30 Entrepreneurs Explain What They Love About Being An Entrepreneur

Being in love is great. Being in love with your business, when you’re an entrepreneur, is even better. Waking up each morning knowing you are getting to do exactly what you love is more than most people could ever say about any “job” they have had. Although there are days when tossing in your hat seems like a viable option, remembering how much you love your “job” can quickly snap an entrepreneur out of that mentality. Different business owners also have different reason why they love their business. It might be the products or the customers they deal with, or it could even be the fact that they are the ones in charge of it all. The reasons are as varied as the businesses themselves.

We asked some entrepreneurs what they loved about “being their own boss.”

#1- Making my own rules within my industry

Photo Credit: Jessie Glenn

Being an entrepreneur book publicist allows me to work within the publishing industry yet make my own rules. As an owner, I'm able to hire the team I want to work with and make sure I'm taking on projects that center writers who may otherwise be overlooked in traditional publishing. I am thrilled to be able to pay my publicists more than larger companies because it's the right thing to do and cheer alongside the hard-working authors for whom reviews are far and few between without an independent publicist on their team.

Thanks to Jessie Glenn, Mindbuck Media Book Publicity!

#2- Sorrounding myself with good people

Photo Credit: Nigel Sielegar

One of my client /friend used to tell me that the best thing about being entrepreneur is not about the money, it's the people that you meet along this journey. I kept this philosophy on a daily basis, and certainly the part about being an entrepreneur that I love the most. It's something that gets me out of bed in the morning, drives me through the day, and helps me sleep at night, knowing I have surrounded myself with good people.

Thanks to Nigel Sielegar, Corse Design Factory!

#3- Being in touch with your highest self

One of the very best things about being an entrepreneur is listening to my body, my instincts, my preferences, and maximizing my time to the benefit of the business. For example, when I’m in the zone, I go all out in the direction. When I’m not feeling it, I dial back or press pause. This isn’t about discipline or commitment, it’s about being in touch with your highest self and building a company and cultivating clients and projects that reflect who you are, what you value, and the future you are trying to create.

Thanks to Kristi Andrus, LUXICoach.com!

#4- Being able to put my ideas into practice

Photo Credit: David Payette

I’ve always had ideas, but my bosses didn’t always want to hear them. It wasn’t their fault — it just wasn’t my job to be an idea guy.” That didn’t mean the ideas I had were wrong. It did mean, however, that I wasn’t the right fit for Apple. Eventually, I left. My business took off when I put some previously dismissed ideas into practice. The only blog post I had ever written went viral in 2014. It was called, “Why Does My iPhone Battery Die So Fast?” A year before, I had suggested we put out a list of iPhone battery saving tips for customers who would come in with the same problems over and over again. After I left and put that list on my website, my entire life changed. The flip side, and another piece of being an entrepreneur that I really love, is that I don’t have anyone but myself to blame when things go wrong. I enjoy being in a position where excellence is rewarded, and I try to maintain that culture throughout our small organization. We’re up to about 15 people now, but we “punch above our weight” in the online publishing world. UpPhone.com, our new website, comes from another passion: to help people save money and make cell phone plans easy to compare and understand.

Thanks to David Payette, upphone.com!

#5- Limitless opportunities

Photo Credit: Heather Vickery

I have been an entrepreneur for 20+ years and my favorite thing about it is the limitless opportunities I have to increase the happiness and success of others. Without the constraints of a corporation, I can seek and seize opportunity whenever and where ever. My impact and reach are wide and it's amazing.

Thanks to Heather Vickery, Success and Leadership Coach!

#6- The freedom to be with my kids

Photo Credit: Carly Campbell

There are endless benefits to being an entrepreneur, but I think the ULTIMATE benefit for me is the freedom it gives me to enjoy my kids. We get to sleep in, and spend every morning together – not rushed – and when I'd rather take my kids to the park than work, I just do that. I never have to miss a thing; I'm there for all their important moments. I make my schedule work for my family, and not the other way around. On top of that taking full advantage of their tiny years and spending time making memories with them… I'm STILL showing them that mom works, and demonstrating for them (I hope) a good work ethic and imparting the knowledge that we must WORK for what we want.

