12 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Maintain Boldness in Their Business

Entrepreneurship and decision making go hand-in-hand. The decisions you make require that you maintain boldness regardless of how hard or simple the decision might be. The decisions you make can either make or break the future of a business hence due diligence is necessary before making bold decisions.

We asked entrepreneurs and business owners on how they maintain boldness while running a business and here are the responses.

#1- Being open

Photo Credit: Nela Dunato

When I started my own design consultancy in 2013, I knew for sure that I wanted to be 100% myself in all my business relationships, and didn't want to hide behind a corporate entity and we language. I write a blog where I share personal experiences and advice for other creative entrepreneurs with as much transparency as I can muster. I wrote about issues that most people don't feel comfortable talking about publicly. For example, writing about my experience of depression has inspired many readers to email me, and even some clients reached out to me to tell me about their experience which was strikingly similar. In another instance, I expressed my honest thoughts about the proliferation of cheap logo services and what people can and cannot expect from them, which invited some negative reactions from people who don't normally read my blog, but was at the same time very informative for people who respect my design expertise. I'm very open about my pricing and make a clear distinction of what kinds of projects I work on, and what kinds of projects are simply not in my wheelhouse. Prospective clients immediately know whether working together would be a great idea, or not. You can't make everyone like you, and that's a good thing. I get to work with wonderful people who appreciate me as I truly am, which feels amazing. 

 Thanks to Nela Dunato, Nela Dunato Art & Design!

#2- Three ways

Image Credit : Paige Arnof-Fenn

Like most entrepreneurs I started off very bold by launching my new business amidst uncertainty and blind faith that I was onto something new and exciting seeing opportunity where others did not. I maintain my boldness through encouraging results with my clients, positive market feedback and staying up on current trends and topics through continuous learning. The very choice of becoming an entrepreneur means you are bold I think, it takes guts, persistence, determination and courage to get up every day and lead the charge and motivate others to join and follow your vision. It is just part of the entrepreneurial DNA. 

Thanks to Paige Arnof-Fenn, Mavens & Moguls

#3- Setting goals independently

Photo Credit: Jeff Butler

The way that we state bold in our business is basically, we're not setting goals that are dependent of our competitors we're setting goals of what we as a company can accomplish. And it's actually required me as the business owner did quite a few things that we would say are very crazy in business which has led us to basically be at year 7 where we should like after 7 years tell people what we would do, what we can do, capable of and really trying to stress the envelope on things that people really have a look at before. 

Thanks to Jeff Butler

#4- Planning and being there

Photo Credit: SRK Headshot Day

Basically to keep your boldness is to always plan and execute with experience and knowledge. That's how our employees and clients will trust us. To make sure that I'm delivering the right strategy and to have a plan for its execution. Being always present and set up a weekly meeting. I believe CEO should come to the office before everyone and leave after all. 

Thanks to Ali Payani, LookinLA LLC

#5- Two ways

Photo Credit: Mike Novak

Boldness is something you have to master. I've always believed that if you want to be successful, you have to forget about your fears and be bold in the right way. The first thing you need to realize is that fear is a sign for you to go at things. Remember that the other side of fear is achievement and success. When experiencing fear, we also exercise our muscles of courage. So I always make sure to weather through my fears, and in the end, it made me a compassionate and courageous leader. HOWEVER, remember that there's a big difference between carelessness and boldness. It is still important to know when you need to be bold and when you're out of your element. Another thing that I think makes me bold in running my business is I know what my priorities are. I don't just jump into things, that's not boldness but merely foolishness. Make sure to understand your objectives and make your priorities clear. And lastly, I always speak up what's on my mind. But I know the right time when to say it and how I'm going to say it. You have to be tactful and know how to show empathy as well if you want your words to have an impact and power. Also, there are times when being silent is the best statement you can make. 

Thanks to Mike Novak, Rise Digital!

#6- Engaging in three daily practices

Photo Credit: John Norce

As a small business owner, I have to incorporate boldness into my daily routine or I might miss an opportunity or idea to innovate or improve. With my firm's desire to be an leader in innovation and technology, we have to maintain our edge and remaining bold is a key ingredient to our near-term and long-term success. I find success in remaining diligent by engaging in three daily practices. First, reading industry periodicals and content to identify trends and ideas. Second, open and healthy communication with my associates to identify areas of improvement and opportunity. Lastly, regular communication with my peers to share what we are seeing and what is working and not working. Stay consistent and diligent definitely helps in our ability to initiate healthy change and develop new markets and profit centers. 

Thanks to John Norce, Medicare Portal

#7- Being confident

Photo Credit: Tom Corson-Knowles

Boldness comes from the confidence you have in yourself. If you aren't confident in what you do and what you offer as a business owner, how will your company survive? I try and remember this on a daily basis, as I sometimes have to make decisions that may not be the most popular of choices with my employees. It's a matter of being confident in that decision and knowing it is best for the company. 

Thanks to Tom Corson-Knowles, TCK Publishing!

#8- Decision making

Photo Credit: James Kademan

The key to being bold in business lies almost completely in decision making. Entrepreneurs often get bogged down with so many tiny, almost insignificant decisions, they fail to make the larger decisions at all. Let alone realize that an opportunity for a larger decision is available. The key to good decision making is to know you have options and actually choosing them as quickly and wisely as possible. As Ferris Bueller said, The meek get pinched, the bold survive. 

Thanks to James Kademan, Draw In Customers Business Coaching!

#9- Consistent learning

Photo Credit: Peter Dawyot

I’ve always felt that boldness comes in many forms, boldness through caring, boldness through showing appreciation and boldness through simply giving more than the others. We pickup the phone when a client calls, we address the elephant in the room and we offer solutions for problems that may not yet exist, based on things that we’ve seen in the past, which could challenge our clients. Being “Bold” means doing things differently from the status quo. Stepping up, speaking your mind, and leading the team down the path that you feel is in the best interests of the cause. I’ve found that this is maintained by consistently trying to learn, asking others “what they are working on”, and being willing to share your insights as well. Further, taking what you learn and finding ways to use those practices in your business, even if they don’t work all the time – defines boldness. Often the case, the potential reward is greater than the risk. 

Thanks to Peter Dawyot, Publicus Community!

#10- Paying attention to the inner voice

Photo Credit: Reuben Swartz

Be mindful of when your inner voice is limiting you. The competition, the market, the laws of physics, etc., provide plenty of constraints. You don't have to add to them. So if the voice in your head tells you can't do something, ask if that's really a limit, or just your own fear. Identifying the real fear can be helpful, too. Often it comes from the uncertainty in big, bold decisions. By breaking these big decisions into smaller steps, you can calm the fear and make achieve bold results without having to be quite so daring. 

Thanks to Reuben Swartz, Mimiran!

#11- Having faith

Photo Credit: Mikaela Delia

Remaining bold while running your business each day involves having a lot of faith- especially in the uncertainty. The comfort of certainty is a luxury in corporate jobs, but running your own business means that you have to be okay with the ambiguous, embrace it, even, and have unwavering faith in fruit of tomorrow. You have to be fearless. It gets easier to be fearless when you think positively, have faith, and believe in yourself.

Thanks to Mikaela Delia, Miracle Marketing!

#12- Believing in yourself and the business

Photo Credit: Adam Kadela

Boldness in a business sense means believing in your self and your product. It's really hard to expect others to give value to you or your business if you do not believe in your worth enough to ask to be valued. Successful business owners and entrepreneurs need to be convinced they are worthy and have the resources to back it up, and a passion for their product/business. 

Thanks to Adam Kadela, DexaFit!

How are you bold in your business? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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