an inspirational speaker, for 30 years I've traveled the world lifting people's spirits, within corporations, nonprofits and public settings.

As a radio host for 27 years, I have interviewed some of the most fascinating people in the world of sports, entertainment, best-selling author's and so much more, bringing a positive message to our often very negative media landscape.

What is the new positive thinking movement and why is it important?

The new positive thinking movement is one based in reality. The old positive thinking movement, which includes concepts like the law of attraction, have expired. People who want to create great changes in life are finding out that their thoughts are important, but your positive thinking will only hold about 20 percent of the pathway to success.

What we know now in the world of psychology and personal growth, is that the real key is to get your action steps on a daily basis aligned with your goals.

In other words, in the past people would say things like “whatever you believe you can achieve”, and today we say “whatever you do you can achieve.”

Don't get caught up in the whole fantastical thinking, that you can imagine checks coming in the mail and  that is going to happen. It never will. Unless it's a miracle.

So the new form of positive thinking, as a matter fact Jenny McCarthy, the celebrity, said last year that “David Essel is the new leader of the positive thinking movement.”

And she's right. I'm not being arrogant, I'm just helping people break through the nonsense that we've been taught, actually the stuff I used to teach from 1980 to 1996, and to get a deeper grasp on reality.

When you do the action steps on a daily basis you'd rather not do to lose weight, make money, create the job you desire … You are well on your way to join the new positive thinking movement. Action. Thought. Success.

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs that might find themselves struggling?

First, I would tell an entrepreneur who is struggling that it's normal. It's part of life. It's part of the game. Struggle, if you have persistence, will sharpen your edges, make you vulnerable, create an
opportunity for you to ask for help… Which will lead to great success. Persistence. Perseverance. These are the hallmarks of the awesome entrepreneur.

What tips or advice would you give to entrepreneurs and business owners?

Surround yourself with people who are smarter, better, more motivated, and more successful than you are. That's one of the greatest keys that I've found in my business for success. I surround myself with people that make 10 times the money I make, that have sold 10 billion more books than me, in other words, get humble, ask for help and surround yourself with people
who are more successful than you are today. That is a massive secret for success.

What are some things that we can do to incorporate positive thinking as entrepreneurs and business owners?

I encourage all of my clients to create a 15 to 30 minute ritual every morning to immerse themselves in positive thinking. Gratitude writing. Journaling. Prayer. Meditation. Reading books or online articles about success.

Every week we take on new clients from around the world with my counseling and coaching services. I work with people from Thailand, Australia to South America, Canada, Mexico, the United States and more, and in all of our sessions we make sure that they are incorporating some form of positive thinking first thing in the morning. It releases positive chemicals into the brain, helping us to stay motivated and inspired.

What future projects are you working on?

We have our tenth the book, “focus!”, Coming out in 2018. It's an exciting time. This will be the third book in a row that we know will go to number one bestseller. It's so exciting because we are dismantling once again the myth of the law of attraction in our new book, we are challenging the definition of karma, and we are explaining in a step-by-step process how anyone can create incredible success in life if they follow The system that we actually hand to them in the book.

We also go into great depth in this book about what profound love is, what profound self-love is, and how to take yourself today from where you are in regards to relationships and create the most meaningful, deep and rewarding relationships possible

We know this book is going to radically change the way millions of people think and act around the world. I couldn't be more excited to be doing the work I'm doing that I am right now.

Anything additional you want to tell our readers?

You really just can't give up on your dreams. I often tell the story about Colonel Sanders, the founder of Kentucky fried chicken, and how he didn't make a substantial amount of money until he was 68 years of age.

In our new book I tell the story of Evelyn Keiling, who lost 245 pounds if you can imagine that, and in her 50s became a bodybuilder.

The most important thing for people to remember who want to become more successful in life, is that you must invest time, money and effort on a daily basis into your own personal and business grow. You're never going to accomplish huge success on your own. I have counselors, and coaches I still work with every week of my life to make sure I maximizing my potential.

And I want the same to happen for you. If you're ready to achieve great goals in any area of life, reach out to me at the website below, and I will work with you one on one from anywhere in the world to help you to do just that. And, our work is 100 percent moneyback guaranteed , so there's no risk on your part. Simply visit davidessel.com , and you and I will work together. Never, ever, ever, ever give up.


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