Thanks to Carly Campbell, Mommy on Purpose!

#7- The process and the results

Photo Credit: Jane Ubell-Meyer

I love the process and the results of manifesting what I envision. While it takes hard work, perseverance and making choices,(some good, some could be better) I know my choice is to live this kind of life and be successful on my own terms. But what keeps me going is my authentic, deep-heart felt love for all of my clients and the rewards are living on my own terms!

Thanks to Jane Ubell-Meyer, Bedside Reading®!

#8- A number of things

Photo Credit: Tanya Brown

Being an entrepreneur was the best decision I ever made. I have the privilege of doing what I love and helping people as a result. Every day I wake up and connect with amazing clients from all over the world. I coach them all aspects of their life and I get to hear back amazing testimonials as a result. Even better is that every day is different. It¹s not a fixed routine and I am never bored.

Thanks to Tanya Brown, Lauren St. Julian!

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#9- Ability to reinvent and challenge myself

Photo Credit: Nancy Fitzgerald

I started my career after winning Ms. Canada in ’93 and went on to spend a decade in broadcast journalism. Then, I founded my current company which specializes in automotive refinance… just about as different from TV news as it gets! As an entrepreneur, I get to constantly transform myself to pursue a big idea, even if that idea takes me into an entirely new space. I’m very grateful for that freedom, and I work hard to keep myself in the position to be able to do that. The diverse range of opportunities that we create for ourselves or are lucky enough to have access to make any risks or stress worth it.

Thanks to Nancy Fitzgerald, iLendingDIRECT!

#10- Personal connections and solving issues

Photo Credit: Vipe Desai

Being an entrepreneur is more than just about selling a product or service or the freedom to make my own hours and call the shots. As consumers look to brands for leadership and alignment in shared values it becomes important to create a product or service that also solves a problem. This is what I love about being an entrepreneur myself. It challenges me to look beyond just the bottom line but to also look for positive outcomes on issues my customers are also concerned about. The customer relationship has moved beyond just selling a commodity and creating a more personal connection to addressing key social and environmental issues has made me a better entrepreneur and also allowed customers to be more engaged. Knowing that my customers find value in what I’m offering is what has made being an entrepreneur so rewarding.

Thanks to Vipe Desai, HDX Mix!

#11- Exploring various possibilities

Photo Credit: Chae Reid

Before starting my dance company in late 2018, I was gung-ho about giving 40+ years of my life away to the federal government. The plan was to retire from the military, get a cushy federal job, then retire again after another 20 years. This way, I’d have two pensions. But then I started to ask myself: what if I could live life comfortably on my own terms and not spend 20 more years answering to someone else? Even in the beginning stages, starting my company has already led to many opportunities for me to do what I love, which is to teach and spread the joy of dancing. My company has been featured in various publications and on TV! More importantly, business ownership has given me a new perspective on my future after the military. It has empowered me to explore other possibilities that hadn’t occurred to me B.E. (before entrepreneurship). When I retire 14 years from now, it’s exciting to know that I have choices and that Uncle Sam doesn’t have to be one of them (sorry, Unc.).

Thanks to Chae Reid, Moving Rhythms LLC!

#12- Building your own dream team

Photo Credit: Tessa May Marr

There are so many amazing things about being an entrepreneur… and so many challenges, too (let's be honest, here). Being an entrepreneur allows you to see your big dreams come to fruition in such a tangible way – you create it, you own it, you run it. It's yours. It's like your baby. And that brings so much pride and joy and satisfaction as you watch it grow and change. It's also pretty empowering to be able to define what work looks like for yourself. What's your daily schedule? Who do you work with? Who do you answer to? When and how do you get paid? All decisions that you are in control of. But the thing I love most about being an entrepreneur is building your own dream team. And that goes for my extended team as well – our strong network of partners who complete us. It feels like a family. A whip-smart, ultra-productive family who supports each other relentlessly, and grows together and individually. Sure, making money is great. And the work is challenging and exciting. But when and if things ever change down the road, and I get to look back on this experience – the company I built from the ground up – it’ll be these relationships that I miss most. And the pride I feel getting to witness these people do amazing things with their talents.

