13 Entrepreneurs Reveal The Companies They Admire Most For Innovation

Innovative is a word often used to describe successful companies. It drives media attention and fosters customer retention rate, which is why most companies strive to have it in their mission statement. It seeks to solve customer problems in a better and modern way and helping such companies edge the competition. One of the companies that's known for innovation is Apple.

Here's what entrepreneurs had to say about the companies they admire for their innovation.


Photo Credit: John Moss

For me, the company that's really nailed it in the innovation stakes is Netflix, for their commitment to developing audience insights and their skill in applying them to keep viewers on the platform. Netflix's personalization for each individual viewer is next level – even the thumbnails showcased for any given show will vary depending on the insights gathered – and this helps to boost brand loyalty and ensure that the competition doesn't even come close to taking a meaningful chunk of Netflix's market share.

Thanks to John Moss, English Blinds!

#2-The NBA, National Basketball Association

Photo Credit: Paige Arnof-Fenn

Of all the sports leagues they seem to have built the strongest global brand with players coming from Africa, all over Eastern and Western Europe, Latin America, etc. They have expanded the All-Star Game to include slam dunk contests and a celebrity game, grew the summer league for the first and second year players and created a tournament in Las Vegas that many NBA stars attend, a former star Yao Ming now runs the China Basketball Association, they have a philanthropic arm called NBA Cares, they have a gaming division to leverage e-sports, they are basically killing it on every front staying relevant with old fans and grooming new ones too. They have taken what used to be a secondary American sport (behind football and baseball) and made it relevant and popular on a global stage.

Thanks to Paige Arnof-Fenn, Mavens & Moguls!

#3-United Wholesale Mortgage(UWM)

Photo Credit: Michael Drake

One of the companies that I admire is United Wholesale Mortgage(UWM) for their innovative business model. They have found the balance between Technology and Human Relationships. They have an internal engine powered by technology that is fast, efficient and effective. But the human engine- the customer service, is what thrills me. Each employee you speak to has passion and commitment. And they are pro-active! They answer the phone and seek to solve the problem at that very moment. If they have to call you back with the resolution, it’s within an hour. Their model supports developing my business too. From daily tips and tricks to market updates, UWM has shown me that you can have the best of both worlds- start of the art technology with traditional customer service.

Thanks to Michael Drake, PMG Home Loans!

#4- 4Ocean

Diane Eschenbach
Photo Credit: Diane Eschenbach

The reason I really am impressed by this company as a marketer, is because they hit all the marks in terms of proper branding, their social media story, their vision and their operations sustainability. It's actually very God-like. What do I mean by that? Well, if you look around at all that God has created, most of it is self-sustainable. This company has applied that to their infrastructure. Each part of their company builds on the next part and it really is a cohesive marvel in today's crazy corporate world. The founders Alex and Andrew, help change the world by engaging everyone to participate in a no-frills, no-waste, self-sustainable growing business. To date In less than 2 years, 4ocean has removed 5,408,186 pounds of trash from the ocean and coastlines. We should be ashamed of ourselves as humans to have pigged up the oceans to begin with, but Alex and Andrew took a huge task, chunked it, and made it easy and cost effective for everyone to participate and share the burden. They get rid of the plastic in the oceans, make recycled bracelets and fund and expand their operations from bracelet sales. Every company should try to creatively incorporate self-sustainability in at least one area. It truly can change the world.

Thanks to Diane Eschenbach


Photo Credit: Dan Goldstein

I love their commitment to the environment and to corporate responsibility in general. The products and fabrics that they sell are innovative without compromising their integrity or their devotion to a clean environment and socially responsible production. They have made this commitment a crucial component of the brand, and it connects with their target audience.

Thanks to Dan Goldstein, Page 1 Solutions, LLC!

#6- Lululemon

Photo Credit: Carlos Castelán

The company does a remarkable job creating compelling product that has strong brand resonance for both women and men. While many other brands cut features and costs to boost their bottom line over time, lululemon has doubled down on continuous refinement and improvement of their products which has enhanced its appeal to customers. Furthermore, the company has recently opened a new store with a workout studio and food options in a move to create a great customer experience outside of its core apparel products.

