19 Entrepreneurs Explain Their Favorite Podcasts for Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Podcasts are booming and especially for entrepreneurs and business owners it is a way to continue to grow and develop our leadership, marketing and even sales skills while continuing to run our ventures. Business owners only have so much time to execute and complete the millions of things on our to-do list so anyway that we can multi-task in an efficient way is a great opportunity. Podcasting is a good way to do that. While driving or walking the dog, podcasts offer a way to learn and grow while sometimes completing other tasks. We added a podcast to our blogging community and we wanted to hear from entrepreneurs some of their favorite business or entrepreneurial podcast.

#1- The Forecast Podcast

Photo Credit: Reuben Swartz

The Forecast Podcast from Ahmad Munawar at Boutique Growth has great format and guests (I don't just say that because I was a guest– I was already a fan). There's something to learn in every episode, but there are also a wide range of guests and topics, so you can think about different aspects of your business and your life, and, depending on what challenge you're facing at the moment, you can probably find the right episode to give you some insight.

Thanks to Reuben Swartz, Mimiran Sales Acceleration!

#2- GaryVee Audio Experience

Photo Credit: Ameet Khabra

It's really practical and he provides a lot of great information and advice that is actually actionable, which I really appreciate. His advice comes from a place that's genuine and real. In a world where we're always chasing the next best thing, and using people for our own benefit, he cuts through the noice and reminds us that we're the people that need to provide value to those who have leverage.

Thanks to Ameet Khabra, Hop Skip Media!


Photo Credit: Jason Myers

I have to admit the only business podcast that I listen to religiously is Workationing. When I listen to traditional business pods that sound like the equivalent of a webinar or a motivational board meeting my mind wanders. Workationing is WAY different because the lessons about how to succeed as a digital nomad or remote worker are peppered in organically to a stew that is mostly about two very likable, funny ladies. Cohosts Kari DePhillips and Kelly Chase spill their gut on everything from relationships to weight loss and travel shenanigans. Whether you live vicariously through their adventures as they roam the globe while running multiple businesses or you take notes on how to untether your own business life from the cubical / commute loop — the Workationing podcast will keep you laughing, crying and learning.

Thanks to Jason Myers, The Content Factory!

#4- Ed Mylett

Photo Credit: Shawn Henry

My all-time favorite business podcast is Ed Mylett…hands down. Ed decided from a very young age that since he would have to work in life, he might as well work for himself and call his own shots. He realized right away that he was not going to spend his life working for someone else and building their dreams. This was something that I related to heavily, I never came from money but I have a fire within me and knew what I wanted out of life someday from a very early age and have put in blood, sweat, & tears to get to where I am today. It's people like Ed Mylett who inspire me and give hope that you CAN make something of yourself even when you come from nothing. Another reason why Ed is my favorite is the fact that he is not ashamed of his beliefs in God. Faith is a touchy subject at times and I think it shows great strength to be able to stand up for what you believe in and encourage others to feel empowered in their beliefs.

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Thanks to Shawn Henry, Efficient Home Services!

#5- Masters of Scale

Photo Credit: Courtney Barbee

My favorite business podcast is Masters of Scale by Reid Hoffman. The advice is often applicable for companies of any size, and I appreciate the focus on including women leaders. As an owner in a quickly-growing company, I've often used the information in my own business, and found it very helpful.

Thanks to Courtney Barbee, The Bookkeeper!

#6- FinTech Insiders

Photo Credit: Alfie Marsh

I'm pretty hooked on the whole range from the 11:FS team, but FinTech Insiders is my go-to. 11:FS is a consultancy helping banks go digital, and new banks get started. But their podcasts are why I pay attention to them. They're a mix of finance news and deep dives into specific FinTech topics, and the guests they get are just incredible. Real experts with deep knowledge on complex topics, and yet it's still very easy to listen to and enjoy. They also have podcasts on blockchain and insurance, for people that way inclined. I highly recommend giving them a listen.

Thanks to Alfie Marsh, Spendesk!