Thanks to Tessa May Marr, Marr Media Group!

#13- Sense of hope that I feel on a daily basis

Photo Credit: Penny Bauder

What I love most about being an entrepreneur, besides the obvious things like creative freedom and power over my schedule, is the sense of hope that I feel on a daily basis. Hope to change the world with my vision (to raise a generation of future environmental leaders). Hope that my company will touch the lives of millions of people in a positive way and serve as a model of corporate and environmental responsibility. Hope that my work will disrupt and improve STEAM education in the country. Hope that my story will encourage other entrepreneurs just starting out. Any entrepreneurial journey is bound to get bumpy, but the sense of hope and possibility I experience daily has allowed me to make it through the hard times with grace.

Thanks to Penny Bauder, Green Kid Crafts!

#14- Organization at its best

Photo Credit: Shea Bailey

Becoming an entrepreneur 4 years ago has changed my life. After working as an Occupational Therapist for various companies for 14 years, I now realize that working for myself is the best decision I've ever made. Entrepreneurship leads the way to autonomy, creativity, and resourcefulness. I love that I meditate every morning prior to starting my day, I love that I create and direct my business towards the path of excellence and I love all the new opportunities I've discovered to give back. What motivates me to continue this journey is the desire to share and help women succeed and be their best. There are many women who want to shift their momentum and be on top of their game in everything they commit to and I wanted to create a tool to help them through the process. The amount of work that's needed to be an entrepreneur is enormous, however, the benefits and the satisfaction is unlike anything I've experienced before. I am so grateful that I started this journey and I can't wait to see how far it takes me.

Thanks to Shea Bailey, Bailey Shea Designs!

#15- Location Flexibility

Photo Credit: Chane Steiner

I set up my business to be distributed, so although my company is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, I live in Thailand most of the time. It's opened my life up to new possibilities, from an elephant sanctuary to a life partner – and, I still regularly travel outside Thailand. This doesn't happen for everybody, but I intentionally created my company to give me the lifestyle I wanted. Of course, it's not my first rodeo either, and I've certainly gone the all-in, of a single purpose entrepreneurial mindset before.

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Thanks to Chane Steiner, Crediful!

#16- Three reasons

Photo Credit: Kerin Groves

First, I work much harder for myself than I ever did for anyone else because I'm motivated internally, not externally. My only gatekeeper is myself. Second, not being constrained by traditional office hours frees me to follow random bursts of creativity. If I get an amazing idea at 3 AM, I can get up and work on it without worrying about having to appear for a boss at 8 AM on little sleep. Third, I experience more satisfaction and security being self-employed than when I've been locked into a corporation, government, nonprofit, or other entity. As the captain of my own ship, I am at the mercy of no one but myself. My strong independent streak is unleashed!

Thanks to Kerin Groves

#17-Creating new content and products

Photo Credit: Russell Barbour

I love being an entrepreneur and running my own business because there is a sense of control over my financial destiny. There is always something new to learn or improve on. The variety in our blogging business means that I am never bored and always have new goals to strive for. Creating new content and products is one of the most satisfying feelings for me. Entrepreneurs get to feel that they are contributing to the world and have the freedom to innovate and create as much as they want to.

Thanks to Russell Barbour, UnconventionalProsperity.com!

#18- Freedom

Photo Credit: DeAndrea WIlliams

Being an entrepreneur has taught me many things, but the main thing I have come to love is the invaluable freedom that I experience on a daily basis. I quickly realized that working a daily corporate 8-5 job is not something I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be present with my family and for my dreams. I have never been the type of person that accepts the mundane day-in and day-out repetition work. Being an entrepreneur, I get to set my own schedule, daily educate myself to become a better version of myself and be there for my family. I get to do all of these things while building wealth for our future. There is nothing like being entrepreneur. It has its challenges but it is well worth it.

Thanks to DeAndrea WIlliams, LoGBaby (Land of Goods)!


