10 Entrepreneurs Explain The Role A Coach Plays in Their Business

Business coaches are instrumental people in the start and growth of one's business. Right from writing your story, attracting/retaining clients and the survival of your business. They can help sharpen your skills and take up a lot more roles. Many entrepreneurs attribute their success to the mere factor that they had a business coach guide them through the process.

Here's what entrepreneurs had to say about the role a coach plays in their business.

#1- Trusted comrade for work-life balance

Photo Credit: Rachel Davidson

When I started my first business, I was wondering why I was not accomplishing my short-term goals. I did my research to make sure they were realistic enough. But, when I finally decided to hire a business coach, I learned from him that my short-term goals were far from realistic. There's a lot of industrial knowledge and wisdom a business coach can give you that you just can't get from doing research. Business coaches offer you a clear and objective approach to your business and your profit-making decisions. Five years later, I've kept my coach and have managed to open three more businesses, each in different states. But more than this, I've found that the best thing about having a business coach is to have a trusted comrade constantly remind you to keep a healthy work-life balance. They keep you thinking within the right mindset, that it's you who owns the business, not the other way around. That you are your greatest asset, so never lose yourself for the sake of a successful business.

Thanks to Rachel Davidson, Watchdog Pest Control!

#2- Keeps me grounded

Photo Credit: Lucia Robles

Wow! I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today if it weren’t for my business coach and his team. They have helped me to not just get out of my own way but to become aware of how I think which in turn has made me aware of opportunities that are all around me. It’s so important to work with someone who is farther down the line than you as they can help you navigate through the pitfalls and through crises that will arise. They have also helped in keeping me grounded and as I like to say, my head screwed on straight! Without them, I probably would have arrived to where I am today, it just would have taken longer and been messier. As he and his team have so often said, ‘Believe in my belief in you.’ It is that belief, that helped me to learn to believe and create the life and career I’ve always dreamed.

Thanks to Lucia Robles, Lucia & Co.!

#3- Three roles

Photo Credit: Melisa Celikel

I've hired two business coaches since I started my company. They have helped me greatly in expanding my business, getting clear on my vision, and growing & scaling. I thrive on the weekly support as I uplevel my services and raise my prices. The support is awesome since entrepreneurship can be lonely and scary at times! I've learned so much from my past coaches and I love being able to pass the knowledge down to my own clients as well.

Thanks to Melisa Celikel, Let's Get You Organized!

#4- Gives me clarity and focus

Photo Credit: Becky Beach

My business coach, Jim Fortin, gives me much needed clarity and focus in my business. He has me establishing my identity first and foremost and educates me on how that relates to my business. Your business is an extension of you as a person. If you don’t feel like you are a success, then your business suffers. It is all about how you perceive yourself in your eyes. He teaches me to not let judgment from others bring me down. It doesn’t matter what others think and you should not let that prevent you from putting yourself out there. I don’t know where my business would be now without his business coaching.

Thanks to Becky Beach,!

#5- Created a better vision

Photo Credit: Andy Nathan

A coach helped me start my business. His name was James Budd. At a time when I was lost financially, personally, and careerwise, he centered me. In doing so, I focused on creating a better vision for the future. Ten years later, I have a successful business and amazing family and friends. My only regret is that I cannot thank him. He passed away two years ago.

Thanks to Andy Nathan, Smart At The Start!

#6- Decision making

Photo Credit: Carsten Schaefer

I worked for a long time in web design and development and I was used to working for someone else. I have my own business now and I hired a coach to help me with making entrepreneurial decisions. It takes a lot more than knowing how something works to run a company and this is what I need a coach for. I need his help with hiring, making decisions about my target audience, finding my product-market fit and much more. So far, it’s been really worth it.

Thanks to Carsten Schaefer,!

#7- Teaches amazing strategies

Photo Credit: Catherine Lefebvre-Babinsky

Having a coach to support you in your business is like having a lighthouse in the night. You might think that you’re going in the right direction on your own, but your coach is already where you want to go and will give you instructions on how to get there yourself. They will also help you to create a clear plan for what you want to accomplish and will give you the tools you need in order to achieve your goals. My coaches have personally helped me to learn amazing strategies that I didn’t even know existed and to put them in action without having to figure it all on my own.

Thanks to Catherine Lefebvre-Babinsky, The Clever Achiever!

#8- Provide guidance

Photo Credit: Ian Bayly

When I started out for the first time in business, I thought I needed a coach. I was looking for someone who could guide me through the challenges I faced in new business. All I found was a lot of coaches who never ran a business other than being a coach. Now some 10 years later, I look for natural coaches, mentors, and people who care about my success; not how much I will pay them this year. Coaches have their place, as long as they have a provable track record of failing and getting back up themselves, then a coach makes sense.

Thanks to Ian Bayly, Baylys: Buying Agents Brisbane!

#9- Gives me a new perspective

Photo Credit: Stephanie Stiavetti

Coaching is an integral part of my entrepreneurial life. Since I'm surrounded by my work, I have a hard time seeing both the nuances and bigger picture at the same time. Working with a coach gives me a new perspective not only on the work in front of me, but how I'm approaching my company as a whole. I prefer to work with someone who is both a business and life coach because as a passionate small business owner, there is a straight line connecting who am I and what I do. I need a coach who can seamlessly vascilate between life and business strategy. In my life, they're almost one and the same. If it weren't for consistent coaching, the wheels would totally fall off my business and I'd be stuck on the side of the road.

Thanks to Stephanie Stiavetti, Fearless Fresh!

#10- Forces accountability

Photo Credit: Dave Lavinsky

I've had several coaches over the past decade. The key role they've played is forcing me to create action items and achieve them. Speaking to my coach twice/month forces accountability. It ensures I don't get sidetracked with other projects since I know in just a few more days I'll be speaking with my coach and he'll be asking if I completed the task I said I would. I've gotten new coaches every few years since after a while the process gets a little monotonous. But with every new coach, I get reinvigorated and
accomplish a lot more.

Thanks to Dave Lavinsky, Growthink!

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