#7-Side Hustle School

Photo Credit: Oksana Chyketa

This is my favorite podcast in the business sphere. The episodes range from the interviews with world-class game changers in different fields such as entrepreneurship, health, athletics, mindset, and relationships, to solo rounds with the host, Lewis Howes. If you want to get the inspiring but at the same time useful and actionable tips in running a business, then this podcast will definitely fulfill your needs.

Thanks to Oksana Chyketa, Albacross!

#8-Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do

Photo Credit: Kim McIntyre

I love the podcast “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” with Thom Singer. Each episode he interviews a different entrepreneur or business leader about their journey towards success. His interview style is engaging and he elicits fascinating stories from his guests. As a new entrepreneur, I enjoy hearing about the various paths people have taken to achieve their goals and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. This podcast delivers real-life experience in an enjoyable way. I highly recommend it!

Thanks to Kim McIntyre, Joyful Being Transformations, LLC!

#9-Christie Bailey entrepreneur podcast

My favorite business podcast is the Christie Bailey entrepreneur podcast. She talks candidly and genuinely about how to follow your intuition and grow your business. Her tips are actionable and she is full of energy and personality. She has also grown her business to over half a million in under a year, so she knows what she is talking about. I love hearing her insights and that is why her podcast is my favorite.

Thanks to Stacy Caprio

#10-How I Built This with Guy Raz

Photo Credit: Jennifer Jolls

Nothing gets me more jazzed about making things happen than listening to the How I Built This podcast with Guy Raz. I listen to an episode every morning while getting ready for work. Guy interviews well-known entrepreneurs about the companies they built. In just 45 minutes, you learn how these brilliant minds take ideas from infancy to – in many cases – companies with billion-dollar valuations. I've learned how Airbnb, Samuel Adams, Whole Foods Market, Instagram, Slack, Spanx and other well-known brands got their start. And what's amazing to me is that every single one of these companies struggled before they were successful. Not a single one had an easy path to success. And most will tell you that it was a combination of luck, talent – and most importantly – grit and perseverance that got them through. That's the kind of message I like to hear before I start my day.

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Thanks to Jennifer Jolls, The Connor Group!

#11-Online Marketing Made Easy

Photo Credit: Sharell Weeams

Hands down, my favorite business podcast is Online Marketing Made Easy. hosted by Amy Porterfield. Seriously, I get anxiously excited on Wednesday in anticipation of the new episode dropping on Thursday. I love that each and every episode is full of valuable and actionable information. She lives up to here motto of making her content so good that you can't believe it's free.. Most episodes walk you through the step-by-step way of implementing some business or marketing process. She often follows it with downloadable guides and provides link to any referenced resources. If you're trying to grow your business the SMART way, this is one podcast to listen to.

Thanks to Sharell Weeams, Sharell Weeams Coaching!

#12-Donald Miller's Storybrand

Photo Credit: Alexis Busetti

For anyone who isn't familiar with Miller and his work, he focuses on how customers are the heroes of their own stories and how business owners need to insert themselves into those stories to help the hero win! In this podcast, Donald Miller interviews guests who address this strategy within their own businesses and they share their secrets of the trade with us, the listeners. I love Donald Miller's down to earth style and his eager nature to learn, even while running his own thriving business.

Thanks to Alexis Busetti, Cistern & Grove!

#13-Tim Ferris

Photo Credit: Dan Jet Elson

Tim Ferris is the guy who got me into the game! He is the guy that made me realize that remote work and travel can go hand in hand! He put the idea in my head to backpack and travel the world which has taken to this point in my life where I'm a digital nomad! The podcast Tim runs is everything you'd expect from him! He interviews the very best, with some of the blockbuster names like Arnold Schwarzenegger!! A must listen business podcast!

Thanks to Dan Jet Elson, Chasing Flags Digital!

#13-The Dent Podcast

Photo Credit: Joseph Robison

This is probably an uncommon one, but I love The Dent Podcast. The host is a founder of Dent Global, a business growth accelerator.  The core concepts of the podcasts are around turning a small services business dependent on the founder, into a growing healthy company. They highlight that companies need different strategies depending on where they are on the growth path. A lot of the guests are entrepreneurs that have gone through their accelerator, but they come from a wide variety of backgrounds and business types. I really like the model of the podcast because their guests are often of the same mindset and are all growing service businesses, so if you're in that space it's the perfect podcast.