Photo Credit: Marco Hernandez

Entrepreneurship is the foundation and the route to achievement. Coming from over 12 years of corporate sales and over 100M+ in technology sales with the largest mobile operators in the world, I can say the daily challenges that I encounter as an entrepreneur cannot be matched. Not only do you have the possibility to have interesting conversations with people who from nothing have built empires, but you also have the blessing to talk to dreamers that have the vision to transform a product or service into a life-changing company. The name Kaizen Social, was picked strategically because it depicts my core value about what entrepreneurship and what being a business owner depicts. Continuous and never-ending improvement (CANI). Growth is the number one attribute I can correlate to Entrepreneurship and proud to wake up every day knowing that I can impact someone else's business.

Thanks to Marco Hernandez, Kaizen Social!

#20- Wearing different hats

Photo Credit: Mandy Narayan

I have 2 amazing children and successful businesses that I run from home around my family. I can work how, when and where i want. I get to play with my toddler, pick up my daughter from school and work at times when it suits me! I get to have great satisfaction in my career and in my family life! Becoming a mumpreneur gives you an opportunity to use all your professional skills, and learn a few more on the way. I wear many different hats in my role, from CEO through sales and marketing to finance and HR. Never before have I had to be so chameleon-like in my working life. It's all about being in control; no one tells me when I can work, when I can be with my kids or how much I can earn!

Thanks to Mandy Narayan, Rompus Swimwear Australia!

#21- Being more in control of my time

Photo Credit: Audra Walters

Fact is, when you answer to no one but yourself, you tend to work more hours. That said, you also have more flexibility to juggle your time around—which is honestly a lot more ideal than being locked down to a 9-5 schedule for me. If I pulled in a late night, I can sleep in the next day make sure I get a bit more rest so I can start my work day energized. If I have back to back appointments in the afternoon, I can use my mornings to get primed for a busy day. If it’s the other way around, I can cram my mornings and get some much needed downtime in the afternoon. It takes a bit of getting used to, and you need to develop a great work ethic and personal accountability but you’ll eventually find a great balance that will work for you.

Thanks to Audra Walters, Front Porch Properties SC!

#22- The impact

Photo Credit: Rishit Shah

The most important thing I love about being an entrepreneur is the sheer impact entrepreneurship has on thousands of people through the work we do. It also gives an adrenaline rush to be actually in that position. When someone feels that their problem is solved because of the solutions that an entrepreneur provides, it is what I love about being an entrepreneur the most. Entrepreneurs main task is to solve the problems in innovative ways and when it happens, I see a smile or feeling of contentment in the eyes of the customer. This is also one of the reasons, I would love to become an entrepreneur thousand times again.

Thanks to Rishit Shah, TallySchool!

#23- The flexibility

Photo Credit: Garry Brownrigg

When I lost the functional ability to speak as a result of a disorder known as Laryngeal Dystonia in 1989, I was forced to leave behind an eight-year banking career. This all happened at a time when the internet was evolving into what we now know as the World Wide Web. Looking back, the timing could not have been any better. I turned to the internet as a way to make my living — initially starting a desktop publishing company, then a web development agency, which eventually led to the creation of a SaaS CMS platform that today services SMBs and small enterprises around the world. The beautiful lesson from this whole experience is that I learned to look for opportunity in adversity – whether it’s personal, business, or client related. Being an entrepreneur provides me with the flexibility to make course corrections, pursue unique opportunities, be of service to others in a meaningful way, and pivot the business much faster than would ever be possible as a smaller player in a large organization.

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Thanks to Garry Brownrigg, Quicksilk!

#24- Seeing ideas come to life

Photo Credit: Jonathan Rose

I would say love and entrepreneur do not fit in the same sentence, people may look and see the glitz, the glamour, the money and success, but what they don't see is the door knocking, the blood, sweat and tears, not to mention the mental capacity it takes to get a business up and running. The mind of the entrepreneur never sleeps, but maybe one of the things we do love about being an entrepreneur, is timing and opportunity. Being an entrepreneur is most rewarding when you visualize a concept, and bring it to life, and reflecting on we did it. If you have the right product or service and are first to market with your concept with a grab market share philosophy, innovating your idea becomes less like work and more like fun! Being an entrepreneur gives you the creative freedom to not feel like you are stuck in a box, and see your ideas come to life, it's one of the most exciting and rewarding feelings, but makes all the hard parts behind the scenes even more worth it, and we love that!