Thanks to Carlos Castelán, The Navio Group!

#7- Foreo

Photo Credit: Eleanor Castellani

Sainsburys altering the name of one of their products through validations of a 3 year old etc. One particular company that I admire, is Foreo. Not only for being innovators of skincare, but for being innovators of the HR landscape. The company gifted all unsuccessful PR interview candidates, their unreleased $300 product – the Luna Device. Both in goodwill to demonstrate that they recognize the candidate's skill, and to reinforce great PR. How often do you receive an expensive gift along with the news that you didn't get the role? I loved that.

Thanks to Eleanor Castellani, ergoPouch!


In my experience, the company and founder I admire the most is Vaynermedia's
Gary Vaynerchuk. Here is an individual who through his exuberance and influence has created a huge media following and an even larger empire. With very humble beginnings he grew his family's wine business and became a leading authority. His presence in both social media and public speaking led to sharing wisdom in other areas such as product branding and creating an online identity. He gained a huge following on Twitter and Facebook, which led to public speaking engagements and multiple books. He is excellent in connecting products and consumers and has made his business one of the foremost in marketing big business. He is an inspiration to many and is one of the biggest influencers in today's media marketing.

Thanks to Akiva Leyton, Buy Bulk Tablets


Photo Credit: Shayne Sherman

Have you seen the video of Elon Musk tearing up over his space exploration heroes denouncing private space exploration? Yet, he pushes on. He has tried time and again to partner with NASA, but instead may just push his BFR/Starship to the moon independently. He's developing technology to take us to Mars. He's launched his own freaking car into space. He's developing all of these innovative technologies and processes on his own dime, and it's so incredibly inspiring and empowering.

Thanks to Shayne Sherman, TechLoris!

#10- Apple

Photo Credit: Sophie Bowman

They managed to change how we communicate, listen to music, and interact with each other. They are always the leaders in innovative technology. They've created a world where entrepreneurs and business owners can have a life outside of the office, running their company on the go wherever they are in the world. They've allowed me a lifestyle where I can run my empire entirely from my phone. So love them or hate them for their dominating market presence, they've successfully disrupted multiple markets and changed the way we live.

Thanks to Sophie Bowman, Brand Branding PR LLC!

#11- Amazon

Photo Credit: Carol Gee

From selling books out of his garage to selling anything and everything. Amazon is my ‘go to' business for practically everything. For example, recently my husband needed a new cellphone holder to clip on his pocket. The other one broke. We were near a big box appliance/cellphone store so stopped in. First they didnt have a large selection and the one that i thought would work costed almost as much as his phone. Bought one for $5.00 on Amazon that worked. I needed something for severe chapped lips, went on the site found what i needed. The result smoother kissable lips. Founder Jeff Bezos tapped into the what folks needed before they ever knew they needed it and had it where they only needed to click. A former editor and business  writer at a well known Atlanta university i once wrote a case about innovations at Amazon that was taught in the BA, MBA and Executive classes there. One of the ways Bezos encouraged productivity in meetings was via the ‘two pizza' rule. He felt the way to increase productivity in meetings was to schedule the size of participants where two pizzas would feed the entire group. Its this type of thinking that has resulted in the continued growth of the business and his being a bazillionaire.

Thanks to Carol Gee, A Feast Of Words, LLC

#12- Disney

Photo Credit: Dan Biederman

It’s not only the films and amusement parks, but also the incredible work they did in the town of Celebration, Fla. The clever land development strategy around Disney World that included a Disney-dominated improvement district along with the great design standards of Bob Stern at Celebration set a very high standard for people in my field of urban redevelopment to aspire to.

Thanks to Dan Biederman, Biederman Redevelopment Ventures Corporation!

#13- Tesla

Photo Credit: Robert Barrows

It's always interesting to see all the new things that Tesla is involved in…cars, space, solar, their Boring Tunnel project, their plans for computerized implants in brains., and probably a lot of other things I haven't heard of yet.

Thanks to Robert Barrows

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