6 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Are Incorporating Social Entrepreneurship in Their Business

It's argued that social entrepreneurship is the new business model due its ability to help one connect with the world and live a purposeful life while serving others. It also improves the image of business through collaborations and fosters relationships for a better society.

We asked entrepreneurs and business owners how they're incorporating social entrepreneurship and here are the responses.

#1- Online community portal

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Matt Reischer

As Flushing, NY real estate outfit we recognize that merely selling real estate and collecting a commission on the back end is an antiquated way of looking at business. To that end, we have established an online community portal that works in tandem with our real estate enterprise. The portal is a joint venture with our real estate business that we call ‘The Flushing Neighborhood Society' and the goal is to make community experience and community communication part of our business model. That is, we seek to leverage our business contacts,experience and knowledge of the neighborhood in which we work as a starting point to communicate with all community stakeholders. We believe maintaining a dialogue and strong online presence between our business and our local community is the best way to promote the betterment of the community and our business simultaneously. 

Thanks to Matt Reischer, Flushing Homes LLC!

#2- Emphasis on community

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Todd Goldstein

We see ourselves as a coworking community, not just a coworking space. The emphasis on community has allowed the businesses at LaunchHouse to flourish because they receive classes through our Lunch and Learns and featured guests at Happy Hours. Not only that, our coworking community is set up so that business owners bump into each other in good ways and share solutions to common problems faced by one another. When you cowork at LaunchHouse you are instantly plugged into a supportive community that helps build your business. 

Thanks to Todd Goldstein, LaunchHouse!

#3- Free online training

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Adriana Herrera

The legal sale of cannabis in the US is a multi-billion dollar industry. After doing research on existing Budtender training and training in the cannabis industry I was surprised, and appalled, to find that less featured platforms charge fees from $250 – $6,000, some even provide high interest loans to finance their Courses. It makes no sense to charge steep fees to who will be hired into minimum wage/ entry level jobs. Financial privilege should never be a barrier to job preparation. Today, EpicHint provides individuals looking to get hired into the cannabis industry with free online Budtender training, dispensaries looking to improve customer/ patient experiences with automated inventory and Budtender Retail training, cannabis brands not wanting to get stuck on the shelf with the ability to publish and create interactive courses that turn Budtenders into Brand Ambassadors, and cannabis software platforms impacted by turnover in the industry a way to consistently train new users with minimal costs via scalable interactive courses. Our free to access platform pricing reflects our authenticity to our mission and our social enterprise entity. 

Thanks to Adriana Herrera, EpicHint

#4- Instagram stories to interact with my audience

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Mariya Bentz

I am incorporating social entrepreneurship this year as a business owner by utilizing Instagram and more specifically– Instagram stories. I have been intentionally interacting with my target audience online to bring them back to my profile. I use Instagram stories as a way for my audience to get to know me more, and then begin to trust me for their digital marketing needs. Ever since I started being intentional with this I have seen an increase in my engagement, began relationships with individuals in the industry, signed on podcast guests, and have even got more clients for my business! 

Thanks to Mariya Bentz, MBM Agency!

#5- Writing a collaborative book and movie

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Lynda M. West

As the creator/founder of the Next Level Women's Experiential Mastermind, my goal is to help women grow their business by helping them focus their energy on what they need to do in order to succeed. That's cool and everything, but one of the projects I'm currently working on is writing a collaborative book and movie called 13 Lessons From Action Takers Who Changed the World. More than 50% of the proceeds from the sales of the book are donated to The Giving Angels, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to get homeless veterans off the streets and into homes. The Giving Angels believes that no one should be homeless, especially our veterans who put their life on the line to save our freedoms.

Thanks to Lynda M. West, Living Live TV!

#6- Improving access to science education

Photo Credit: Rithvik Musuku

In our organization, we incorporate social entrepreneurship by aiming to provide many people around the world with better access to science education. We direct a tremendous amount of funds towards these initiatives. In the United States, where our organization is headquartered, many people have great access to educational resources. However, this is not the case in a multitude of countries around the world. Through our charitable initiatives, we aim to provide reliable access to scientific educational materials to people in need around the world. The world has many long term science problems, such as climate change and antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and it needs as many people as it can get to work on solving those problems. We hope that many of those who benefit from our initiatives will one day go on to become intelligent scientists that change our world for the better.

Thanks to Rithvik Musuku, Advancing Science Worldwide!

How are you incorporating social entrepreneurship in your business? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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