Thanks to Jonathan Rose, Big Crowd Media!

#25- Flexibility to work as a mother

Photo Credit: Janine Sickmeyer

I love being an entrepreneur because of the pride I feel in starting my own company and raising a family. Being an entrepreneur allows you to have a more flexible schedule, which is essential for a new mother. I started my tech company, NextChapter when I was just getting married; I had no idea it would take off how it did when my first baby was born. Since then, I've had three more kids – all while my business was booming! It's equal parts enjoyable and challenging to watch my family and company grow at the same time. I love sharing my experiences on the podcast She Starts Up with other women entrepreneurs who are hoping to take the leap.

Thanks to Janine Sickmeyer, NextChapter!

#26-It Forces Me to Live in the Moment

Being an entrepreneur has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of my life. It has made me smarter and challenged me to be the most creative version of myself that I could be. In a world where there is not a clear playbook, you have to constantly think out of the box, be willing to shift quickly and, most of all, learn to trust yourself and your capabilities. Another plus is that being an entrepreneur forces you to live fully in the present moment because you don’t really have a choice. Each day can be completely different, and a well-planned day can be turned on its head by 7 am, but I’m compelled to be incredibly present and almost hyper-aware of my day-to-day in ways that wasn’t required in my standard 9-5 job.

Thanks to Wendi Burkhardt, Silvernest!

#27- Sharing my innovations and ideas

Photo Credit: Andrea Loubier

For me, being an entrepreneur means that I am able to share my ideas with the world and bring about innovation in a creative, inspiring way. It's about feeling successful and knowing that, at the end of the day, I am also being a role model for other young entrepreneurs. Can it get any better than that?

Thanks to Andrea Loubier, Mailbird!

#28- The sense of accountability entrepreneurship forces upon you

Photo Credit: Abhi Lokesh

Being a business owner means that, for better or worse, you’re ultimately responsible for everything that happens. In a way, it’s incredibly refreshing because it makes conversations about performance and success quite simple. There are no fingers to point or side-eyes to give. Who is responsible for success or failure? In a nutshell, I am. While some may find such responsibility overwhelming, I find it empowering and clarifying. I know that the better I am as a leader, operator, and teammate, the better Fracture will be as a business. It just so happens that the inverse is true. I know that if I slack off or grow complacent, Fracture, and all the employees whose livelihoods depend on it, will directly suffer. Such knowledge is humbling, but truly motivating for me.

Thanks to Abhi Lokesh, Fractureme.com!

#29- Making as much money

Photo Credit: Janie J

I love being able to make exactly as much money as I need by taking on additional projects, adding services or otherwise creating additional revenue streams. After a rough patch where I got divorced, I learned that mindset is as important as what you offer. Since then, I've been able to pay all my bills, start a new line of business (I'm an author), and travel as much as I want. If I decided I wanted to make a million dollars, I'm confident that the way would be made much more clearly than if I were an employee.

Thanks to Janie J, Golden Spiral Press!

#30-Building something others find useful

Photo Credit: Lorenzo Brewer

The simple moments when you see someone interacting with the thing you helped build are really special. Being an entrepreneur was never a dream of mine – I didn't grow up watching videos of Steve Jobs and aspiring to do something similar one day. In building nkoda, I was responding to a need. I’ve made a lot of sacrifices for the success of this project, but it gives me immense satisfaction to know that I am building something which others find useful. I was visiting a school recently and a teacher had already been using our app of their own volition – that was pretty humbling. It’s those moments that make this life worthwhile.

Thanks to Lorenzo Brewer, nkoda!

What do you love about being an entrepreneur? Tell us in the comments below. Don’t forget to join our #IamCEO Community.

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