Thanks to Joseph Robison, Green Flag Digital!

#14-Financial GrownUp

Photo Credit: Jennefer Witter

One of my favorite business podcasts is Bobbi Rebell’s Financial GrownUp. Being a CEO can be isolating, where you feel that, at least publicly, you must always present a positive face. However, there are vulnerabilities to the position, many of which are not spoken about because of the fear of looking weak. This podcast offers several segments in which high-profile guests – such as Carrie Sheffield, the founder of Bold TV; Farnoosh Torabi, best-selling author, personal finance expert, CNBC contributor; and Morra Aarons-Mele, founder, Womens Online – honestly and openly discuss their missteps and how they addressed those obstacles. I appreciate their directness, and their strength in sharing their challenges. It also makes me feel less alone, knowing that what I am going through is also what other chief executives are going through. A bonus: I get excellent financial advice.

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Thanks to Jennefer Witter, The Boreland Group Inc.!

#15-Perpetual Traffic

Perpetual Traffic is an absolute can't miss business podcast for anyone who has their hands in digital marketing. Not only is it insightful and entertaining, but you leave each episode with strategies you can immediately put to use in your own online marketing. The hosts also interview real-life business owners to dissect their own battles with digital marketing. In this day and age where you simply can't win if you don't succeed at online marketing, this podcast is an absolute gem.

Thanks to Chris Brantner, Streaming Observer!

#16-How I Built This

Photo Credit: Nicolas Straut

My favorite business podcast is *How I Built This* from NPR with host, Guy Raz. The show began in 2016 while I was in college and was instrumental in my decision to work at startups and work on entrepreneurial projects on-the-side. Each episode, Raz interviews entrepreneurs from companies of different sizes and diverse industries, probing their journeys to success as founders. Regardless of episode, I always come away with different insights that I apply to my own career and appreciate that Raz delves into the personal and professional lives of the interviewees. I would recommend listening to the interviews with co-founder of VICE, Suroosh Alvi, and founder of Dry Bar, Alli Webb! Both present different but highly interesting paths to entrepreneurial success. Another great feature of the podcast is that Raz covers the successes of different entrepreneurs who listen to the show at the end of each podcast.

Thanks to Nicolas Straut, Fundera!

#17- Unpodcast

Photo Credit: Cat Smith

Hands down, my favorite business podcast is the Unpodcast! I heard Scott Stratten as the keynote speaker at a conference and his words stuck with me. If you want word of mouth, do something worth talking about. While this podcast is geared to the marketing side of a business, it also covers ethics, customer service, making employees happy, and more. Their humor and chemistry make it fun to listen to while they share valuable advice. It's the highlight of my week when the new episode appears in my iTunes lineup!

Thanks to Cat Smith, Get Social with Cat!

#18- The Ripple podcast

Photo Credit: Chris Hutchinson

The Ripple podcast helps people like you achieve greater and longer-lasting success in less time. Each episode breaks down chapters of the book *Ripple: A Field Manual for. Leadership that Works* into digestible bites and is perfect for the auditory learner. Tools are available to walk through each lesson as well. The content appeals to leaders at all levels, big and small organizations, and across industries.

Thanks to Chris Hutchinson, Trebuchet Group!

#19-Marketing School podcast

Photo Credit: Connor Gillivan

My favorite business podcast right now is the Marketing School podcast by Neil Patel and Eric Siu. I've been listening for 2+ years now and they continue to bring relevant and proven strategies on growing your digital business. From SEO tactics to branding to website design to conversion tactics, their advice is perfect for the rapidly scaling business owner. My  favorite part about the podcast is that each episode is only 5-15 minutes long. I can listen in the car, while cooking, while out on a run, or anywhere I need to kill time quickly.

Thanks to Connor Gillivan, FreeeUp!

What's your favorite business podcast? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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