16 Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Side Hustles

Side hustles serve to support our main income streams. Some of them also end up becoming the main income stream if it turns profitable. They mainly sprout out of a simple idea or hobbies. It's advisable to have multiple income streams and side hustles are a perfect way to diversify your income streams.

We asked entrepreneurs and business owners what their side hustles are and here are the responses.

#1- Bling Everything in Sight

Photo Credit: Chloe Spilotro

From the young age of 12, I started crafting my expertise in hand-embellishing items with Swarovski crystals. Years of experience using different adhesives has launched me ahead of the curve, and now I'm working with dealerships to jewel license plate frames, boutique fitness centers to jewel reusable water bottles, dispensaries to jewel vape pens, and so on. Adding bling to everything is a really fun process, but growing my side hustle is especially rewarding.

Thanks to Chloe Spilotro, Sparkle Couture by Chloe!

#2- Business and Finance

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Urenda

I can best describe my side hustle as the best part of me. It's fast becoming a full-time hustle and I feel so invigorated when I talk about it. TalentMoxie.com is a online platform for all people who are looking to make meaningful career moves.  TalentMoxie blends strength based career coaching, human resources, and partners with companies that want to hire talented people. My education and work experience allows me to mix my passions and expertize into TalentMoxie. I strongly believe in the power of service and living an authentic life that is in alignment with your work. It's been a long time coming for me but here I hustle toward a bright future.

Thanks to Elizabeth Urenda, TalentMoxie.com!

#3- Blog about home and gardening topics

Photo Credit: Cynthia Brown

I started my side hustle back around late 2014, early 2015. It is an online business that helps homeowners. I blog about home and gardening topics and make money from product recommendations to my audience, mostly through Amazon associates program. I don’t feel comfortable sharing exact revenue numbers but it’s now making me more than $1,000 per month. The first year was the hardest because I hardly got any traffic and income but now I’m glad I stuck with it.

Thanks to Cynthia Brown, Only Top Reviews!

#4- Home technologies

Photo Credit: Dhaval Doshi

I run an early stage-startup called Smarthome NX that helps consumers discover Smart home technologies through content, collaborative partnerships and commerce. With over 11 years of experience in digital marketing and advertising, my side hustle is with another growing ed-tech company called UpGrad whereres I am involved in creating digital marketing course curriculum for programs with universities. Currently, I am simultaneously growing my venture, Smarthome NX while also designing a  management course in sales and marketing for UpGrad. This arrangement is working out very well for me as it keeps me updated on the latest in my field of expertise and I am also able to hire talent for my venture from these same courses. Moreover, the extra income on the side is helping me focus on my venture's long-term goals by investing more money into it.

Thanks to Dhaval Doshi, Smarthome NX!

#5- Public speaking and coaching

Photo Credit: Daniel Nyiri

Public speaking and coaching other gym owners and personal trainers on how to work on your business and not in your business so one day they can do the same.

Thanks to Daniel Nyiri, 4U Fitness!

#6- Men &Women unique product

This past September I launched a brand focused on a unique product that had never really been made before for men – 100% Terry Cotton Sweatpant Overalls  (we've since launched women's too). I was very fortunate to be featured recently in Business Insider for this side hustle, as well as a couple other things I currently do.

Thanks to Kyle Bergman, The Great Fantastic!

#7- DIY SEO blog

Photo Credit: Feuza Reis

I work for a digital agency but I also have a side hustle. My background comes from owning my own photography business when I became an entrepreneur back in 2008. Due to the need of having to market myself, I learned social media and SEO. Pretty soon I started getting known as an SEO expert within the photography industry. I launched my first online bootcamp in 2012 and then launched my DIY SEO blog called Get Found With Fuse. I love helping creative entrepreneurs get found online. My journey has been a bit opposite of those of my peers. Everyone else was craving leaving their day job and being my own boss has led me back to having a day job and I love it! I also still love having my side hustle as well.

Thanks to Feuza Reis, Next Level SEM!

#8- Motivational Sticky notes

Photo Credit: Martha Banks Hall

After 20 years of being an Executive Assistant I decided to start my own business. From 9 – 5 I support two CFOs but once my toddlers are asleep and during any extra time I have on weekends, I am working on Vision Words. Vision Words Sticky Notes have Affirmations, Mantras and Scriptures on them that you can stick anywhere. They currently come in eight categories and the product line will be expanded this year to include other merchandise. As a result of Vision Words Sticky Notes thousands of women from around the world have been inspired and empowered to achieve their goals and dreams. When you have positive reminders around your home and workplace it changes your outlook and attitude. Not only has this side hustle created an extra stream of income for my family but it has also given me an innovative way to spread encouragement with Statements That Stick!

Thanks to Martha Banks Hall, Vision Words!

#9- Money Therapy

Photo Credit: Ellie Thompson

I am the CEO of Venyou and the founder of Money Therapy, my side hustle. Money Therapy is a financial consulting company that merges education with action. I work one-on-one with my clients to get out of debt, start saving, and begin investment accounts. It is extremely rewarding and helps me be a better business owner by maximizing my time and income.

Thanks to Ellie Thompson, Money Therapy Consulting!

#10- Freelance marketing and SEO audits

Photo Credit: Nate Masterson

My side hustle is to perform freelance marketing and SEO audits for small businesses. In my view, this is almost the ideal setup because not only does it bring in supplemental income, but it allows me to nourish and foster my marketing knowledge and skillset in ways that will improve my primary business. Doing freelance marketing work isn't just about making  money, it's about learning and growing in a practical sense, which is the primary reason why I pursue it.

Thanks to Nate Masterson, Maple Holistics!

#11- Children music program

I’ve been a producer on the TV show The View for 21 years, but three years ago I started up a side hustle: Songs for Seeds, a children’s introduction to music program for toddlers through 6-years of age. We opened in Scarsdale, NY and the program was so successful that we expanded in 2016 to Rye Brook and 2017 to Armonk, all in Westchester County, just north of New York City. It’s been a fabulous experience. Not only learning how to be an entrepreneur and starting a side hustle business, but watching young children sing and dance with a live band and their parents and learn to love music. Every day is a balancing act between my main job at The View and my side hustle. The key is organization. I only work on Songs for Seeds when I’m home, at night and on weekends. I love both jobs. Both are so very rewarding!

Thanks to Dana Fisher,  Songs for Seeds!

#12- Selling websites

Photo Credit: Ryan Stewman

I sell websites that collect data, to business on the side. I got so good at it that I created a program to teach others how to do it as well. I make about $25,000 per week from this side hustle and it pairs nicely with my main job. The best way to make more money is to figure out else what you can sell to the people you're already doing business with.

Thanks to Ryan Stewman, Hardcore Closer, LLC!

#13- Selling pet Christmas stockings

Photo Credit:  Jeff Moriarty

I currently work for a nutrition company, but I started a side hustle selling pet Christmas stockings about two years ago. I found a niche, found that the exact URL wasn't taken, and love pets so I said lets do it. It's only really busy around the holidays each year, but it makes me enough money to pay for all my gifts and a vacation each year after Christmas. Very little work due to it being drop shipping. I am currently looking for other types of businesses like this for the rest of the year too.

Thanks to Jeff Moriarty, Dog Christmas Stockings!

#14- Fiverr

Photo Credit: Audrey Woodley

My side hustle is Fiverr, online digital platform for freelancers with different skills. I help entrepreneurs with integrating their email content, opt-in, and sales funnel for their brand.

Thanks to Audrey Woodley

#15- Selling live feeder crickets online

I was looking for a niche, online business to launch. And discovered that crickets were a very popular search item with low competition. I set up a store, and began selling crickets. I made some posts in some reptile forums, and started getting orders. The challenge is ensuring the live product arrives in great health. Otherwise, too many refunds will be issued.

Thanks to Jeff Neal, The Critter Depot!

#16- Renting out various things

Photo Credit: Chaz Englander

I've started renting out my VW Danbury Rio campervan in my spare time. There's an awful lot of passive income to be had through the sharing economy and it also made sense from a product development point of view to be using Fat Lama itself, so I listed my van on the site a few months back. It's been a huge help in understanding the platform from ground-level and it's also a nice little earner. In fact, pretty much all of the team here is renting out something they own through the website.

Thanks to Chaz Englander, Fat Lama!

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